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15 Best Happeo Alternatives For Your Business Growth – Techsight

Happeo excels in the team chat area. Users like Happeo because it is specific to an ecosystem, has an easy-to-use interface, helps teams work together, and increases productivity.

Happeo is an all-in-one social and collaborative digital workplace made just for companies that use Google’s G Suite. The greatest Happeo replacement is Softros LAN Messenger. See 15+ Best Codefresh Alternatives For The Growth Of Your Business.

15 Best Happeo Alternatives For Your Business Growth

In this article, we make a list of the best alternatives to happeo for small businesses.

#1. Odoo


Odoo Point of Sale (POS) is a commercial application that is part of Odoo’s integrated package. The module can be used both online and offline, gives retailers the same information, and has a feature for managing inventory.

Odoo’s POS module is one of several open-source business modules available, including accounting, marketing, warehouse management, and project management. The POS module has wireless support, a printer for receipts and labels, a customer history, inventory management, and automatic ordering. It is one of the best alternatives to Happeo for your business.

#2. Effy


Another alternative to Happeo. Effy is a configurable human resource management solution for IT organisations that organises and secures all employee information in one location. Effy allows customers to quickly automate basic HR activities such as employee onboarding and leave management, as well as perform surveys, collect 360-degree feedback, and have 1:1 meetings. Employees at every level may utilise analytics to promote improvement and establish high-performing teams.

#3. Conrep


Conrep like Happeo, Applicant Tracking System is a cloud-based service that offers capabilities for managing time-to-hire, automating the hiring process, and assisting recruitment teams. It is appropriate for all sectors and enterprises of any size. Some of the most important features are a resume parser, searching resume boards, making reports, and sending a lot of emails at once.

Users can utilise requirements and submissions management tools to publish vacant jobs on job boards, manage internal and external listings, and detect duplicate submissions. Recruiters can get in touch with a lot of potential candidates at once by using mass emailing, and interview tracking systems help them set up meetings.

#4. Bitrix24


Bitrix24 is a client management tool that allows organisations to organise and track interactions with existing and future clients and partners. Users may use the programme to monitor and manage client interactions, gather and store lead data, produce sales reports, and segment target audiences.

Leads obtained from a user’s website (for example, via an order or feedback form) can be instantly put into the CRM. After that, users may build message templates, send individual or group emails to prospects and contacts, take notes on client interactions, organise meetings, and assign tasks. Bitrix24 is also a great Happeo alternative software in 2022.

#5. Arcoro


Another software like Happeo. Arcoro’s human resources (HR) management system serves as a bridge to better HR. Arcoro, which has over 10,000 clients and 360,000 daily users in 20 countries worldwide, provides flexible, easy-to-use cloud-based HR software modules that are designed to provide enterprises with the competitive advantage they need to scale and develop successfully while meeting compliance needs.

#6. Ascentis


Ascentis Like Happeo, is a cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solution for midsize businesses across all sectors. HR and benefits, recruiting and onboarding, talent management, time and attendance, and payroll are all part of it.

Ascentis HR gives trend insights with deep analytics into employee data. Ascentis’ mobile experience for HR managers and employees provides data access.

#7. Oracle Taleo Cloud

Oracle Taleo Cloud

Oracle Taleo Cloud is a cloud-based human resources (HR) management package that is appropriate for big and small enterprises across all sectors. Candidate management and getting new employees started are important, especially when there are a lot of workers, potential candidates, and new hires.

Current workers and fresh prospects can be linked to available opportunities as part of a talent database. Users can keep track of which onboarding tasks have been done and manage the information that new and current employees have uploaded. It is also a great alternative to Happeo.

#8. BambooHR


BambooHR is a human resource information system (HRIS) for small and growing businesses. It includes an applicant tracking system (ATS), time tracking, payroll processing, employee engagement and satisfaction tools, automated reminders, and workforce data analytics to manage all aspects of the employee lifecycle.

Any HR team or department may use BambooHR to optimise the hiring process, onboard new workers, manage compensation, monitor and analyse employee data, and promote business culture. BambooHR uses an applicant tracking system (ATS) and onboarding tools that work together to make the whole hiring process easier, from applications to the first day of work. BambooHR is also a great Happeo alternative for HRIS.

#9. emPerform


emPerform is a hybrid employee performance management system that assists businesses in automating performance evaluations as well as aligning, developing, and retaining personnel. It may be installed on-premises or in the cloud.

emPerform helps users automate important tasks in personnel management, such as online evaluations, goal management, 360° feedback, succession planning, competence development, pay for performance, and analytics.

emPerform’s features are customizable, allowing customers to change the layout, language, rating scales, and processes. The solution interfaces with other systems, such as an organization’s HRIS, LMS, and/or payroll system. Companies can pick from a library of competency-based appraisal templates in emPerform. IR is also best Aalternative to Happeo.

#10. Hively


Hively like Happeo, is a cloud-based customer feedback platform for small, medium, and large businesses. The main features are real-time feedback gathering, rating collection, customer satisfaction alerts, team performance scoreboard, and rewards administration.It lets users put a link or snippet to their own rating in their email signature, CRM, website, or ticket tracking system.

#11. HRToolbench


HRToolbench is a cloud-based software suite for HR professionals that helps them run the day-to-day business of their companies.

Job Description, Candidate Selection, 360 Feedback, Performance Management, Succession Planning, and Compensation Administration are the six integrated modules offered by HRToolbench. These modules operate in tandem, disseminating critical personnel information throughout the company.

#12. HiringThing


HiringThing is an application tracking tool that aims to provide hiring happiness to everybody. Our platform has a lot of features that make it easy for your company to attract top talent, automate the hiring process, and work together with the whole hiring team.

Interested in a private-label application tracking solution? For HR Systems, Franchises, Associations, and Staffing Agencies, we provide a complete and completely customisable platform. Because of our Open API and many features, you can expand your business without having to build your own applicant tracking system.

#13. PeopleAdmin


PeopleAdmin is a cloud-based suite for managing employees that helps companies of all sizes and in all industries find, manage, and keep employees.

PeopleAdmin helps businesses to automate their hiring process and manage employee performance, all while building and maintaining compliance with defensible audits. It also provides several industry-standard reporting features.

#14. UKG Prepared

UKG Prepared

UKG Ready is a versatile and seamless HR solution that offers a linked people experience to help you manage the whole employee lifecycle from a single platform. UKG Ready is made to be flexible and easy to use. It combines the power of HR, talent, payroll, and time to create a tailored, people-centered experience that gets rid of unnecessary work, improves efficiency, and helps with compliance.

#15. ClearCompany


Since 2004, ClearCompany has helped thousands of businesses attract, screen, and employ superior talent; engage their teams, and leverage strategic insights to maintain their recruitment competitiveness.

The ClearCompany Talent Management Platform has everything you need to find, hire, and keep more “A Players.” This includes candidate sourcing with 160 million talent profiles, discounted posting, automated screening, texting, grading, and interview scheduling, talent pools that are easy to build, EEO/OFCCP compliance reporting, and much more.

The automatic reporting feature of the ClearCompany Applicant Tracking System delivers over 100 additional reports that monitor everything from hiring manager interview rates to cost per hire. Custom reports can also be created for free.


Where exactly is Happeo?

We are Happeo, a rapidly expanding Series B stage scaleup with operations in New York, Amsterdam, Cluj-Napoca, and Helsinki. We are the trusted solution to information chaos. We help businesses move quickly while staying in charge.

When was Happeo established?

Happeo was established by Perttu Ojansuu and Antero Hanhirova in 2017. The company’s headquarters are in Helsinki, Finland, with a branch in Amsterdam, North Holland, the Netherlands. Happeo allows your company’s interactions to flow smoothly, making the workplace a pleasant place for everyone.


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