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20 Best Customer Data Platform for Boosting Your Marketing Campaigns

A Customer Data Platform is software that centralises consumer data (mainly first-party). It combines client data from numerous sources. They identify customers across channels and devices. They construct a consumer profile by intelligently connecting data pieces. Imagine a cloud-based CRM that feeds real-time data to your customer or lead acquisition systems.

This profile may be used to contact and keep that customer. Customer profiles may be constructed from mobile devices, POS terminals, websites, emails, and other marketing channels.

In today’s digital ecosystem, where software suppliers strive to be new and relevant, there is overlap. It’s fairly unusual for DMP firms to provide a Customer Data Platform solution (Adobe is a fantastic example) or for CRM companies to include a Customer Data Platform in their offering (Salesforce, for example). See What Is Erp Software? Which Are The Best Erp Software (Complete Guide).

The Customer Data Platform aims to combine consumer data with first-party data. This is better for GDPR compliance and utilising your own data in significant ways.

Who needs Customer Data Platform?

Customer Data Platform providers develop for marketers, not for IT departments. CDPs don’t require IT or development teams. This allows marketing departments to collect, categorise, and orchestrate customer data.

CDPs provide merchants with clear benefits. CDPs in B2B?

CDPs provide B2B enterprises with great possibilities. If combined with additional data sources, a B2B CRM’s data may be utilised to develop focused, successful marketing for major B2B buyers.

Best Customer Data Platform Available In the Market

The top 20 CDPs come with several features to meet your needs.

#1. Exponea

Customer Data Platform

This Customer Data Platform uses AI and real-time updates. Exponea combines client acquisition, conversion, and retention. It handles data collection and communication across channels, devices, and touchpoints.

Exponea connects with third-party tools. Exponea provides competitively priced, ground-up products.

Exponea’s marketing department’s empowerment pleases clients. It gives them significant analytic capabilities, campaign management tools, and machine learning technologies to enhance predictive suggestions. This platform is user-friendly and updated periodically.

#2. Listrak

Customer Data Platform

Listrak’s platform increases engagement, income, and customer loyalty for retailers. This Customer Data Platform integrates all consumer data into a single platform.

It can develop unique data visualisations, evaluate client activity patterns, and build smart, hyper-personalized, and micro-segmented messages.

Listrak, which serves Papyrus, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, and T-Mobile, apparently has a tougher learning curve. Listrak’s adaptability, automation, and support staff are praised.

#3. Optimove

Customer Data Platform

Optimove’s Customer Data Platform is effective because of its data science-based analytics and insights. Optimove employs science-based technologies. It offers behavior-driven consumer communications in real time across marketing channels.

The Customer Data Platform has many monthly cost categories. Staples and Family Dollar are Optimove clients. They’re happy with the platform’s usability, analytics, and customer service. Clients applaud Optimove’s churn reduction.

#4. Oktopost

Customer Data Platform

Oktopost isn’t a Customer Data Platform. Oktopost offers a crucial, yet easy-to-implement step for enterprises without a CDP. CDPs may help B2B and considered purchase firms with omni-channel attribution.

Oktopost integrates with marketing automation and CRM platforms to build a ready-to-use B2B Customer Data Platform. This is a rapid and cost-effective option for firms with powerful CRM and marketing automation.

We’re proving social media’s ROI. Our platform is designed to make direct links between social media engagements on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other sites and individual consumer encounters.

#5. Tealium

Customer Data Platform

The Tealium Universal Data Hub platform integrates AudienceStream Customer Data Platform. The platform unifies data from several sources. This allows firms to collect, understand, analyse, and act on consumer data while protecting security and privacy.

AudienceStream lets companies build specific customer profile rules, establish identities across devices and channels, and take real-time actions. AudienceStream takes time and effort to master, but the returns are worth it. Tealium’s clients include the Utah Jazz and St. Joseph’s Health.

#6. Segment

Customer Data Platform

Segment’s objective is seamless integration. It does this through a platform that features a robust, easy-to-use API and an enormous network of partners.

The design makes it easy to add a new app or service to analytics, marketing, or data storage. Segment will provide the digital infrastructure to make it happen with minimum effort.

A data warehouse is a segment. It can store and push data from several sources. It lacks major business Customer Data Platform features, but its inexpensive price helps smaller firms use it.

Real-time monitoring, a dynamic UI with changeable dashboards, and raw data access for manual analysis are included. Segment provides a free package, $120/month for small enterprises, and tailored pricing for bigger projects.

#7. ActionIQ

Customer Data Platform

ActionIQ is a cloud-based Customer Data Platform that helps marketers and analysts manage cross-channel campaigns using consumer data. It accurately measures lift across all channels. The NYT, Saks Fifth Avenue, Verizon, and Gap Inc. are ActionIQ clients.

#8. CaliberMind

Customer Data Platform

CaliberMind employs chain-based attribution to measure each channel’s platform on customer journeys. It manages consumer accounts throughout time.

CaliberMind helps marketing and sales organisations assess campaign effectiveness and identify successful channels. Pricing starts at $1,000 per month and increases with records and connections. Frontline, Everbridge, and Fidelis Cybersecurity are clients.

#9. Datorama

Customer Data Platform

Datorama’s platform delivers consolidated marketing intelligence. Datorama delivers cross-channel visibility and AI-powered analytics to clean and showcase data.

It interfaces with Google Analytics and other services. Their price is dependent on data row utilisation, not consumers.

#10. mParticle

Customer Data Platform

MParticle centralises and syncs client data quickly and efficiently. It aims to give holistic consumer profiles with deep insights. MParticle uses consumer data to boost user engagement and loyalty and cut vendor costs.

Venmo and Postmates utilise it to collect marketing interactions across all devices and platforms.

#11. Insider

Customer Data Platform

Insider is a new customer service platform for measuring and managing cross-channel engagements. The system links data across channels, predicts future behaviour using AI, and helps teams design personalised client experiences.

The Insider connects the links in the modern consumer journey for over 880 brands, including Virgin, Samsung, and Gap. The solution was a Forrester Wave Leader for cross-channel campaign management. Insider makes it easy to understand and personalise consumer interactions.

#12. Bloomreach

Customer Data Platform

Bloomreach’s Customer Data Platform (Customer Data Platform) provides a single, unified picture of a company’s target audience. This platform claims to help company executives serve their target audience intelligently. You may discover high-value client categories and generate more personalised encounters using collected data.

Bloomreach’s quick analytics and customizable reporting help all organisations flourish. AI can identify hidden customer preference patterns.

#13. CaliberMind

Customer Data Platform

CaliberMind, a revolutionary consumer data platform, boosts marketing and analytics performance. This simple and easy platform lets marketers access sales data to optimise funnel effectiveness. Better data implies better corporate choices.

CaliberMind, a top Customer Data Platform, makes it easy to link numerous data sources and observe consumer interactions in a single window. Intelligent reports will help you improve your team’s customer interactions.

#14. Blueshift

Customer Data Platform

Blueshift offers the omnichannel “Smarthub” Customer Data Platform, a pioneer in customer data technology. Powered by an internal data platform, this complete engagement solution lets firms provide more informed, personalised experiences to their target audience. Blueshift claims to change your sales and marketing strategy with real-time client information.

Companies may develop seamless omnichannel experiences with Blueshift’s intelligent hub. You may unify data streams of any type, size, or complexity.

#15. Ometria

Customer Data Platform

The Ometria consumer data platform integrates data from several touchpoints to create customer profiles. This easy-to-use solution helps businesses avoid data silos. The solution comprises AI decision-making.

Ometria lets you see your customer’s journey across all touchpoints and mix real-time and historical data. You may also use data-cleansing technologies to verify accuracy.

#16. Totango

Customer Data Platform

Totango’s intelligent customer data platform enables firms to link scattered consumer information to accomplish more. Totango makes it easy to monitor client preferences and engagement health so you can respond as needed.

Totango’s flexible data management allows users to see data in almost any format. More information from financial settings, support tickets, and consumer encounters improves company decision-making.


Knowing your clients goes beyond creating clickable advertising and campaigns. Knowing your consumers allows you to provide them with what they desire. A Customer Data Platform can guide your firm there.

Companies have various CDP options. Finding the decision that increases conversions, retention, revenue, and ROI takes some thinking. Marketing managers and executives purchasing a CDP solution must match their organization’s goals and difficulties with the appropriate CDP supplier. So, a corporation may profit from CDPs’ consumer profiles.


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