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What Is EasyBib? Best Alternatives & Competitors To EasyBib

EasyBib by Chegg is an online application for checking papers for grammar, citations, and plagiarism. Students and schools can utilise it. EasyBib is intended to eliminate accidental plagiarism, grammatical errors, and uncited sources. Papers may be loaded into EasyBib directly from a PC or Google Drive. Papers are kept private and only Chegg’s specialists have access to them.

Writing style advice, plagiarism checks, a correct citation creator, and other features are available. EasyBib offers a free version with restricted capabilities. A subscription to EasyBib Plus is necessary to utilise the tool’s limitless plagiarism checks and obtain professional writing aid. See 15 Best Happeo Alternatives For Your Business Growth – Techsight.

18 Best Competitors & Alternatives to EasyBib In 2022

Here is the list of best competitors and alternatives to Easybib for you to try.

#1. MyBib


It automatically generates proper bibliographies, citations, and works cited. Automatically cite webpages, books, journals, and videos by searching using the title or an identifier. Easily and precisely create bibliographies and citations. Supported citation formats include APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard (among others). 100% free. There are no advertisements, privacy monitors, time limitations, or restrictions. super quick! Citations should be completed in minutes, not hours. MyBib is a free bibliography and citation generator that generates proper citations for you to copy and paste into your academic papers and assignments. If you’re a student, scholar, or teacher who’s weary of the various bibliography and citation tools available, you’ll adore MyBib. MyBib automatically makes the right citations for books, journals, websites, and videos when you search for a title or identifier (like a URL or ISBN). It is one of the best EasyBib alternative.

#2. Cite4me


Another EasyBib alternative. Cite4me was developed by students to assist other students in creating reference and title pages for their academic papers. You may also check for plagiarism and have your paper proofread and revised. You will never need a credit card, regardless of the citation style used. There is no limit to the number of reference pages you may create. Make an account to keep all references in one place and to have access to them at any time. Our generator uses one of the most extensive source databases. When writing a research assignment, you will need to perform extensive research from a variety of sources in order to obtain information, data, and any other relevant material that will assist you in creating an amazing report. In reality, extensive research means obtaining many types of materials, interpreting the information contained in them, and spreading it based on your knowledge. Use our citation machine guide to learn why it’s critical to include the sources you used for your study.

#3. NoodleTools 


NoodleTools like EasyBib, is a research management software that encourages critical thinking and genuine investigation. Students maintain their organisation while evaluating information, creating appropriate citations, archiving source material, taking notes, outlining ideas, and preparing to write. Individual pupils across grades and abilities are supported by three unique levels. Librarians and instructors may offer comments in the classroom, track individual contributions to group projects, and see source usage data. In contrast to an auto-cite, auto-evaluate product, we encourage students to conduct in-depth studies and create original work. NoodleTools is likewise meant to protect online students’ privacy. Acknowledge and assess trustworthy sources. Create precise MLA, APA, and Chicago references with personal assistance from professionals. make connections, generate new ideas, and communicate arguments.

#4. BibGuru 


BibGuru is a quick and ad-free solution to creating citations for any essay, project, or presentation. BibGuru allows you to rapidly enter all of your sources and produce citations in APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, and dozens of other reference styles. A better approach is to format your bibliography or list of books referenced. Is a website being cited? Insert the URL, and BibGuru will cite it in seconds. Using a book citation? Search for the title, then select the citation that best fits your needs. Citing a source? Simply enter the title or author and we’ll find it for you. You won’t believe how fast and simple it is. Whether you require an APA bibliography or an MLA works cited page, BibGuru has you covered. To ensure that BibGuru gives the most correct machine-produced citations to date, our experts double-checked every rule of those referencing rules. BibGuru is also a finest alternative to EasyBib.

#5. RefWorks


RefWorks makes research, collaboration, data organising, and writing easier by providing an easy-to-use citation, bibliography, and reference management tool. Easily locate, retrieve, and save research materials from nearly any source and format. Auto-completion of reference data and full-text retrieval saves time and ensures correct citations. Unify documents in a single central workspace to improve storage and reuse, and utilise sophisticated capabilities like tags, folders, full-text searching, and deduplication to easily find and manage references. You can organize, read, annotate, and highlight full-text texts by yourself or with other RefWorks users or people from your university. Refworks is also a great competitor to EasyBib.

#6. nXr


The nXr reference manager is different from other managers because it combines nXr.iNote, nXr.iLibrary, and nXr.iCite in the best way possible to:

  • Faster note and image collecting in a searchable note and image library
  • For proper referencing or quoting, use direct citations based on notes, photos, and article names.
  • Simple sharing of all mentioned resources (for example, notes or photographs) for quick and accurate review and reading.

You can also build a single user-group switchable library for your research group. This library will immediately bring all group articles and annotations together and make them available to all group users.

nXr seeks to combine new features enabled by data analytics and AI to become the finest reference manager equipped with next-generation tools for undertaking replicable, meaningful research by controlling information overload.

#7. Cite This for Me

Cite This for Me

One of the most popular citation tools available today is Cite This For Me. We began in October 2010 with the goal of assisting students in creating flawless citations in a fraction of the time. Cite This For Me has since helped millions of users worldwide, including those in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and elsewhere. Most likely, your teacher, publisher, editor, or colleague has assigned you a certain citation style to follow. (If not, the most common are MLA style, APA citation, and Harvard reference.) Did you know there are thousands of different citation formats in the world? Fortunately, Cite This For Me has a large number of them! Click “2. Choose style” in the navigation bar to launch our citation style search widget and find the best style for you!

#8. Sciwheel


Save references from the web, such as Google Scholar and PubMed. We will preserve the site address, full citation info, and the PDF whenever you come across an intriguing article (when available). Without leaving your paper, you may access your notes and co-author comments. Once you’ve made a note, you may quickly search for it. Notes are available wherever the article or PDF is viewed on the web. Our system recommends articles so you never miss an essential paper. While composing your paper, you may also search for similar articles. Use Microsoft Word and Google Docs to find references and search numerous databases. Automatically create your bibliography in one of over 7,000 styles. Smart citation suggestions ensure that you never overlook an important article. Articles may be read, annotated, and saved from any computer, smartphone, or tablet (Android and iOS). Make sure all of your notes, references, and suggested articles can be found on all of your devices.


scite is a Brooklyn-based business that helps academics identify and assess scientific papers by displaying the context of the citation and describing whether the article provides supporting or conflicting evidence. Researchers from dozens of nations use cite, which is partially financed by the National Science Foundation and the National Institute on Drug Abuse of the National Institutes of Health. By indexing your articles using scite, you may improve their discoverability and boost the prominence of your publications. Thousands of individuals visit cite reports each week, generating considerable traffic for publishing partners. Help current writers and bring in new ones by giving statistics on how their research is being used, whether it is being supported or criticized, and the general context of citations to their work.

#10. Zotero


Zotero is the only programme that detects online research automatically. Need a JSTOR article or an preprint? A New York Times article or a book from the library? Zotero has you covered in every way. Zotero allows you to organise your research in any way you choose. Items may be organised into collections and tagged with keywords. Create stored searches that will populate with relevant content as you work. Optionally, Zotero can synchronise your data between devices, keeping your notes, files, and bibliographic information in sync. If you choose not to sync, you may always access your research via any online browser. You may use Zotero to collaborate on a paper with a colleague, provide course materials to students, or create a collaborative bibliography. You may share a Zotero library with as many people as you like for free.

#11. CiteRight


Knowledge resources for hurried litigators draught more quickly. Cut off the needless, repetitive labour to get from a precedent to a final manuscript. Citations should be automated. CiteRight’s Microsoft Word plugin allows you to create correctly structured citations and authority books. Recovering Lost DataComplete time-consuming tasks so you can focus on what really matters. Explore. Tools for Citation Writing and Research Finally, we’re all together. CiteRight allows you to store cases from online legal resources and access them immediately inside Microsoft Word. To cite a case, simply click on it. There is no need for the Blue Book or the McGill Guide! authorities with a single button.

#12. Mendeley


You can add papers directly from your browser or import any documents from your desktop with a few clicks. You may access your library from any location. Windows, Mac, Linux, and all browsers are supported. With a few clicks, you may generate references, citations, and bibliographies in a variety of journal styles. Create your own Mendeley library to organise, search, and browse your references. Mendeley Cite, a new citation add-in for Microsoft® Word, is also available for download. It is critical for you to be able to operate smoothly. So, you can browse your Mendeley library and add one or many references and bibliographies in a matter of seconds. Mendeley Cite also lets you: Cite without having Mendeley Desktop open or even installed, so you don’t lose any performance.

#13. EndNote


Did you know that every year, scholars squander over 200,000 hours preparing citations? Imagine if you could reclaim that time to devote to your studies. EndNote 20 speeds up your research process, allowing you to focus on what really matters: performing and disseminating new research. Easily collaborate across regional boundaries. Share any or all of your library items and define access rights. Throughout your search, use tools that discover PDFs for you. Then, in your library, you can simply read, review, annotate, and search PDFs. Using Manuscript Matcher, match your article to relevant, credible publications. Create rules to categorise references automatically as you work. Use the new Tabs feature to help you multitask.

#14. Citavi


Citavi’s features let you work quickly and more successfully, whether you need a short bibliography, are browsing a team library of 20,000 sources, or want to keep track of notes. Large projects with several sources might be daunting. Divide your work into jobs, keep track of crucial information from your articles, and sift through your sources to locate the ones you truly need—whether you’re working alone or in a group. Citavi is the only reference management tool for teams that allows you to save your data on your own server rather than in the cloud. Individuals can also select from local or online initiatives. Citavi makes backups automatically, ensuring that you never lose your data. Forget about wasting time preparing citations and bibliographies.

#15. Qiqqa


Qiqqa secures all of your PDFs while making them immediately available and searchable across all of your devices. You’ll never have to go looking for that misplaced paper again thanks to automatic PDF identification, labelling, and classification. Capture all of your tags, comments, highlights, and notes while reading PDFs within Qiqqa, whether online at your desk or offline on the move. Then, when it comes time to examine what you’ve read, use advanced annotation reports to ensure you never forget those critical snippets of information again. Qiqqa helps you navigate the literature by knowing your study specialisation.

#16. Genei


A world-class document summarising and editing in a simple, simple, AI-powered app. A document’s keywords and arguments can be extracted. 94% of users think GeneiGenei saves them time by allowing them to access important information faster. Summarization drove by AI for any PDF or webpage. You can increase your reading speed by up to 70% and finish your projects faster. Our AI provides a summary of every supplied resource in a hyperlinked bullet point style automatically. Write notes twice as quickly as you are now.

#17. JabRef


JabRef was created in 2003 and has been utilised by many students and academics since then. Our objective is to increase scientific knowledge and research. We believe that free access to knowledge is important and that modern research can be founded on an open institutional framework. This is why we created JabRef as free open-source software and save your data in a simple text-based file format that is vendor-independent. Complete bibliographic information may be retrieved using ISBN, DOI, PubMed-ID, and arXiv-ID. By comparing bibliographic data to curated web catalogues such as Google Scholar, Springer, or MathSciNet, you may complete and improve your bibliographic data.

#18. Citationsy


Assume you’re writing an essay or a thesis. You have a lot of diverse references in your bibliography but aren’t sure how to style them. Is the title italicised? What exactly is et al., and how do you utilise it? What exactly is the APA 5th Edition, and how does it differ from the 6th Edition? Why are there various editions? Citationsycomes in comes in very handy here. What if you didn’t have to think about all of this anymore? Citationsy is hosted in the cloud and may be accessed from anywhere. With our barcode scanner, use our iPhone and Android applications to cite books on the move, and add the Chrome or Firefox extensions to cite websites in two clicks. Your citation data is maintained in the cloud and automatically backed up every 10 minutes. Never again worry about file formats, data loss, or upgrades.


What is the purpose of EasyBib?

EasyBib is a user-friendly information literacy platform that offers citation, note-taking, and research tools that are both simple to use and instructional. EasyBib not only is accurate, quick, and thorough, but it also assists instructors in teaching and students in learning how to be productive and organised researchers.

Is APA EasyBib available for free?

Check out our APA Parenthetical Citation page for a fast read on the citations included in the body of the work. It’s only one of several free APA citation guidelines on Do you require an APA citation generator? You can also find one at!

Is EasyBib a reliable website?

EasyBib has a consumer rating of 1.26 stars based on 117 reviews, showing that the majority of consumers are disappointed with their purchases. Customers that complain about EasyBib usuallynote the note the many advertisements, free trials, and customer support issues. EasyBib is ranked 212nd in the Writing Other category.


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