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18 Best Background Check Software For Employee – techsight

Best background check software solution: After doing a comprehensive background check, organisations recruit personnel. That is, they check the information supplied by candidates, such as previous work records, schooling background, financial, criminal, and other similar information. Manually verifying data for hundreds of applicants may be time-consuming. This is where a background check software solution may help. Not only does the programme assist in validating applicant information, but it also keeps completed verification data on a centralised platform for quick access. Furthermore, it provides ample customization and tracking options to help you speed up and simplify your operations. You may acquire background check software alone or as part of an all-inclusive recruiting software solution. See 20 Best Customer Data Platforms for Boosting Your Marketing Campaigns.

How Should You Select the Best Background Check Software?

If you want to get the greatest employee background check software, make sure it has a specified set of features and functions. To begin with, the programme must mix the ease of use with high performance. It should allow you to do many sorts of applicant background checks, such as identification verification, job verification, credit reports, and reference checks. It should also provide legal compliance to assist you in following all of the requirements. It must have suitable tracking and reporting features, as well as easy third-party interfaces. Check to see if the programme allows you enough flexibility to fit your specific process. Finally, check whether the pricing justifies the capability provided. Because there is so much background investigation software available, picking the proper one may be difficult.

Best Employee background check software Of 2022

Here’s a list of the best tools on the market for saving time and energy.

#1. Veremark

background check software

Veremark is an employee background check and screening software solution that allows you to screen both potential and current workers. The method is simple to use, quick, and safe. It integrates directly with your current hiring procedure, making the process easier and more efficient. This programme allows you to do a wide range of background checks, including reference, financial, and civil checks, as well as academic accomplishment, work history, and criminal record checks. The goal is to make the entire screening process go more smoothly.


  • Globally, a range of applicant background checks are offered.
  • a platform that is simple, quick, and secure.
  • Screening precision that is unrivalled
  • A powerful dashboard that supports both single and multi-user accounts.
  • Real-time updates and notifications
  • Follow-ups that are automated
  • Data sharing capability
  • Observable outcomes
  • Background check reports that are insightful and easily shared
  • Other business systems, such as CRM and ATS, can be integrated.
  • Scalable to suit your expanding requirements.

#2. ClearStar

background check software

ClearStar is more than just another screening programme since it is one of the most thorough backgrounds check solutions for companies. The solution blends simplicity with solid technology to help you hire quickly and confidently.

The system provides everything from pre-employment application screening to health and drug testing to contractor screening, background checks to medical screening. For a more accurate approach, it also contains social media checks and employee monitoring features.


  • services and a powerful applicant background check system.
  • Global screening assistance
  • Employee surveillance and access control
  • Strong security mechanisms
  • The interface is simple to use.
  • Reliable instruments that provide precise results quickly.
  • Compliance assistance in adhering to all criteria.

#3. Checkr

background check software

Checkr, one of the best background check applications for organisations, not only speeds up the recruiting process but also makes it more strategic.

It has a modern, technologically advanced system that automates and improves your operations to correctly screen prospects.

Whether you work in retail, IT, or hospitality, and regardless of the size of your firm, this software can meet your specific staffing demands.


  • Background checks powered by AI
  • Complete candidate screenings
  • Verification of education and previous work
  • Checking criminal records
  • Possibility of conducting civil searches
  • Tools for assessing candidates’ physical fitness, occupational health, and drug testing
  • Validating driving records with Motor Vehicle Reports
  • Local and worldwide screening assistance
  • Api integration assistance
  • Connection to your HRIS and ATS platforms
  • Observance of all state and federal rules and regulations

#4. Good Egg

background check software

Good Egg provides employee background check software that is unique, efficient, and compliant. The solution contains everything you need to hire the appropriate applicant, from candidate SMS messaging to solid security and sophisticated screening capabilities.

Furthermore, it offers simple connections with major applicant tracking systems to further streamline and simplify your recruiting process, cutting the normal time-to-hire significantly.


  • a complete, current method of conducting background checks that not only validate applicants’ past but also take into account their present and future behaviour.
  • Text messaging for candidates
  • powerful, AI-enabled tool for doing background checks across social media platforms.
  • Support for criminal background checks
  • drug and health screenings.
  • MVR audits
  • Examinations of employment and education
  • Continued surveillance
  • Simple connection with a wide range of ATS tools
  • Strong security measures
  • Observance of all applicable rules and legislation

You can solve issues, save money, and minimise turnaround time by using VICTIG screening solutions. It has worked with over 50 data suppliers to deliver all-in-one background check software for small and large organisations alike.

You may undertake exact job and education verification, as well as drug tests, using this solution. What’s the best part? While the system is useful for businesses in creating a secure work environment, it is also appropriate for use by volunteers and tenants in order to obtain the finest background check services.


  • A thorough background check of software Employers, volunteers, and tenants will find this useful.
  • capability to do job verifications, educational background checks, and drug tests.
  • There are around 50,000 drug collection stations across the country.
  • Integration with more than 50 data providers.
  • Your requests are intuitively routed to the best available answer.
  • FCRA observance

#6. Accurate

background check software

Running applicant background checks for employment becomes easier, more streamlined, and more accurate with Accurate.

Its all-inclusive background screening technology produces highly professional findings, allowing you to make more informed hiring decisions. You may customise the background checks to meet your specific requirements. Furthermore, preconfigured background check packages are accessible. What else? The programme has compliance capabilities to help you stay in accordance with standard rules while protecting your company’s reputation.


  • A thorough employee background investigation is software.
  • Scalable searches to suit your volume requirements.
  • Background screening kits that are predefined as well as entirely configurable
  • A number of background checks are available, including work history, education background, driving history, and criminal history.
  • Background investigations throughout the world
  • Tools for ensuring compliance
  • Software that is adaptable and scalable
  • Background check API
  • Integration with your current applicant tracking system

#7. HireRight

background check software

HireRight provides intelligent background check software to organisations of all sizes and stature. Its solution is all-encompassing, on-demand, and adaptable. Using over 150 different types of background check services, you can accomplish anything from ID document verifications to criminal record checks to professional qualification validations to credit history and academic checks with this program. What’s remarkable is that it caters to over 200 countries and territories to suit their specific screening requirements.


  • A strong, all-encompassing pre-employment background check solution
  • More than 150 background screening services
  • The UI is intuitive and simple to use.
  • Tools for ensuring compliance
  • A versatile solution that adjusts to your needs
  • Global reach to acquire accurate background information on applicants
  • Candidates will have a more pleasant onboarding experience.
  • Controlling your employee background screening procedure effectively

#8. Asurint

background check software

Asurint provides a powerful employee background screening software solution that allows you to confidently and easily recruit the best-fit applicants. The system provides a wide range of background check services, including criminal background screenings, financial background verifications, drug tests, and driving records.

Its sophisticated technologies automate the vast majority of your job background check operations. As a consequence, you may drastically reduce your manual burden.

As a result, you may prevent potential human mistakes, enhancing the overall efficiency of your hiring process.


  • a one-stop shop for companies to do employee background checks and screening services.
  • Automation of your background screening procedure for hiring
  • Customizable UI to keep your trademark while leveraging the existing workflow.
  • Employers and jobseekers will like the simple design.
  • The Candidate Direct portal is web-based and mobile-friendly.
  • Integrations with a variety of HRIS and ATS applications
  • Compliance with FCRA regulations
  • The proactive customer service team.

First Advantage offers specialised solutions for resident and pre-employment background checks. It is a strong system with a suite of customizable services to meet your specific background check requirements for workers, residents, and volunteers. Whether you want to do a professional background check, financial record verification, or criminal record check on possible workers, our programme assists you in retrieving the necessary information from trusted sources in a timely manner. all while being in compliance.


  • A comprehensive employment background check software package for workers, residents, and volunteers.
  • Background checks are performed on vendors, freelancers, executives, and contractors.
  • Professional, financial, criminal, and social media background checks.
  • Tracking of driving records
  • Global searches and reach for firms with a global presence
  • a distinct and simple-to-use interface
  • A service package that can be customised

#10. Freshteam

background check software

Freshteam can assist you in eliminating issues and delays in your background check procedure. The programme automates the normally time-consuming job of verifying candidate data, saving you time and money. You may easily validate the candidates’ educational, financial, criminal, professional, and other records using this system. Not only that but the programme is meant to securely retain the information acquired.

What else? It has an easy-to-use interface and a robust dashboard that keeps you up to speed on everything going on in your background screening process.


  • An easy-to-use dashboard for visualising your background screening process.
  • support for education, employment, criminal, and financial checks, among other things.
  • A self-service site where your candidates may enter their information.
  • process that is automated but adaptable to supplement your present workflow.
  • Intelligent filters for changing perspectives and removing superfluous data
  • Support for both domestic and foreign background checks.
  • In accordance with the FCRA standards,

#11. Intelius

background check software

Intelius is capable of doing a background check, address lookup, and reverse phone lookup The People Search feature can assist you in discovering people. Its report contains information such as phone numbers, addresses, ages, relatives, and birth dates. A Reverse Phone Lookup will provide you with information on a certain phone number.

It includes information such as names, phone types, addresses, and so on. This reverse phone lookup may be used for landlines, mobile phones, and even unlisted and unpublished numbers. Intelius also offers email and social networking search. A mobile app for iOS and Android devices is available.

ShareAble TransUnion Sign-up is completely free. There are no membership costs. Pay per usage with a variety of screening options. Background Check Basic costs $35, Background Check Plus costs $50, and Background Check Pro costs $10 extra from ShareAble for Hire. This online employee screening service is particularly designed for small organisations that want a quick and easy solution to do employment background checks and recruit workers. You may acquire credit, criminal, and ID verification information in minutes with ShareAble for Hires. the entire procedure is completed online and may be completed on your mobile device.

Employers get reports from TransUnion, a reputable organisation with more than 40 years of expertise in the credit reporting sector.

#13. GoodHire

background check software

GoodHire offers pre-employment and on-the-job background screening services to businesses. It offers a customizable screening platform. GoodHire can do background checks for criminal records, narcotics, foreign checks, and healthcare.

Instant Checkmate is a service that searches public records. It may be used to reconnect with family members, learn more about neighbours, or track down long-lost pals. It assists in learning about unknown callers using a mobile app accessible for iOS and Android systems. According to the FCRA, Instant Checkmate is not a consumer reporting agency and should not be used for employment choices.

#15. US Search

background check software

US Search will assist you in locating the current address, address history, phone numbers, and criminal records, among other things. Because US Search is not a consumer reporting agency, the firm cautions that the reports it provides should not be used for job choices or tenant screening.

BeenVerified is a search engine for public documents. It scans data from state and federal courts, private company records, social media accounts, public utilities, and the criminal justice system as a starting point. There is a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. According to the FCRA, BeenVerified is not a consumer reporting agency and should not be used for employment choices.

You will be able to obtain driving records, credit reports, résumé verification, and drug screening, among other things, through This website is for both employee background checks and personal background checks. provides solutions for staffing companies, churches and religious organisations, hourly employee screening, hospitals and healthcare organisations, and a variety of other industries.
ENannySource offers FCRA-compliant background verification services. It may check the country’s court records as well as the national database. This service is frequently used to do background checks on household personnel. This service is mostly used to find a babysitter. It will aid you in the protection of your child.



A background check software solution is a tool that assists you in verifying candidate information before hiring them. You may readily validate a candidate’s educational, professional, financial, and criminal record background with this sort of software. The programme is offered as a standalone system or as part of a larger recruitment platform.


Background check software attempts to provide accurate, relevant information about your candidates while streamlining and smoothing your employment process. Furthermore, the goal is to reduce risks and allow you to return to work more quickly and confidently.


Each job background check system has its own set of characteristics.  Certain elements, however, are shared by everybody.  This includes features such as ease of use, an intuitive dashboard, real-time updates, screening options such as professional record checks, criminal record checks, education verification, and financial record validation, centralised & secure storage, mobile-friendly remote access, global & local screening support, integration with leading ATS and HRIS systems, actionable insights, scalability and flexibility, and compliance.


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