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15 Best HR Software You Should Consider Using for 2022

When it comes to human resources, nothing can match the personal touch. The HR software professional may be able to help you find problems with leadership, retrain workers so they can easily take on new roles, keep more employees by getting them more involved, and just keep an eye on the company as a whole. The good news is that any skilled HR software can become a star with the help of good HR software free.

HR software for HR performance management may organize and automate everything from payroll, training plans, and perks to tracking prospective candidates and the hiring process. It has almost everything you need to run a successful business, such as the ability to evaluate staff performance and make suggestions based on that evaluation.

15 Best HR Software You Should Consider Using for 2022

The finest HR software solutions for 2022 can assist your HR department in keeping up with changes to rules and regulations while ensuring that no employee or record is overlooked, regardless of whether you are the owner of a small firm or a large organization. We’ve chosen to develop a list of the top HR software solutions for 2022 based on our own experience because there is such a wide selection of HR software tools available, ranging in price and offering various options.

If you currently use other HR software lists, some will provide you with an all-inclusive HR package, while others will let you pick and select the HR duties you require for your business.

Features of Human Resources HR software

Some HR software companies may have a larger capability than others, depending on the size of the organization. Before choosing a vendor, though, you should know how a human resources management platform usually works. The following characteristics of HR management tools are standard:

  • Performance assessment A system must give managers a dashboard that shows the work and progress of each team member and lets them set goals based on that information. You should ideally be able to view personalized information about each employee’s time at work, the kind of activities they excel at, and the degree of satisfaction by accessing their profile.
  • Monitoring of attendance Every ongoing project is halted by performance constraints caused by employee absenteeism. So, the best hr software for startups for managing human resources must give business owners ways to keep track of attendance and sick days.
  • Handling of applicants and hiring A manager’s job includes a fair number of responsibilities related to hiring and candidate screening. Because of this, HR software solutions that work well provide important tools for interviews and evaluating applications. An HR management system must have a module for keeping track of applicants, running background checks, and getting new employees up to speed.
  • control over employees Human resource management system HR software should have a scheduling function, a way to keep track of shifts, and built-in ways for employees and executives to talk to each other. This will help employees work together more. Using the HR software, business owners should be able to let everyone on their team know about changes to policies at once.
  • Payroll administration Tools for hr software small businesses should make it easier to keep track of each employee’s payment status, let them know when payday is coming up, figure out their pay, and store payment information like credit card numbers, PayPal accounts, and other financial information in a safe way.
  • Tools for reporting and analytics A full HR system should let managers keep track of changes in the workplace and spot patterns.

Benefits of Custom HR software

The Benefits of Custom HR software Advanced HR management apps can even use machine learning and predictive analytics to look for warning signs in the workforce and alert HR managers right away. If you’re not sure if investing in an HRMS will lead to a noticeable increase in productivity, think about the benefits it offers to business owners, human resources specialists, and the whole team.

1. Total workforce management

When doing their jobs, HR software often finds it hard to switch between different tools. Since it is not sufficiently streamlined, staff onboarding, monitoring, and communication take longer. All-in-one HR software can help business owners save time, keep their data safer, and get a clear picture of how their employees are doing.

2. Quicker employee orientation

Since a new employee can’t start working on projects and taking on responsibilities right away, a long onboarding process hurts the productivity of the company. Long-term effects of ineffective onboarding include staff noncompliance with project requirements, misunderstandings, and bottlenecks. HR management solutions increase the effectiveness of onboarding by:

  • Giving new hires easy access to onboarding materials
  • helping them understand their position within the team
  • quickly establishing a connection with the business
  • and giving managers the resources they need to track progress.

3. Reliable performance evaluation

The finest HR software gives businesses a toolbox for tracking KPIs. When business owners use integrated platforms, they will be able to see how each person contributes to the growth and development of the project.

The following efficiency measures may be monitored by HR managers using special HR software:

  • Absenteeism at work refers to the time required to meet performance goals
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Employee retention.

4. Increased collaboration efficiency

Using HR software can help provide employees with more independence at work. All team members have access to the dashboard, which has information about their jobs, sick days, work hours, payroll, tax sheets, and other important information. Employee self-service eliminates the need for the team to approach the manager with every problem, allowing business owners to concentrate on tasks other than team management.

There are several systems available for managing human resources. We looked at 15 common HR tools to help business owners and people who work in human resources make an informed choice when buying automation technologies.

#1. Oracle HCM Cloud

Oracle HCM Cloud

Oracle HCM Cloud is a suite of cloud-based HR management solutions that assist medium- and large-sized businesses in streamlining employee and applicant monitoring processes.


  • Monitoring of employees
  • Predictive analytics
  • Tracking of applicants
  • Tax monitoring
  • Goal management
  • Monitoring of employees’ learning and development
  • Collaboration tools

#2. EmployeeConnect


One of the most respected personnel management programs, EmployeeConnect, has served SMEs and big companies for more than 20 years. The platform gives the tools needed to manage the team well, make the workplace more open, and make sure that every employee helps the business grow as a whole.


  • A database of employees that includes individual profiles for each team member
  • Oversight of onboarding
  • performance monitoring
  • self-service platform
  • attendance tracking

#3. Dayforce HCM

Dayforce HCM

A cloud-based HR management program called Dayforce HCM has several functions for managing employees and taxes. The solution keeps records of employees safely and shows the information in tables, charts, and graphs that are easy on the eyes.


  • Monitoring of payroll
  • Document production
  • Performance appraisal
  • Recruitment management
  • Dashboard for KPI tracking.

#4. Gusto


Gusto is a sophisticated people management application for startups and small enterprises. The tool helps keep track of how payroll, corporate education, and health insurance management are being run. More than 100,000 businesses both in the US and throughout the world use the platform.


  • Life insurance management
  • Retirement planning
  • Database of employees
  • Benefits administration
  • Onboarding administration
  • Employee profiling.

#5. Cornerstone Talent Management

Cornerstone Talent Management

The goal of the Cornerstone Talent Management Suite is to help corporate managers improve staff productivity and retention, team education and development, and team education and development in the fastest and most effective way possible. With the platform’s data-driven monitoring dashboard, company managers can keep track of employee goals, demands, and dissatisfaction at work. To improve the effectiveness of daily personnel management, the program provides functions such as attendance monitoring, salary management, and others.


  • Some of the other features are managing payroll
  • Keeping track of skills
  • Having an employee lifecycle dashboard
  • Keeping track of goals
  • Managing to onboard
  • Planning for succession
  • Making individual development plans.

#6. Workday HCM

Workday HCM

Workday is a simple system that doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge. The HR software has an easy-to-use interface and a number of tools and functions for managing HR.


  • Performance management includes tools for employees to track their goals
  • Manage their time and payroll
  • Manage their talents
  • Plan their careers and growth.

#7. Workable


One of the most well-liked cloud-based HR management options, Workable, mostly serves large-scale enterprises. Its capabilities for hiring and managing employees are many.


  • Management of recruitment marketing
  • One-click posting of job openings
  • Scheduling of interviews
  • Real-time collaboration with the hiring team
  • Customized recruiting pipelines
  • The platform for managing employee referrals.

#8. Ascentis


Another well-regarded a-la-carte personnel management solution is Ascentis. It features several separate but interconnected staff management components.


  • Time and attendance software
  • Applicant tracking; employee self-service
  • Talent management suite
  • Payroll processing tools.

#9. SabaCloud


Saba Cloud is a cloud-based talent management solution that encourages high employee engagement, social collaboration, and a policy of always learning. The instrument primarily serves companies and organizations with more than 750 employees.


  • Support for both synchronous and asynchronous learning
  • Tracking of employee education
  • Video conferencing tools
  • Mobile optimization
  • Management of pay and benefits
  • Performance monitoring.

#10. Zenefits


The most well-known talent management system available is not Zenefits. But the software can compete well with more well-known human resources management programs because it has an excellent HR toolkit.


  • Real-time monitoring of employee performance
  • Management of employee data
  • Help with third-party integration
  • An interactive dashboard
  • Design of employee workflow
  • Monitoring of attendance and overtime
  • Management of health insurance
  • Administration of hiring.

#11. UltiPro


UltiPro is a very useful business management suite that includes tools for system administration, talent management, and business analytics.


  • Employee performance tracking system
  • Built-in payment platform
  • Payroll and tax administration
  • Reporting
  • Attendance and scheduling control
  • Career development module.

#12. SAP Success Factors

SAP Success Factors

With the help of SAP Success Factors, companies can keep track of how their employees are doing and handle business tasks in a more creative way.


  • Tracking of paid time off and attendance
  • Support for integration APIs
  • Peer-recognition tools
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Employee performance tracking
  • Event management
  • Workflow automation.

#13. Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR

Businesses may consolidate all application and staff management data with the Bamboo HR solution. The program compiles data on each team member’s compensation, work background, and attendance.


  • Employee management
  • Payroll tracking
  • Document storage
  • ESignatures
  • Employee self-service tools
  • Centralized employee databases are all available.

#14. Namely


Over 400 companies around the world use HR software Namely’s personnel management package to automate the screening of job applicants and current employees. Over 60,000 employees are collectively connected through the platform.


  • Monitoring of accounting and paperwork
  • Tracking of attendance and leave
  • Control of employee performance
  • Administration of health insurance
  • Design of a unique staff workflow

#15. Paycor


Paycor helps businesses with all parts of hiring, evaluating employee performance, and making payroll.


The following topics are covered in the onboarding suite:

  • Employee compensation management
  • Time management software
  • Payroll and tax compliance
  • Analytics
  • Reporting

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