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15 Best Workato Competitors & Alternatives Software For Business

Workato may not always meet your unique needs or the circumstances of your industry. If you have any doubts, there are several IT management software alternatives to test. You may use our dependable comparison tool for Workato alternatives to assess capabilities, price plans, and user reviews for the majority of programmes made available by different organisations and choose the most genuine solution for your business. Also, read our reviews to get a full picture of each service, and then write your own review to help other customers decide.

After a series of extensive tests, our panel of independent experts gave Workato an overall grade of 8.0/10. Actual Workato clients have a 97% satisfaction rating with the product, which indicates their view of this solution. If you spend some time researching Workato alternatives, you will most likely come across other services with comparable or even higher ratings. See What Is EasyBib? Best Alternatives & Competitors To EasyBib.

15 Best Workato Competitors & Alternatives Software For Business

In this article, we make a list of the best competitors to Workato for your business.

#1. Silvon Stratum

Silvon Stratum

Silvon’s Stratum is a sophisticated business intelligence solution that was made to meet the needs of manufacturing and distribution business professionals.

Stratum provides a comprehensive set of integrated analytic tools as well as a variety of alternatives for disseminating business intelligence data via dashboards, scorecards, scheduled reports, alerts, and other means. With its built-in analytics package and forecasting tools, Stratum gives smart insight and visibility into a company’s sales, inventory, finances, customer service, and vendor performance. It’s a best Workato Alternative software.

#2. InsightSquared


Another Workato alternative. The sales intelligence solution is InsightSquared. InsightSquared provides sales executives with an operating system that allows them to manage their team, provide solid projections, track rep performance, and maximise revenue development.



Board like Workato, is an intelligent planning platform that provides smarter planning, actionable insights, and improved outcomes to over 2,000 businesses globally. The Board enables top companies to find critical insights that drive business choices as well as to combine strategy, finance, and operations to plan smarter and gain complete control of performance throughout the whole company. Companies may use Board to manage and oversee their whole planning process, from goal formulation to operational execution, in a single, user-friendly interface. 
Global organisations such as H&M, BASF, Burberry, Toyota, Coca-Cola, KPMG, and HSBC have collaborated with Board to deliver end-to-end planning systems in a fraction of the time and expense associated with traditional solutions.

#4. CCH Tagetik

CCH Tagetik

CCH Tagetik is a comprehensive business intelligence and accounting software that aids in the optimization of financial and operational planning. The system also speeds up the consolidation and closure process and enables users to assess, predict, and compare the financial effects of various business situations.

CCH Tagetik also provides other capabilities such as the ability to change strategic plans, update rolling projections, and generate structured and auditable financial statements as well as management reports. Users may cooperate on business evaluations, and the technology automates disclosure and board reporting. CCH Tagetik is also a great Workato competitor.

#5. Domo


Domo is revolutionising business by putting data to work for everyone. Domo’s low-code data app platform goes beyond standard business intelligence and analytics by allowing anybody to develop data apps to power any activity in their organisation, regardless of where the work is done. With Domo’s fully integrated cloud-native platform, business processes that are important to the company can now be streamlined in days instead of months or years. Domo is the finest competitor to Workato.

#6. TIBCO Spotfire

TIBCO Spotfire

Executive dashboards, data analytics, data visualisation, and KPI push to mobile devices are all provided by TIBCO Spotfire. It supplements existing business intelligence and reporting technologies, while dashboards and analytics tools may be used by smaller enterprises. It lowers the total cost of ownership by enabling customers to create once and distribute to thousands of users via the internet or intranet, as PDF or Microsoft PowerPoint reports. It may be used in the cloud or on-premise.

Spotfire allows customers to set KPIs and receive notifications on their iPhones or Android phones. This lets teams talk to each other on mobile devices and lets management get information quickly and manage by exception.

#7. Fivetran


Fivetran is a cloud-based business intelligence solution for analysts, data engineers, and business intelligence teams. The solution is HIPAA compliant and has connections for data collection from numerous sources. The solution can keep track of activities, copy data from the cloud to the warehouse, and do other things as well.

Users can utilise the solution to automatically convert data into the format required by the destination data warehouse. When data types in the source change, the solution automatically changes them in the warehouse. Analysts may also conduct analyses using predefined schemas and adjust schema names with Fivetran.

#8. Numetric


Numetric is a cloud-based business intelligence (BI) system for moderate and large businesses’ IT employees, analysts, and business users. It comes as part of a suite that includes data warehousing, extract, transform, and load (ETL), a query builder, and reporting.

Numetric includes data warehousing management, which allows customers to automate cleaning and mapping activities for warehouse construction. It also enables non-technical users to construct ETL procedures for database creation by leveraging preset processes and templates. Customized transformation rules, such as if-then statements, formulas, and find-and-replace procedures, can be defined by users. Users may use the dictionary feature to establish consistent connections between databases and to construct diverse dataset configurations.

#9. Winmo


Winmo is a piece of predictive analytics software that runs in the cloud and lets customers use database points to predict sales.

Targeted contact search, sales projections, integrations, notifications, suggestions, and social sales community management are among the primary features of Winmo. Users may utilise its specialised contact search engine to identify firms in a region or all brands in a chosen vertical, and build a list of independent media agencies by title, territory, revenue, and industry prospects. The site’s sales forecast tool is meant to collect information about new finances, new markets and audiences, upcoming product releases, and methods for going to market.

#10. Panoply


Panoply is a cloud data platform that assists organisations in sourcing, storing, and managing data from several apps in order to improve data analysis operations. Professionals may monitor data sync status as’ running, ”pending, ‘or’ scheduled, ‘and automatically recognise data kinds.

Through Panoply, enterprises can define access rights based on specific storage tables and apply logic through the use of pre-built SQL queries. Managers can comply with SOC 2 and HIPAA rules by securing stored data.

Businesses can connect Panoply to a number of third-party services, such as HubSpot, Google Analytics, Shopify, BigQuery, and others.

#11. Anypoint Platform

Anypoint Platform

The Anypoint Platform is an application development solution for businesses wishing to combine applications, data sources, and devices through the use of application programming interfaces (API). Businesses like finance, government, health care, higher education, insurance, telecommunications, and retail can use the solution.

Using pre-built interfaces, the Anytime Connector module allows developers to link software to other applications. Using the visual-mapping capability, development teams may combine several apps and build process flows. Users can also use joins, pivots, and filters to map and change data on the platform.

#12. AppDynamics


AppDynamics is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered application performance management (APM) platform that gives enterprises comprehensive visibility into the performance of their IT infrastructure. By unifying full-stack performance monitoring, AppDynamics can turn IT performance into profit by giving insights and visibility into every part, from servers to cloud-native environments.

AppDynamics can manage, monitor, and evaluate the performance of business applications by using dynamic IT monitoring, application mapping, automated issue identification, root-cause diagnosis, and real-time performance intelligence.

#13. Darwinbox


Darwinbox is a mobile-first, cloud-based HRMS platform designed for major companies to recruit, engage, and develop talent. It is an end-to-end integrated HR system with modules like performance, leave, attendance, hiring, spending, rewards and recognition, and travel. It makes tasks easier from the time a person starts working there until they leave.

#14. Cleo Integration Cloud

Cleo Integration Cloud

The Cleo Integration Cloud is a platform designed specifically for designing, building, operating, and optimising important supply-chain integration operations. With more options, businesses may combine self-service with Cleo Services for more integration agility and control. With end-to-end visibility across EDI and API connectors, technical and business users can be sure that trade partners can be added quickly, applications can be integrated, and business processes that bring in money can be streamlined.

#15. Datanyze


Datanyze is a cloud-based sales intelligence and lead creation service that helps businesses produce sales leads. In the “Notifications” section of the solution, partners and competitors can get customised alerts about how certain technology providers’ solutions are being used on a website.

The “Countdown” function of the solution identifies contract renewals for a certain technology provider. Users may also utilise Datanyze to qualify prospects by supplying information such as revenue, staff, and technology providers. Additionally, its “Email Finding Tool” delivers potential emails.


What is the purpose of Workato?

Working with Workato automates corporate workflows across cloud and on-premises applications. For example, you can automate the quote-to-cash business process by sending data between apps like Salesforce, Netsuite,, and Apttus.

Is Workato a reputable company?

Workato is a strong and noticeable corporate integration platform that has entirely automated all of my tiresome and complicated jobs while also giving us the necessary and sturdy tool for easier integration.

What’s the distinction between Workato and Mulesoft?

While Mulesoft and Workato compete in the same integration and automation arena, we have separate points of focus. In the early 2000s, Mulesoft was started with the goal of opening up old systems, integrating them with new cloud apps, and offering legacy features as microservices.

Is Workato a tool for ETL?

Workato, which is the market leader in integration-led automation, lets you quickly and successfully implement both ETL and reverse ETL architectural patterns without the help of data engineers.


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