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15 Best Task Management Software you should Consider 2022

Here is our selection of the best applications, tools, and software for the best Task Management Software at work. A computer tool called task management software free gives you the ability to plan, compile, and schedule tasks. These technologies manage tasks including employment procedures, procurement, and project management for web content. These programs’ primary goals are to make planning easier and boost output. Project management tools and personnel management software are comparable to these products. This technology can help you improve your management abilities.

This list consists of:

  • Free Task Management Software.
  • Individual task management software.
  • For small enterprises, task management software
  • Task management software for teams

15 Best Task Management Software you should Consider 2022

Each of us benefits from using task management software microsoft, regardless of whether we work in a large team or alone. They allow us to quickly plan our future moves and gain clarity on what we need to do next. But there are so many apps to choose from that it might be hard to find the one that fits your needs best. I’ll thus demonstrate the top fifteen best personal Task Management Software with this list.

Task Management Software Features

With any best free task management software, you should pay close attention to the following features:

  1. One of the key characteristics of Task Management Software is complete flexibility.
  2. There are several solutions available to completely organize your business.
  3. Another feature to look for is a time tracking, which aids in completing projects on schedule.
  4. The user interface of many of the products makes it simple to look around with natural images.
  5. The structure of your Task Management Software free download is important because you’ll need one that can handle many members and subtasks.
  6. Task prioritization is useful since you always want to make sure that things are finished on time.
  7. It aids in maintaining your team’s attention on tasks that demand it.
  8. In the modern-day, collaboration functions are crucial for the efficient execution of activities.
  9. Task customization is crucial for ensuring that the experience is adaptable and interesting. You may also find pre-made templates in many of the products.
  10. Features for several views are particularly useful since they let you assess your work using other formats, like charts and calendars.

People sometimes forget about the customer support service that comes with free task management software for small business, but it’s important if you want to do your chores without making any mistakes or having problems.

Finally, facilities for task tracking are also quite helpful because they allow you to monitor the development.

While tracking is wonderful, to be even more successful, try automating your chores, especially those that take a lot of time and aren’t really useful, like posting on social media. Think about managing your social media process using the software. To save time and boost productivity, you may also try to look for tasks that you can automate. Examples include email automation, marketing automation, and sales automation.

I should point out that a learning management system would be more useful for you if your website serves as a platform for online courses. Here is my guide to it. Apps for Task Management Software are crucial for assisting both individuals and companies in getting more done throughout the workweek. Apps have features like tracking time, automating tasks, and dashboards that are good for different jobs and teams. The best Task Management Software are listed here.

#1. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects

We’ll start with Zoho Projects. This project management application seeks to be the finest project management option for every type of company. And because of all the advantages, it accomplishes its work effectively. You can connect with your team through a variety of channels thanks to Zoho Projects. This covers the project feed, chat, forums, and other things. That makes communication within your team more effective. The advantages don’t stop there, though! Additionally, Zoho projects include built-in time tracking features. It allows you to keep track of how you and the other team members use your time and provides you with essential information for enhancing team efficiency. It offers some excellent setup tools as well. They enable you to tailor the abilities of each team member. You could, for instance, prevent someone from entering something into the timesheet.


  • With milestones, task lists, tasks, and subtasks, you can break up your projects into smaller, more manageable pieces.
  • Set up daily reminders so that you don’t miss any deadlines.
  • Automate tasks using Zoho Projects. Blueprint Features


  • Time-tracking tools and various communication channels
  • “Tools for Configuration”


  • No ready-made templates



If we left off this list, it wouldn’t be complete. It’s a well-liked Task Management Software for teams, similar to Zoho, and for good reasons.

Here are a few examples:

  • Design-wise, is really strong.
  • The user interface has a simple layout, and all the elements are in their proper places.
  • Because of this, anyone can pick it up and use it right away.
  • The array of integrations is also excellent.

Your preferred tools, such as Dropbox, MailChimp, Zoom, and others, are included in this. Then, using the automation software, you may increase the output of your staff. There are several ways to see your projects on You may, for instance, use Gantt charts, calendar views, or even Kanban boards to see your projects. This makes it fantastic since it enables you to view the development of your project from many perspectives, providing you with a more complete picture.


  • Build custom dashboards to quickly gain a birds-eye perspective of your business.
  • Utilize automation to increase team productivity and eliminate coding.
  • Various views are available: Calendar views, Kanban boards, and more are available.


  • An outstanding list of integrations
  • Easy to Use
  • Different Project Views


  • Plan for Restrictive Entry

#3. TeamWork


Teamwork is the next topic. It is a project and task management software designed to handle the work for your clients. And it succeeds in doing so admirably because of the advantages listed below. Using TeamWork is simple. Anyone can pick it up and utilize it to their advantage because of the user interface’s simplicity and clarity. But what distinguishes this is how customizable it is. It makes it simple to start your projects because you can add as many specifics and jobs as you want.of your team members will know what to do. A free version is accessible. This means that you are not required to pay anything to use it right away. It is therefore ideal for small startups with tight finances.


  • Use Instant Chat to talk to your team.
  • There are many project views, including tables, task lists, gantt charts, and kanban boards.
  • Utilize the automation templates and triggers that are already built in.


  • Easy to Use
  • several opportunities for customization.
  • A free program is available.


  • No tools for PDF or image markup.

#4. ClickUp


The following is ClickUp. The all-inclusive answer for your team appears to be productivity software. And because of the advantages listed below, it does it well. ClickUp has a tonne of functions. ClickUp includes tools for creating goals, organising activities and projects, and more. Whiteboards and paper could both be made! Additionally, ClickUp gives you other choices for automation. By doing this, you may lighten the load on your team’s and your own shoulders, freeing you to focus on more important responsibilities. Did we mention that ClickUp has a free plan as well? This implies that you and your team may get acquainted with it before spending even a single penny on it. It is, therefore, fantastic for tiny enterprises!


  • Projects, Chat, Goals, Docs, Whiteboards, and more in one productivity tool.
  • To save time, automate processes.
  • With a single click, import data from several productivity programmes.


  • Feature-rich
  • Excellent mobile app.
  • Free Program
  • Available


  • Learning Slope

#5. MeisterTask


MeisterTask is next on the list. It is one more tool that aids in task management. And because of the extensive feature list, it achieves it really effectively. MeisterTask has advantages beyond just task creation. Time-tracking is an additional function that is included instead. It will help you prepare for the future by giving you insight into how long it takes you and your team to complete tasks. It also provides you with a variety of automation choices. That’s fantastic since it allows you to outsource some of your work and increase productivity. Did I mention that MeisterTask has a free plan as well? This implies that you won’t have to pay anything to use the software for as long as you want to familiarise yourself with it.


  • Create both team boards and private boards, among other features.
  • You can see how far you and your team have come with a project by using the timeline tool.
  • To save time, use MeisterTask automation.


  • Time-tracking Automation Options
  • A free program is available.


  • It could appear cluttered.

#6. Airtable


Airtable comes next. It is business software that attempts to speed up your work by integrating your data, workflows, and teams through strong applications. And it excels at doing that. An intuitive interface is available in Airtable. Everything is in its proper place, and the design is simple. That makes it simple for everyone to use it and benefit from it fully. Because Airtable is so adaptable and adjustable, you want to do that. You may use it as a database and implement some automation in addition to planning and managing your projects. There is a free version of Airtable. By doing this, you can get to know them and see how useful they are before you have to buy anything.


  • Kanban, among other different project views, is available.
  • Automate your processes to speed up your job.
  • Bring your data from programs like Hootsuite, Salesforce, and other sources together.


  • Friendly User Interface
  • It is extremely versatile and customizable.
  • There is a free version available.


  • A Very Small Learning Curve

#7. Notion


Another top-notch task management tool is Notion. With whatever issue you could be having, it attempts to assist you. And it succeeds in doing so well because of the following. Numerous things may be done using this notion. It may be used for more than just taking notes, overseeing tasks, or making a to-do list. In contrast, you could actually use it for nearly anything. I use it, for instance, to swiftly create article outlines. However, others even use it as the foundation for a website. Your creativity is the only thing that is limited. The design of Notion is simple and appealing. Even if it’s your first note-taking software, it’s not only pleasing to the eye but also simple to use. But their free plan is much more astounding.

You get access to practically all of the features by using it. And the only time you’ll want to improve it is if you want to work with others. Although Notion has a lot to offer, there is one drawback: the steep learning curve. Although it’s simple to use when you first start, it will take some practice before you can take full benefit of it. Despite using it for more than a year, I’m still only beginning to understand all of its various capabilities. The notion may therefore become more than simply a great task management tool if you’re up for the task!


  • Get the processes you need by utilizing the countless templates and connectors available.
  • Use Unsplash to quickly add unique visuals to all of your sites.
  • There are several ways to store data, including databases, kanban boards, lists, and more.


  • Generous
  • Free Program
  • It has numerous applications.
  • A tidy interface


  • Adaptation Curve
  • No tools for PDF or image markup.

#8. Timely


In this list, this software is a little different. That’s because managing your chores isn’t Timely’s main job. Instead, it tries to assist you in tracking the time spent by you and your team so that you may be more effective. But that in no way qualifies as poor task management software. How simple it is to create and schedule tasks is what makes Timely such a fantastic tool. All of that is due to the user-friendly interface. Additionally, it enables you to determine whether or not your team members are overbooked, assisting you in preventing burnout. But there’s more!

With Timely, you can integrate your calendar in a useful way. You can use that to schedule your calendar without leaving Timely.The website for reports is excellent. Visual representations of the work your team members have been performing and the duration of each task are available. This assists you in making future project plans that are more effective. But there is a scam you need to be aware of. Although “Memory,” the automatic time tracking feature, is remarkable and valuable, it takes some practise to use it to its full potential.


  • Keep track of your time to better understand how long particular chores take you.
  • With Timely’s Chores add-on, you can easily schedule your tasks.
  • Timely enables you to determine whether your team members are overbooked so you can alter your plans without endangering burnout.


  • Simple User Interface
  • Amazing Reports


  • The memory feature could be confusing at the start.

#9. Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner

You’re going to love this if you enjoy Microsoft software. This is due to the fact that Microsoft Planner is a great task management application, and there are a few reasons for this. Microsoft did a fantastic job with its design of it. The kanban board is both useful and appealing, making it simple to add new tasks and monitor the progress of your projects and activities. Its smooth interaction with other Microsoft programs is a priority for Microsoft. For instance, managing all of your duties within Microsoft Teams would increase productivity since you wouldn’t need to switch between several tools. Additionally, a stunning reports page has been introduced.

Pie and bar charts let you immediately see how your team is performing. However, Microsoft Planner has a drawback. The issue is that accessing it requires that you have a Microsoft 365 subscription. Even though it might not be a drawback in and of itself, it might be expensive if you just intend to use it sometimes. If you frequently use Microsoft products, Microsoft Planner is a useful tool to try out.


  • Get performance reports with pie and bar charts for you and your team.
  • Everywhere you go, you may update your tasks using the mobile app.
  • The connection with Microsoft Teams enables you to handle all of your work there.


  • It is simple to use.
  • Reports Easily Integrate With Other Apps


  • It requires a Microsoft 365 Business Premium Account.

#10. Google Tasks

Google Tasks

The next option is Google Tasks. It’s a straightforward yet effective task management tool. There are a few reasons for that. It’s quite simple to use now thanks to Google. That’s as a result of their straightforward yet sensible design. They have also connected with Google Calendar and Gmail to make adding tasks as simple as possible. Google Tasks are totally free. That implies that you won’t have to pay anything to use any of the features. You only need a Gmail account to get started. There are a few shortcomings, nevertheless, that you should be aware of. First of all, Google Tasks regrettably lacks collaboration options, which makes it challenging to work with a team. Additionally, the app’s simplicity may not be what some users seek. However, Google Tasks is a fantastic choice if you want a simple and private to-do list!


  • Syncing tasks with Google Calendar
  • Create a task filter using tags and colors.
  • Many perspectives
  • Kanban Board and


  • Integration with Gmail is completely free.


  • No Tools for Collaboration

#11. OmniFocus


The following is OmniFocus. Another excellent task management software, this one. It tries to assist you in achieving more each day. And because of the numerous features, it achieves that extremely well. It makes task creation simple. You may make them as soon as you’re on the dashboard. But the level of information you can include makes it much better. Anything you want to attach is allowed, including links, pictures, videos, and more. OmniFocus can sync with all of your devices, which is much better. That implies that you could use it everywhere. You can use it on your Android or Windows PC, unlike Things. I also want to discuss the app’s design. It has a simple yet refined design. That’s wonderful; it makes it simple for people like you to view and finish your task list.

There are a few issues with it, though. This program lacks any collaboration options, so you’re out of luck if you want to utilize it for your team. And to top it all off, its pricing is greater than usual when compared to the prices of the other tools on our list. If you don’t mind them, though, you’ll have access to one of the most effective task management tools available.


  • You can quickly add tasks from the Inbox page.
  • Sync with all of your devices, whether they are Android, Apple, or PC.
  • Receive alerts when a task has to be completed.


  • Sync With All of Your Devices
  • The Possibility of Adding Lots of Details to Your Work
  • Simple Design


  • Lack of Cooperation
  • Premium Pricing

#12. Basecamp


The following is Basecamp. It’s another excellent piece of project and task management software. That is a result of the numerous advantages it offers. For instance, Basecamp offers more customization options than any other software on our list, allowing you to change how your customers view your dashboard. It’s excellent since you can work freely without worrying about your consumers seeing you. The calendar is integrated into Basecamp. That makes it easier for you and your staff to keep track of the deadlines you’ve set on their preferred calendar software. The function is known as “Automatic Check-ins.” With it, you can ask your team questions about how things are going without having to bother them personally. There is a scam, though, that you should be aware of. Basecamp lacks a task prioritization feature, which it really needs.


  • You can post news, pitches, ideas, progress reports, and other things on the message board.
  • Important dates may be added to a shared calendar and integrated with your calendar application.
  • In order to avoid pestering your team about what is occurring, set up automated check-ins.


  • Integration of Custom Access to Your Clients’ Calendars
  • Continual Check-ins


  • There is no task prioritization.

#13. Things


We go on to things next. It’s another excellent task management tool that aids in goal achievement. It accomplishes this by granting you a few outstanding features. There are a lot of these. For instance, the “Today” and “This Evening” lists are among my favourite features of Things. This makes it easier for you to distinguish between duties for business and personal use. That’s not all, though. Things are so distinctive because of their lovely design. Anyone can pick it up and use it because of its simple and sophisticated interface. The cost is what most impresses me. Things only need a one-time payment, unlike several others that demand a monthly membership to continue using them. You will eventually save hundreds of dollars by doing this. Even if the software is fantastic, there is one drawback you should be aware of. You’re out of luck if you have an Android or Windows computer because it’s only compatible with Apple products.


  • You may list all of your chores using to-do lists.
  • A start date, tags, a deadline, and a checklist are other options.
  • You may arrange your day’s activities while keeping work and evening plans separate using the “Today” and “This Evening” features.
  • You may separate and organize your lists using headings.


  • A tidy interface
  • Great Features for a One-Time Purchase.


  • limited to Apple products.

#14. Evernote


“Evernote,” one of the most well-known note-taking applications, comes next on the list. With the help of notes, tasks, and scheduling, the software tries to arrange your daily activities. And for a number of reasons, it achieves that quite effectively. First and foremost, Evernote offers a strong feature set. It includes various distinctive features in addition to the ability to write notes and lists. For example, you can use the Web Clipper to save any item by simply clicking on it. It is simple to utilize Evernote. Everything is in its proper place, making it simple to get started using it and make the most of its lengthy feature list. But to top it all off, Evernote has made accessing your notes quite flexible for you.


  • To access it anywhere, download their mobile app.
  • You might provide a link to allow anybody to view your notes.
  • With just one click, the Web Clipper plugin lets you save web pages to your Evernote account.
  • You may save all of your written notes in your physical notebook by scanning them.
  • To make the most of every moment, you can combine your notes and schedule with the Google Calendar Integration.


  • A long list of attributes
  • Easy to Use
  • Access Your Notes Easily.


  • Restrictive
  • Free Program

#15. Trello


Trello is the last on our list. One of the most well-liked task and project management tools available is Trello. And there are good reasons for that. It is quite simple to use. All of that is due to the user-friendly interface. It is quite fast to set up and you can start producing boards and cards right away. Both desktop and smartphone applications are included. That’s fantastic since it enables you to track the progress of your activities and projects from anywhere. And to top it all off, Trello is available to use right away.


  • Select from a variety of perspectives, including Kanban, Timeline, and others.
  • Create automation using Butler to increase productivity.
  • Work more effectively by integrating technologies like Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and others.


  • It’s Simple to Use Desktop and Mobile Apps
  • Free Program Available


  • A few features need more work.

Final words

And those were the top Task Management Software now on the market. Each of them is exceptional for a different reason. Why not pick your Task Management Software now rather than letting this information gather dust in your brain? All you have to do is search for software that appeals to you and is within your price range. The output of your team will then increase.


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