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Top 15 Toyhouse Alternatives To Make Characters For Games

Toyhouse is a website that allows users to make characters for their games and stories. On the platform, users may establish profiles for their characters, where they can upload photos and share information about them. Users may arrange their characters into folders, categories, and worlds in the character repository.

Users can enable user-based access to safeguard their material on the site, such as images and characters. Toyhouse also allows users to recognise their area by adding a watermark to their images. Users may exchange their characters directly on the website. Toyhouse gives customers a complete view of their characters, both new and old, as well as the ownership of all of them. Users may also choose how their inventions should be exchanged on the market. Finally, individuals might form a community in order to converse.

What is Toyhouse?

Users may create characters for their video games and tales on the Toyhouse platform. Users of the platform may create profiles for their characters, upload photographs, and add facts about them. It provides a character repository where users can arrange characters into various worlds, categories, and folders. Users will be able to safeguard their material, including photos and text, by setting up user-based access on the platform.

Users may also use it to watermark their photos to identify their area. Users can exchange their characters directly on the website. Users may see the ownership of every character in Toyhouse and get a comprehensive view of all of their characters, both new and old. Additionally, individuals may establish guidelines for how they would like to see their creations exchanged on the market. Finally, users have the option to configure the community for discussion.

toyhouse alternatives

Using the Toyhouse streaming website is permissible. If you will be viewing information from outside your location, you should be aware of any country-specific laws. Being a safe site, ToyHouse encrypts all user data before sending it across international borders. By utilizing 128-bit encryption technology, it also offers secure viewing for all of its material.

Is Toyhouse Down?

Certain features of the Toyhouse and its Alternatives could occasionally not work due to maintenance of the servers or other technical issues. Before streaming, check the availability by going to Toyhouse Alternatives. When a website is down, it will indicate if the problem is unique to you or if it is affecting everyone.

How to Select Safe Toyhouse Alternatives

These days, selecting the appropriate streaming website is crucial. You may reduce the number of possibilities available to you by conducting research and accumulating first-hand user experiences. Here are some pointers for selecting secure alternatives for Toyhouse:

  • Verify if creating an account or agreeing to licensing agreements are necessary for streaming on the website.
  • Additionally useful is the ability for users to customize their own material on the website. Look for mobile-friendly websites.
  • Verify that there is little buffering and quick loading times on the streaming website.
  • It should include audio explanations, captions, and subtitles so that viewers may enjoy movies or TV programs in their native tongue.

Top 15 Best Toyhouse Alternatives Free in 2022

We’ve put up a list of the best Toyhouse Alternatives Free. Let us have a look at the list below.

#1. Plot Factory

Plot Factory

Plot Factory is a web-based tool that assists authors in the planning, organisation, and composition of their books. Users may just start writing the first chapter of their story on the site, and everything will be taken care of in due course. It has a robust manuscript editor to help users write high-quality tales.

#2. Refsheet.net


Refsheet.net is a website that allows users to create and share character reference sheets and art galleries. Users may create a character profile on the platform, defining their character using images rather than verbose words. It enables users to exchange and display photographs. It is one of the top toyhouse alternatives.

#3. Charahub


Charahub is a story-telling application that also helps users maintain track of their characters. Users may keep a variety of facts about their stories and characters for later access. To store all of their information, users must first create an account. It is one of the best alternatives to a toyhouse.

#4. Plottr



Plottr is a book planning application that allows writers to create timelines, outlines, and other aspects of book creation. Users may view all of the points they want to include in their book. They may make a novel outline, and users can use characters and tags to filter the timeline.

#5. World Anvil

World Anvil

World Anvil is a website where users can create their own worlds and host RPG adventures. Users may plan their books by utilising the platform’s settings and advertisements. It has articles written in a wiki style, interactive maps, and historical timelines to help users build their worlds better.

#6. Kanka.io


Kanka.io is a tabletop RPG campaign management application that allows users to create and organise people, places, and events all in one place. It’s a gamification tool that allows users to keep track of their world, campaigns, and scattered notes.

#7. Bibisco


Bibisco is a novel-writing application that helps users produce traditional and profitable books. Users can use the platform to create and write a novel by following a plan and to make a timeline of the characters and the events in their stories.

#8. World Scribe

World Scribe

Universe Scribe is a software that helps users keep track of significant aspects in their universe and streamlines the process of writing a novel. Users can use the platform to create a fictitious setting for a novel, film, or another project. It enables users to categorise article material in order to better manage it.

#9. Paper 3.0

Paper 3.0

Paper 3.0 is a platform that allows users to sketch and jot down their ideas on paper while also offering a creative prompt. With the platform’s easy and feature-rich tools, users may draw any sketch, paint it, or write anything on it.

#10. The Classic Stone

The Classic Stone

The Classic Stone is a platform that allows users to gather stones and manufacture them for businesses to use in their supply chains. The quarry-to-project service method helps customers change the standards for customer-direct stone supply and helps businesses meet criteria that are unique to their vision.

#11. Notebook for Web

Notebook for Web

Notebook for Web is a web-based application that allows users to create visually appealing and easy-to-understand notes. Users may use the site to scribble notes and ideas, as well as organise their lists, photos, and files in one place. It lets users design their own notebook covers and offers digital notebooks and note cards for any browser.

#12. Stickies Capture by Miro

Stickies Capture by Miro

Stickies Capture by Miro is a platform that allows users to digitise handwritten stickers and offers a range of templates to help them get started. The service allows users to convert their photographs into editable sticky notes that they can carry with them wherever they go.

#13. Beastnotes


Beastnotes is a note-taking software that allows users to take notes while attending online classes. It’s a browser plugin that lets users take notes while watching movies by just clicking on it and typing whatever they want. It lets people review and change their notes at any time to get ready for tests.

#14. Wrights Notes

Wrights Notes

Wrights Notes is a site that allows users to create personalised notebooks and then order them. Users have the option of creating their own notebook from scratch or using a premade design provided by the programme. It enables users to create a proper paper sketch of how they want their paper to look, including whether or not to write on it.

#15. Scabard


Scabard is a role-playing game campaign management software that allows participants to construct adventures in minutes. These endeavours have the potential to result in a diverse and linked cosmos. Instead of wasting time on scattered files and paper notes, users can use the platform to build their own world. Users may aggregate their data on a single platform and then transfer it to a web-enabled device to create campaigns. It is the final name in our list of the Top Toyhouse Alternatives.


So there you have it, our list of the best toyhouse alternatives. If you have any recommendations for improving our articles, or if any names are missing from our list, please let us know. Please get in touch. Goodbye!


What is the purpose of Toyhouse?

Toyhou.se is character storage and trading website where you may “save characters, create profiles, and post image galleries.” Sort characters into folders, categories, and worlds. Protect material by granting only authorised people access to photos, text, or files.

Is Toyhouse expensive?

(Premium accounts range in price from $4.95 USD per month to $24.95 USD per year. A monthly subscription costs $5 and includes around eight codes. These codes can be sold, exchanged, or given away in any way you see fit.

In Toyhouse, how do you send characters?

Go to your character’s profile, then click “ownership” on the left, then “transfer character,” and enter the recipient’s username and the reason for the transfer as requested. You should be good to go after that!

What exactly is the Toyhouse website?

Toyhouse also called Toyhou.se and abbreviated TH, is a beta website where users can make character profiles, worlds, and posts on the website’s forums.

In Toyhouse, how do you add a creator?

You can do so by clicking the “Ownership” button on your character’s page’s left sidebar, and the character’s ownership page will appear.


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