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Top 15 Neon CRM Alternatives Software For Your Business Growth

With the aid of market-leading capabilities and features, Neon CRM is a cloud-based CRM system that strives to promote nonprofit organisations’ expansion, scalability of effect, and audience engagement. Neon CRM helps to streamline the administration of events, fundraising endeavours, memberships, and nonprofit websites across all sectors and scales. The system has online forms that may be used to automatically update and complete all transactions. Without breaking the bank, organisations may design and build appealing websites to boost their online presence and increase donations. Additionally, a number of industry professionals offer devoted, individualised, one-on-one consultation and training to current clients. The pricing options are also fair, so any business, no matter how big or small, will be able to use the system to meet its goals more effectively.

The Benefits of Neon CRM

Neon CRM’s robust capabilities for connecting with supporters, its system that prioritises establishing and maintaining connections with constituents, its tools for data analysis and mass communication, and its event management features are some of its primary advantages. Details are provided below.

Full-service CRM

Neon CRM has all the capabilities necessary for charitable organisations to engage with their constituents, including mass email communications, fundraising appeal letters, and print communications. In order to reach their fans on any platform, the system is also mobile-optimized and has responsive online forms that are simple to brand and personalise.

Relationship-centred framework

Neon CRM offers companies a relationship-focused solution in an effort to effortlessly link them with their supporters. It offers users constituent portals and configurable online forms. It also has detailed profiles that focus on relationships, with features that can be changed and a 360-degree view of each constituent. These are meant to engage supporters and get them more involved.

Study of mass media and information.

Neon CRM offers charitable organisations a platform where they may use segmentation and social media tools to share their story with the world. There are also several analytics tools and dashboards that have an emphasis on the growth and retention of supporters. They assist consumers in analysing the effects of many variables, enabling them to make better decisions.

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Event planning

Neon CRM offers a number of capabilities for thorough event management that let customers organise any form of event, including get-togethers and business conferences, quickly and efficiently. In order for interested parties to register quickly and simply for an event, conference, class, or seminar, there are additional forms for online registration. On the other hand, dynamic event listings help groups list their future events in a variety of styles. Additionally, there is conditional ticketing, which charges VIPs a premium and grants members discounts according to predetermined standards and promotional codes.

Top 15 Neon CRM Alternatives Software For Your Business Growth

Without wasting any time let’s take a look at the best competitor to Neon CRM.

#1. ImportOmatic


For Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge and Raiser’s Edge NXT fundraising platforms, importOMatic is a data integration solution. It is made available as a Raiser’s Edge platform plug-in.

Before exporting data to Raiser’s Edge, users of ImportOMatic can filter and alter it from a number of sources. MailChimp, Classy, DonorDrive, Luminate Online, Artez, and other applications made by third parties are supported.ImportOMatic also has the ability to handle duplicate records, score engagements, schedule imports, use an open technology foundation, and create a data mapping grid.

For a one-time fee, you can get services like phone support, email support, community forums, and an online help desk. Importomatic is one of the best Neon CRM Alternative software that you must try for your business.

#2. AccuFund Accounting Suite

AccuFund Accounting Suite

Another competitor to Neon CRM. Serving governments and organisations are AccuFund’s only emphasis. A robust core system and modules that enable you to add on as your needs change make up the comprehensive fund accounting financial management solution, which is accessible online or locally.

AP, cash receipts, general ledger, bank reconciliation, importing and exporting, document storage, a financial report writer, and a form designer for bespoke form production are all included in AccuFund’s core system. Accounts receivable, HR and payroll, purchase orders, requisitions, fixed assets, allocations, and grants management, among other modules, are popular add-ons.

You may provide openness and accountability as you continue to serve your community members by automating processes, generating thorough reports, customising dashboards, and improving overall decision-making.

You always get the most out of your AccuFund system thanks to strong customer support, ongoing system upgrades and improvements, and 3rd party integration options.

#3. OnBoard


OnBoard like Neon CRM, a board intelligence platform that won Capterra’s Ease of Use Badge, makes managing board meetings easier while enabling more informed decision-making, more secure remote meetings, and real-time access from any device.

You require board and leadership meeting management that is thorough, secure, agile, and user-friendly more than ever. Streamline the preparation for meetings and provide your executives with fast, accurate information on all platforms. The combination of Zoom and remote readiness makes it possible for you to lead well from anywhere.

#4. Award Force

Award Force

Award Force Alternative to Neon is a recognised software that helps top award organisers handle online entry and adjudication for awards.

It is fast, safe, and a great experience for contestants, judges, and contest organisers because it is built for performance and function.

Role-based access, payment processing, alerts and notifications, allocation tracking, configurable layouts, auditing, content management, and more features are available with Award Force. The entry archiving feature may be used by programme administrators to keep a repository of contributions and search through earlier data for certain outcomes. Judges can also download and save candidate applications in PDF format for their records.

#5. Bitrix24


An online workplace for small, medium-sized, and big organisations is called Bitrix24. There are more than 35 technologies that are cross-integrated in this system, including CRM, tasks, a Kanban board, a Gantt chart, messenger, video conferencing, file storage, workflow automation, and more!

By switching to Bitrix24, you may stop paying for so many different SaaS products. You pay a set price and receive everything you require in a single bundle.

Bitrix24 is one of the most widely used business software systems in the world, with over 10 million users.

With the help of the client management tool Bitrix24, companies can keep track of and arrange their communications with partners and customers, both current and future. Users can use the programme to keep track of and manage client interactions, collect and store lead data, generate sales reports, and segment target audiences. Bitrix24 is also a best Neon CRM Alternative option.

#6. Salesforce 


Increase your sales and earnings by using Sales Cloud’s sophisticated sales automation. Make each rep more effective.

These programmes support businesses in running and monitoring marketing campaigns; managing customer accounts; following up with customers after a transaction; and tracking sales leads. With Salesforce Lightning Experience, an updated version of Sales Cloud’s CRM, any salesperson can easily find and follow up on leads, monitor account activity, track the progress of each campaign, and make reports.

#7. Blackbaud eTapestry

Blackbaud eTapestry

Another Neon CRM Altenative. A system for managing donations and online fundraising for small and mid-sized nonprofit organisations is called eTapestry by Blackbaud. The web-based system makes it easier for businesses to do things like contact potential donors and plan events to raise money.

The web-based eTapestry system may be accessed at any time from any internet-capable device. The solution provides powerful membership administration features to manage member contact information, execute membership programmes, and monitor donations from members. The system offers complete event management capabilities, enabling users to organise events, build event calendars, send e-invitations, and sell event tickets and products online. Using the built-in social sharing features, event planners can share posts and updates about their events with their online network or invite a larger group of people to attend.

#8. Kindful


For expanding charity organisations, Kindful is a cloud-based online fundraising and donor management tool. Nonprofits may handle three essential elements of fundraising with the help of this solution: managing online giving; developing donor databases and producing gift insights.

Kindful assists charities in creating an infinite number of engaging online contribution sites. Each contribution page may be altered to suit various campaign kinds. The system may automatically receive gifts from dependable contributors on a regular basis with the use of a recurring donation management feature. Integration with Facebook and Twitter makes it easy for campaigners and donors to share their work on Facebook and Twitter with just one click.

#9. Bloomerang


Another Great alternative to Neon CRM. With the greatest people, tools, and resources all in one place, Bloomerang gives charitable organisations the tools they need to accomplish their goals through our donor management platform.

Build connections that will last a lifetime with contributors and raise more money by providing them with a smooth giving experience. Having Bloomerang gives you:

  • Countless donation forms and websites
  • Tools for peer-to-peer and crowdfunding
  • Donor web pages
  • Forms of adaptive giving
  • A dynamic dashboard
  • Data segmentation capabilities
  • Audits of communication and workflows

#10. Aplos


Now available! 50% off for the next six months.time-limited offer. Begin your 15-day free trial today!No credit card is necessary.

The cloud-based Aplos system was created specifically to meet the demands of religious and charitable institutions. The Aplos platform has accounting for funds, online donation management, reporting tools, fundraising tools, membership management, event management, and customised messaging.

Organizations may manage their fund accounting, record transactions, manage their finances, keep track of cash flows, and produce journal entries for direct double entry accounting using Aplos’ capabilities. Online contribution tools, personalised communications, donor database reports, and event registration are all ways that users may generate money. Organizations may manage all of their financial, contribution, and donor information in one location with the help of Aplos.

#11. CharityEngine


The nonprofit CRM software from CharityEngine makes the fundraising process easier, so you may focus more on your campaigns and less on juggling technology. It includes the resources needed to manage contributors, receive gifts, handle payment processing, and more. CharityEngine is a purpose-driven application created especially for NGOs hoping to make a difference in the world. Schedule a demo now to find out how CharityEngine can help you reach your fundraising goals.

#12. ACTIVE Net


For YMCAs, non-profits, parks and recreation departments, campuses, and local communities, ACTIVE Net offers a cloud-based event management system that may help them increase member engagement and community business.

Members and visitor attendees can register for forthcoming events using this software’s online registration feature. Additionally, it has online membership administration tools for keeping track of member information, including types, access codes, and fees.

Since the system can be changed and is in the cloud, event planners can control every aspect of the event from their computer or phone.

#13. Classy


Through a suite of top-notch, online fundraising tools, Classy, a B Corp Certified social entrepreneur, assists nonprofit organisations in maximising their effect and accelerates social impact globally. Nonprofits of all sizes depend on Classy to oversee all of their online fundraising under one roof, including crowdsourcing, peer-to-peer fundraising, event registration and administration, and one-time or recurring donations. Since 2011, Classy has made it possible for people to give money from more than 190 countries, totaling over $3 billion.

#14. GiftWorks


A cloud-based fundraising tool for small and mid-sized charitable organisations is GiftWorks Cloud. Some of the main tasks are taking care of donors and volunteers, managing events and tickets, and making reports.

The donor management module gives users access to data about contributors and keeps track of conversations, email exchanges, and gift amounts. The volunteer portal is offered by the volunteer management module, which also assists users in managing bookings, setting fundraising and registration objectives, and tracking income and costs. Users can construct custom reports using the list generator provided by the reporting module. It’s also a best alternative to Neon CRM.

#15. Doubleknot


In order to manage awareness of their purpose and services, NGOs can use Doubleknot, a cloud-based operation management suite of tools, to expedite online registrations, memberships, bookings, contributions, and ticket purchases. Zoos, aquariums, museums, clubs, and other sorts of mission-based organisations of all sizes can use the system.

The solutions may be tailored to fit existing corporate procedures and integrated with third-party programmes for email marketing, ticketing, and fundraising.


Is  Neom a Reliable CRM?

I have a lot of experience with some of the most well-known CRM vendors and their goods. I can categorically state that, straight out of the box, the NeonCRM system is just as useful, strong, extendable, and generally just as powerful as systems that cost 10 to 20 times as much.

Neon—is it a CRM?

For NGOs of all sizes, Neon CRM, a Neon One company, offers a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software package. Applications include event registration and management, donor management, membership administration, fundraising management, and more.

Does Neon CRM use the cloud?

NeonCRM is a set of cloud-based nonprofit software products designed to assist nonprofit organisations in their important jobs. Thousands of associations and organizations, no matter how big or small, use our CRM for charities to manage memberships and keep in touch with supporters.


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