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How PCPartPicker Help If You Are Building Pc For The First Time

PCPartPicker, like competing services like Pangoly and Logical Increments, is a comparison shopping website that may help you save time and money as you begin your journey into the world of PC construction.

Have you made the decision to construct your own PC? Perhaps you’re sick of the bloatware that comes with pre-built PCs. Perhaps you have a buddy who extols the virtues of their own physique. Whatever your motivation, it might be difficult to know where to begin. That’s where a tool like PCPartPicker(opens in a new window) may help. Here’s how to use the website to find the items you need to construct your ideal PC.

What Is PCPartPicker Exactly?


PCPartPicker, created by Phillip Carmichael in 2011 and redesigned in 2015, is a comparison shopping website, like rival sites Pangoly(Opens in a new window) and Logical Increments(Opens in a new window), but it’s not a direct supplier, so it’s not as limited as something like Newegg’s PC Builder tool.

You can search for a specific part, compare pricing across a variety of sites (including Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg), and follow those prices over time to ensure you’re receiving the best bargain. The website can also track compatibility with various components, reducing the number of returns (and refunds) you’ll have to deal with.

What to Do First


There are two places to start if you don’t know what to put in your construct. The PCPartPicker team created build instructions that cover many tiers of PC builds, ranging from the Budget Home/Office Build(Which opens in a new window) of roughly $500 to the Glorious Intel Gaming/Streaming Build of over $3,000. When you open a build guide, it will show you a summary of each part of the build and why it was chosen for that machine.

Under Completed Builds, you can also examine the builds that other PCPartPicker users have created; you can see the included components, a full pricing breakdown, and any extra remarks. There are also a lot of filtering tools available to help you narrow down your search for a certain build.

You may rate buildings and offer comments and queries by creating an account. Users may also publish metrics for their builds, such as internal core heat and clock rate, as an added flex. If you think someone else’s design is ideal for your requirements, you may include their components list in your own.

Select Your Components


Go to the PC Builder area to build your own PC from the ground up. It may appear difficult, but it is just approximately two steps more difficult than internet shopping. A selection of component categories will appear; pick one to get a list of goods.

You may refine your search from this page by selecting different parameters such as colour or power requirements, and then using the product ratings and lowest price as references. To add an item, click Add. PCPartPicker will keep track of the price and quantity of parts as you pick them, among other things. When needed, the site will also automatically remove parts that don’t work with the choices you’ve already made.


The site will explain why a component was detected if you require a breakdown of why specific pieces are considered incompatible. This is especially helpful because there are times when you need to use special adapters or screws to mount something.

A graphic further down the PC Builder page can help you visualise key construction characteristics, such as the number of PCI Express slots on your motherboard or hard drive bays on your chassis. Do you need to know if your motherboard will accommodate a capture card or a couple more RAM sticks? Check that there is a space for it here.


Create a shareable link at the top of the PC Builder page if you want a second opinion on your choices. If you send it to a tech-savvy buddy, they’ll be sent to your selected components list. The parts page may also be exported to Reddit or the PCPartPicker forums.

You now have everything in order; you’ve displayed your construction, and your buddies are envious. It’s time to buy, and PCPartPicker can point you in the right direction. By default, the site will choose the lowest price for each part, but you can also buy everything from any seller who has all of the parts.

If you aren’t ready to buy yet, you may save your project and return to it later. Set price decrease notifications if your choices are still too expensive.

PCPartPicker, as valuable as it might be, is ultimately only a tool. It helps, like any other tool, if you use it appropriately and have some general understanding before you begin. If you’re a beginner, ask friends who have constructed computers previously for help and study some internet guides(opens in a new window).

Most importantly, once you’ve finished, assist others. PCPartPicker exists solely because a bunch of PC enthusiasts identified a need for it and rushed in to help.

FAQS About PCPartPicker

How does PCPartPicker function?

PCPartPicker assists do-it-yourself computer builders with computer part selection, compatibility, and cost. Using PCPartPicker, you can make a list of virtual parts, and we’ll tell you if they’ll work together and give you up-to-date prices from dozens of major online stores.

Does PC Part Picker assemble your computer?

Using a service like PC Part Picker may help you construct your own PC at a lower cost by finding you good offers and preventing you from purchasing incompatible parts. However, it can occasionally be less expensive to purchase a pre-built system.

How long does it take for PCPartPicker to ship?

It will take at least two weeks to reach the South American nations and three to five weeks to arrive in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. It all depends on how far the shipment needs to travel to reach its final destination.

Is PCPartPicker a reliable website?

In my opinion, PCPartPicker is an excellent website since it allows you to establish an account and save any parts lists you’ve prepared so you don’t have to remember them. It also offers advanced filters that make finding PC components much easier, so I truly appreciate this website.

How can I send in my PCPartPicker list?

At the top of the “Make a Build” page, click the PCPP logo next to the build link. Copy and paste it into the PCPP/reddit forums. If you’re using a mobile device, click Actions and then pick one of the dropdowns. Your saved lists are fantastic, in my opinion.


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