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12 Fastpeoplesearch Alternatives & Similar Sites In 2022

Fastpeoplesearch: People searching is now simple, quick, and secure. On the most comprehensive and dependable directory of US public data, you can easily perform a reverse phone lookup, address, and name search.

It is only known for its speed in performing a reverse phone lookup and may be the most restricted directory of free US public records. Its sophisticated search skills deliver legitimate materials based on your requirements. It is constantly updating its information, so you don’t have to look for free quick people search alternatives.

Fastpeoplesearch is an outstanding tool for searching for people that is both simple and safe. It allows you to do a reverse phone lookup, address search, name search, and other facts across the most secure and reliable directory of United States public records. These are the top ten fastpeoplesearch alternatives. See 20 Best Jitterbit Competitors & Alternatives For Your Business.


  • Records are searched exclusively.
  • Real-time updates
  • Searching is safe and quick.
  • A comprehensive database of people in the United States

12 Fastpeoplesearch Alternatives & Similar Sites In 2022

Let’s check out the best websites like fastpeoplesearch for you to try in 2022.

#1. Veromi


Veromi is a sophisticated search engine with access to dozens of databases and billions of public documents. It is a solid platform that provides the same data sources used by governments and law enforcement agencies. You may use this platform to find background and connection information about anybody in its database. Veromi comes to give you the most accurate and complete information about anyone for a fair price.

The portal is intended for everyone, whether you are looking for a buddy or checking the criminal past of a new partner you met online. It gives you their contact information, comprehensive background history, email address, and other information. It’s a great fastpeoplesearch alternative.

#2. PeekYou

Another great competitor to fastpeoplesearch. You make it look so easy, colleagues and relatives over the web, anytime you want. A simple and elegant search engine site that puts you right at the heart of the internet. It assists its users in locating the most significant and significant females or males in their lives.

It neatly assembles disparate material from social media networks, homepages, news sources, and blog platforms to provide full online identities. PeekYou-People Search Made Simple is a straightforward website that takes a fresh look at people’s searches.

Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, email, and other social networks may provide you with information on your target audience. PeekYou serves millions of people from across the world and has over 10 million monthly searches.

#3. ThatsThem

That’sThem like fastpeoplesearch, is a free people search engine that makes it simple to locate addresses, emails, phone numbers, and other information in ways never previously possible. It is the best option for a quick people search.That’s Them is a fantastic reverse phone lookup website with a sophisticated search box where you can input the name, address, IP, VIN, email, and phone, then choose the city, state, or ZIP code, and press the search button to receive results.

It is a free people search engine that allows you to discover individuals based on how well you know them. You may search for people to acquire the most up-to-date, thorough, and important information about them, including their personal information.

That Them allows you to use its free reverse address lookup to find out who lives at an address or who is interested in renting your apartment, as well as acquire exact homeowner information, estimated house worth, reputation, mortgage data, and a variety of other things.

#4. Truth Finder

Truth Finder

Truth Finder is a platform that allows people to learn facts about anyone. The site allows users to access any type of background information about somebody. The platform includes a number of directories, including criminal records, public records, and many more. The programme provides a free people search, allowing users to access records of people without having to visit many courthouses to find someone.

You may obtain social media profiles, phone numbers, email addresses, employment information, public appearances, and much more without paying a dime. This sleek platform allows you to learn a lot about all of your intended people. This platform is completely legal and provides its users with clear instructions on how to use the offered data legally. It does not produce data but rather collects data from other sites, making it the best choice for fastpeoplesearch.

#5. FindOutTheTruth


FindOutTheTruth is a leading platform that offers the most affordable private investigator-assisted background investigations, criminal records, employment, and due diligence background checks. It is an all-in-one solution for all of your background check research needs. Our research team employs and combines years of investigative and risk management expertise, as well as considerable college and post-graduate course work.

An amazing tool that allows you to verify the criminal records of your preferred individuals without having to make any effort, travel anywhere, or spend any money. If you have a suspicion about someone and want to research them quietly, this is the most genuine fastpeoplesearch alternative option for you.

#6. Whoeasy


Whoeasy like fastpeoplesearch, makes it simple and secure to check a phone number and search for a phone number to learn more about it whenever you want. You’ll acquire information on the girls or guys you’re looking for rapidly since you’re an American.

Whoeasy is a modern website with an easy and quick search, allowing you to just input your desired search field and click the search button to get things done exactly.

We have information on every single legitimate phone number in the United States of America, whether it be a mobile phone number or a landline.

#7. Webmii


Webmii, an alternative to fastpeoplesearch, makes it simple to find people by simply typing in their first and last names. Webmii-People Search Engine is a fantastic tool for discovering public information about any person. Users may easily find the visibility score of any person available on various online sites. Webmii allows you to search for individuals in your phone’s contact book and compare your visibility score with that of your friends. You may also find out information on someone.

Webmii allows you to search for individuals in your phone’s contact book and compare your visibility score with that of your friends. You may also use the widget search to find individuals right from your phone’s home screen. Webmii is accessible solely on iOS devices.

#8. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a simple yet effective application that allows you to discover the truth about the people in your life. The portal shows true background report details with comprehensive background data on practically anybody you know, as well as phone number lookups and criminal histories. Instant Checkmate is for companies and businesses that want to hire people who are honest and complete.

Assume you want to access any criminal records, contact information, social media posts, financial data, and so much more for free. Not only can you receive background checks, but you can also get individuals searching in practically every area. It also assists users in learning more about who owns a phone number. Users may use their mobile phones to conduct a reverse phone lookup and learn more about practically any caller. Background checks, genuine arrests, and criminal histories are all available through the app.

#9. PeopleSmart


PeopleSmart is a well-known public records search engine that bridges the gap between other search options and provides a simple and accurate result. The platform has a simple design and may help you reunite with lost friends or companies feel confident about the individuals they trust.

It allows you to find the best prospects for your company no matter what. Contact data may help you build your business at a fraction of the expense. Utilize our data to achieve the highest quality of decision-making in less time and at a fraction of the expense. It lets you find leads in your target market and get new information.

It was created by a team of professionals and incorporates many innovative features and technologies that swiftly locate results all around the world. PeopleSmart is the best of the top platforms because it is the simplest and gives the most straightforward and easy-to-understand information.

#10. Infotracer


The Infotracer app puts criminal records, marriages and divorces, arrests, contact information, social profiles, photographs, and much more in your palm. It’s an instant public record searching feature that allows you to learn all of the important information anytime you desire. All you have to do is input your first and last name, city, and state, and then click the search button to obtain the results. Infotracer has almost one million delighted clients.

An Infotracer is a software tool that allows you to locate any information about a person of interest via an online public record source. You may look up a phone number, contact information, gender, name, and much more. Infotracer will provide you with information about the assets of the person you are looking for, such as a business, vehicles, aircraft, and boats. You also have more information regarding investments and net income.

#11. Pipl


Pipl enables you to transform a single point into a trusted identity and appropriately handle things. It combines efforts to combat fraud and expedite investigations with one of the world’s major providers of online identification information. It has a one-of-a-kind identity resolution engine that combines the world’s personal, social, and professional identity data to give investigators and analysts an unbeatable global index of more than 3 billion trustworthy profiles.

Pipl is a search engine that allows users to find individuals from all around the world. The platform has numerous applications, but it is touted as a tool to assist organisations in verifying identities and detecting and preventing financial fraud. The platform began with a very basic level, and it now has millions of users worldwide and more than 3 billion profiles in its database. All you have to do is input a person’s information, such as phone numbers, social usernames, and email addresses, to find the correct individual.

#12. CheckPeople


Find your desired email addresses, social media information, phone numbers, contact information, and much more all in one place. CheckPeople allows you to search by first name, last name, city, and state, and then click the search button to obtain fast results. If you are seeking information about someone who lives nearby, this is the perfect platform for you to use. CheckPeople is a free alternative to that lets you find out exclusive, real-time information about yourself or someone else.

CheckPeople is a people-finding programme that offers information such as email addresses, phone numbers, social network data, contact information, and so on. The programme is straightforward to use, and the simple screening method will provide you with information on the exact individual you are looking for. Full names, sexual offender status, criminal records, traffic records, online dating accounts, marriage and divorce records, and more can be found in search results.

Fastpeoplesearch is owned by whom?

Fastpeoplesearch’s current owner is unknown. Intelius, Inc. once owned the site, but it was sold to an unknown company in 2016.

What is the finest fastpeoplesearch substitute?

There are other alternatives to fastpeoplesearch, but the best one is definitely Pipl searches a considerably broader range of sources than FastPeopleSearch and produces more complete results in general.

What is the free alternative to

There are a few other personal search engines outside, but is probably the finest. Pipl searches a considerably broader range of sites than and produces more complete results in general. It’s also completely free!

Is fastpeoplesearch a legal service?

Yes, fastpeoplesearch is a legal service. The site compiles its information using public sources and adheres to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. However, some users have expressed worries about the accuracy of the site’s data.


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