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15 Best Monkey type Websites To Improve Your Writing Speed

Monkey type is one of the greatest and most personalised typing websites available in a variety of styles. To track your progress on the website, you can select easy, medium, or difficult. Monkey type will help you improve your typing speed. The software has a responsive design that works on both mobile and desktop devices.

Monkey type is a simple typing site where you can practise typing in a variety of ways. You may select from any of the different options to increase their performance.

15 Best Monkey type Websites To Improve Your Writing Speed

Here you will learn about the best 15 Monkey type alternative websites that can help you increase your typing speed.

#1. Typeracer


Typeracer is another amazing website that you should consider using to compete with your buddies. It is suitable for use by people from all over the world. The website, like its name, is themed around racing.

Aside from the racing format, the user, like Monkey type, will be able to practise on this platform. It contains several universes based on popular hobbies, including pop music, comic books, and superhero movies. All you have to do is set up an account and preserve your score.

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#2. Typing Test

Monkey type

The Typing Test is the next option that provides you with freedom when taking the test. The user can take the exam by picking one of three texts: simple, medium, or challenging. If you select the challenging option, the stories and tricky spelling may be included. The duration of the exam might be 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes.

You can administer the test to determine the person’s overall speed and accuracy. When you type, though, the website will punish you for mistyping the job. Overall, you may claim that it is the finest Monkey type alternative available.

#3. Typings.gg

Monkey type

Typings.gg is one of the most popular Monkey type replacements available. You may select from a variety of current typing speed test websites. It may not appear to be appealing, yet it is. If you don’t like the default appearance, you may change it with one of numerous themes.

The website does include some unique features that you will not find on any other website. If, on the other hand, you are seeking the greatest tool, your quest is now done. Typings.gg, like Monkey type, is the greatest website for improving your typing speed.

#4. 10 FastFingers

10 FastFingers

10 FastFingers is the next website you may use as a Monkeytype substitute. For numerous years, it has been the most popular website on the internet. It is the default option for people who can pass many typists’ speed tests.

It is the greatest and most user-friendly website, and it is quite simple to use. The individual may not be able to determine the period of time, but he or she may select one of the 50 languages. Users may also challenge their friends and publish their results on social networking channels.

#5. Keybr


Are you seeking the finest typing speed improvement tool? If you are, Keybr is the finest option. It is the greatest substitute for Mokeytype. The website will generate random words for you to finish the alphabet of all the letters.

Because you will receive enough practise, it will help you improve your general typing speed. You may also compete with other users and, if desired, modify the keyboard layout.

#6. Typing Cat

Typing Cat

Typing Cat is the next website in the list of Monkey type alternatives. It is a test that may be completed in one minute to five minutes. You may even play a typing game like Rain, in which the player must write the word as it falls on the screen.

You will then learn about the person’s typing speed, accuracy, and ranking. The only issue is that it has a typewriter sound, which may be annoying.

#7. Nitro Type

Nitro Type

Nitro Type is another website on the list of Monkey type alternatives that you may use. It is a high-level website with spectacular visual and auditory elements when taking the typing exam. Before you begin racing, there will be a qualification race in which you must type a simple sentence as a warm-up.

When a sufficient number of participants join the website, users can begin the race and reach the finish line by inputting the paragraph specified above. You’ll examine the typing speed, accuracy, location, and other outcomes.

#8. TypeTest.io


Following that, you will learn about TypeTest.io, which is ideal for improving your typing skills. It is a simple webpage where you can test the speed of your keyboard. It is simple to comprehend, which is why it is the ideal Monkey type alternative.

The user has 10 seconds to 5 minutes to complete the exam. You may set the timer for as long as you wish. The user will also see the characters or words you entered correctly and incorrectly. It, like Mokeytype, aids in the improvement of typing speed.

#9. TypingMaster


TypingMaster is the greatest alternative to Monkey type. It provides comprehensive touch-typing lessons. The programme has been available on the internet for almost 15 years and is intended for those who practise at home.

The user may design their own training programme in which they can learn each lesion separately and cover all of them. It will help you practise the method, similar to Monkey type, so that you may become quicker and more precise.

#10. Key Hero

Key Hero

Key Hero is the next choice a person can select. It is a website comparable to Monkey type. It is the best one for testing your typing speed since you can see your typing speed and accuracy in the graph. When you take a test, it will display the users’ average typing speed and accuracy.

When you finish the exam, it will show you the errors you made as well as your accuracy and speed. You must press the enter key to begin the new test.

#11. Typing Club

Typing Club

The Typing Club is another website to consider. It is a website for young people and children that will assist you in teaching touch-typing. It is one of the most important, enjoyable, and time-saving abilities that you can master rapidly.

It is a website similar to Monkey type in that you must type the identical characters as given in the text.

#12. Type Fu

Type Fu

Type Fu is one of the world’s earliest typing training products available on Apple. It will help gamers learn about typing and how to achieve their daily keyboard goals.You can input the available words there.

It is one of the greatest and most entertaining software options for a Monkey type replacement. It is also quite handy for the user to practise typing on their phone.

#13. KTouch


KTouch is a typing enhancement tool that you may use. You may then learn to type on an old-fashioned typewriter. You can use this alternative to Monkey type to learn how to use the keyboard easily and correctly.

It also features a practise mode where you may practise with the different lessons that are provided. It will become easier to prevent mistakes if you input the text repeatedly.

#14. TypingCore


The Typing Core is the next trustworthy platform for testing your typing abilities. It is a free platform for testing your typing speed, whether you are working, studying, or talking online. This website is available to those who want to practise online.

There are different aspects that you may enjoy, as well as several types of workouts. As a result, it is regarded as the finest Monkey type alternative.

#15. JustType


Finally, JustType is the platform presented on the on-screen keyboard. You will be given a time limit and must complete the typing within that time frame. You will not have to swap again after you select this Mokey option.

It also functions as a solitaire board and chessboard, and you can control it with a keyboard or a mouse.


What is the monkey personality type?

Monkey type is a basic typing test with several test settings, an accounting system for saving your typing speed history, and user-adjustable options such as themes, a smooth caret, and more.

Who created Monkey Type?

Carl Meyer and Matt Page, together with other Instagram developers, designed Monkey Type to evaluate your code as it runs and produce type annotations to make it easier to get started with type hinting.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the top and most trustworthy websites like Monkey type. If you utilise any of these websites, you will have the opportunity to enhance your typing skills. Most individuals can learn touch typing in 10 days and master it after a month of practice. Once you’ve mastered touch typing, you’ll never go back, and you’ll do all of your typing tasks in half the time.


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