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12 Best Company Formation Services For Your Business

Company formation services handle the entire process of starting a business, saving you money and reducing stress.

As a result, we determined that ZenBusiness is the best option for the majority of people looking to start a business. It’s a straightforward solution with very reasonable pricing.

The Most Effective Company Formation Services

ZenBusiness is the best business formation service for the majority of people. It’s a simple service that allows you to form an LLC in under 10 minutes. It’s reasonably priced, starting at $49 plus state fees, and includes everything you need to get your business off to a good start.

If you require a registered agent, a tax ID number, rush filing, or other Company formation services, ZenBusiness can help. Every ZenBusiness plan includes a free accounting consultation, so you can speak with an expert before committing to a specific business formation. See 18 Best Background Check Software For Employee – techsight.

When Should You Invest in Company Formation Services?

It’s safe to say that starting a business is difficult. You’ll need legal help and document filings to get things started, as well as the added stress that comes with such a large project. It’s easy to give up before things get going.

Company formation services relieve some of the stress, allowing you to spend your valuable time elsewhere.

Some people, for example, are concerned about the cost of hiring an attorney to handle the legal side of things but want assurance that the formation process will be completed correctly. Company formation services can assist in this situation by simplifying the process and providing legal counsel at a fraction of the cost of hiring a lawyer.

Company formation services also enable new businesses to receive notifications when reports are due. While the state will send out mail, dedicated email alerts help companies stay on track. The extra notice ensures you don’t miss anything, and a Company formation service creates copies of the necessary paperwork, sometimes even providing a registered agent to assist.

It’s natural to have a lot of questions about how to do things when you’re starting a business. The good news is that Company formation services can provide excellent customer service, overseeing existing services and answering any additional questions you may have. These customer teams are made up of legal experts, often lawyers, and are included in the package.

If any of these concerns sound familiar, a Company formation service can assist you and get your company off to a good start.

#1. ZenBusiness

Company Formation Services

ZenBusiness is one of the best options on the market for a simple LLC filing service that gets the job done and comes with the extra support that new businesses require.

While ZenBusiness does more than just LLC filings, it is an area in which it excels. For example, you can establish an LLC for as little as $49 per month plus state fees—a competitive price that’s difficult to beat given the support available.

You will also receive a complimentary accounting and tax assessment to determine your bookkeeping, accounting, and tax requirements.

#2. BizFilings

Company Formation Services


BizFilings has been in operation for over 20 years and is an excellent Company formation service for businesses of all sizes.

We especially like the compliance monitoring service, which is provided by the aptly named “BizComply Compliance Monitoring Tool.” The tool assists your company in remaining in compliance with ongoing state requirements as well as other corporate customs.

For example, the Alert Manager features, for example, assist you in tracking and staying on top of any required compliance events. The Company Dashboard displays important company data such as tax ID numbers, state file numbers, and more. There’s also a Forms Library where you can access, download, and customize forms to meet state requirements. All documents can be saved, stored, and printed quickly.

Company Formation Services

LegalZoom is a well-known business formation service that can assist you with whatever you need.

Over 1.6 million LLCs and over 400,000 corporations have benefited from the service. Because of its extensive list of services, there’s a good chance it can get your business up and running. For example, not knowing what type of entity you are is a common issue, and LegalZoom can assist you in determining this and recommending which services you will require.

If you want to form an LLC, you enter your business name, answer a few questions quickly, and the paperwork is filed from there. Other services include assistance with annual reports; a useful compliance calendar for managing required filings; and the simple creation of articles of amendment.

#4. Swyft Filings

Company Formation Services

Swyft Filings offers personal customer service to answer any questions you may have at any time.

When you sign up, you will be assigned a personal “Business Specialist.” You will then be given their direct phone number and email address to answer questions as they arise. It’s a next-level service that’s available when you need it, eliminating the usual wait time. Your business specialist can even help you with your business filings.

Swyft Filings also provides annual reports, name change services, and the ability to obtain your EIN or Federal Tax ID. There’s also a handy incorporation wizard to help you choose the right business type for you—well-presented it’s and provides all the information a new business could need in one place, comparing and contrasting the key differences.

#5. Rocket Lawyer

Company Formation Services

Rocket Lawyer provides affordable legal advice that you can rely on whenever you need it.

You’ll be able to get quick answers to your legal questions, and by quick, we mean as simple as submitting a question to a qualified lawyer and waiting for a response. Responses are usually received within a day and sometimes within a few hours.

Rocket Lawyer also offers legal advice through hundreds of comprehensive legal guides, and you can quickly access legally binding documents for your business or family. There are an unlimited number of revisions and copies, and you can access, download, and print them from any device. That’s all there is to it.

#6. Northwest Registered Agent 

Company Formation Services

Northwest Registered Agent is a national registered agent service with locations in each of the 50 states.

This organisation can be used for LLC and corporation formations in addition to registered agent services. They have everything you need to start your business, from document filing to compliance.

Northwest Registered Agent appeals to me because they specialise in privacy. They include features such as a business address and free mail forwarding in your plan.

This service provider can help you obtain an EIN, file your articles of incorporation, manage your operating agreement, and more. They offer a free business name search, business banking assistance, and tax consulting.

#7. Incfile

Company Formation Services

Incfile is one of the market’s most reputable and trusted Company formation services. Since its inception in 2004, this service has been used by over 500,000 businesses.

Incfile offers business formation services for LLCs, S-Corporations, C-Corporations, and nonprofits.

You can form your business for free with Incfile, paying only the state filing fees.

All plans include verification of company name availability, next-day processing, article preparation and filing, online status tracking, online document access, free tax consultation services, and lifetime customer support.

#8. Inc Authority

Company Formation Services

Inc Authority is a quick and easy way for anyone to create an LLC online. Yes, you read that right. The LLC services are completely free; you only need to pay the state fees.

When you create your free LLC with Inc Authority, you will also receive the following benefits:

  • One year of free registered agent services.
  • Check the business name.
  • Document preparation and filing for entity formation
  • Preparation and submission of Form 2553
  • Consultation on tax planning
  • Storage of digital documents

Many useful extras, however, such as an EIN ($49), an operating agreement ($89), and express processing ($49), are paid add-ons to your free filing.

#9. LegalNature 

Company Formation Services

LegalNature is one of the most effective online legal services available today. They provide legal documents in a variety of categories for individuals, businesses, and landlords.

However, LegalNature’s business formation documents are among the most popular products on its website.

LegalNature’s business formation services begin at $40 per business. Additional services range from a one-time fee of $20 (certified copies) to a yearly fee of $125 (registered agent services). Plans for legal documents begin at $84 per year.

#10. MyCompanyWorks 

Company Formation Services

Another industry leader in the business formation space is MyCompanyWorks. More than 60,000 businesses have been launched on this platform since 2001. They offer LLC, S-Corp, and C-Corp formation services.

MyCompanyWorks is ideal for anyone who needs to start a business quickly. Orders received by 3 p.m. EST are processed the same business day. Orders received after 3 p.m. are processed the following business day.

#11. Incorporate.com

Company Formation Services

Incorporate.com, formerly Corporation Service Company (CSC) and The Company Corporation, has over 100 years of experience in the business formation space. Over the years, they have assisted over 750,000 organizations.

Look no further than Incorporate.com to form a C Corporation or S Corporation.

With its wealth of experience, Incorporate.com can easily handle the complexities of forming a C-Corp or S-Corp. Incorporate.com can also be used for LLCs and nonprofit organizations in addition to these incorporation services. Incorporation.com appeals to me because it is straightforward.

Once you’ve given them information about your business, their experts will handle everything else. If you have any questions along the way, their team is available to help you at any time of day or night.

#12. MyCorporation

Company Formation Services

Another popular option for business formation services is MyCorporation. They offer services to LLCs, C-Corps, S-Corps, B-Corps, and nonprofits. With a MyCorporation plan, you can file your EIN for free.

The basic plan includes a name availability search and articles of incorporation. The Deluxe level of registered agent services is the most expensive.

MyCorporation also makes it simple to manage your filings and update your company business after the company has been formed. They also offer additional services such as trademark filing and copyright applications.

How to Find the Most Appropriate Company Formation Services for You

With so many options available, determining the best Company formation services for your specific situation can seem daunting. These are the factors that must be considered when shopping for and comparing different service providers.

It will be much easier to narrow down your options if you follow the methodology outlined below.

Entity type:

The first thing you should do is determine the type of business you want to start:

  • Limited Liability Corporations (LLC)
  • The C Corporation (C-Corp)
  • The S Corporation (S-Corp)
  • B Corporation certification (B Corp).
  • Doing Business As (DBA) Name
  • The sole proprietorship
  • A Limited Liability Company (LLP)
  • Nonprofit

Not every business formation service will have solutions for all of these possibilities. Even if they do, some providers may specialize in one over the other. If you’re not sure which entity type is best for you, use a formation service to assist you.


Look beyond the cost of the business formation services you’re considering. What exactly are you getting?

Some service providers provide numerous freebies but then charge additional fees for necessary services. Don’t be fooled by the lowest advertised price on the website’s homepage. The term “free” rarely implies that you will pay nothing.

Other providers’ advertised starting prices may be higher, but those plans include everything you need to start your business.

Services Not Included

Aside from the business formation itself, it’s a good idea to select a formation service that can serve as a one-stop shop for all of your needs. Other services to consider include:

  • Services of a registered agent
  • EIN applications
  • Consultation with a lawyer
  • Lookup the availability of business names.
  • Legal document administration
  • Copyright and trademark registration
  • Consultation on taxes
  • Amendment articles
  • good standing certificate.
  • Business permits
  • Permits for the seller

The list is endless. For example, if you anticipate having a lot of questions for an attorney after the business is established, you’ll be far better off with some formation services than others.

Customer Support

What kind of support does the service you’re considering provide?

In some cases, you will be given the direct phone number of a personal business expert. Other service providers provide email, ticketing, and live chat support.

This category also includes the time it takes to establish your business. Some services provide automatic, fast processing, while others charge a fee to expedite the process.


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