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15 Best Event Management Software You Need to Know About

Regardless of how you arrived at this page, the fact that you are reading this post presumably means you are an event planner who is frustrated with managing events using spreadsheets or a variety of technologies that don’t connect with one another (and probably cost a fortune combined). We enjoy discussing the best Event Management Software. primarily because experiential marketing statistics show that using event management software free often results in gains in attendance of 20%, productivity of 27%, and profit margins of 20% to 30%.

And since there are so many free event management software online now, it’s not surprising that more and more people are looking into them. We chose the best event planning tools based on reviews from real users, their relative rankings on software rating sites like Capterra, and features that we know event planners will like.

15 Best Event Management Software You Need to Know About

Here’s some information about selecting corporate event management software for your upcoming major project before we get started. There are several tools available for event planning. from basic task management applications to more comprehensive ones. It might be difficult to find the appropriate software for you, so we did the legwork and chose 18 of the top products available.

Why Is Event Management Software Necessary?

As the world changes and adapts to upcoming technological advances, the usual standards of every industry go up. Such developments are not unfamiliar in the field of event management tools. It’s difficult to dismiss the data that demonstrates the value of event management software for small businesses given the daily growth in its popularity. Experiential marketing statistics show that using event management software pricing often increases attendance by 20%, productivity by 27%, and profit margin by 20% to 30%. Let’s look at the advantages of utilizing event management software to better comprehend this!

1. Getting Rid of Missed Communications

Communication breakdowns are frequently the biggest issue faced by teams who plan events. When a message is sent from one level of the hierarchy to another, it frequently gets lost in translation. Sport event management software comparison gets rid of this problem by providing a central place where all event-related tasks can be managed and integrated. It makes it easier to get important information to the right people at the right time because it has mobile features, unified management dashboards, and automatic notifications.

2. It saves both money and time

Planners of events waste a lot of time and money by using a wide range of solutions that aren’t always made for events. Software for event planning brings together many responsibilities in one location, so you can handle them all from one location.

3. Makes procedures more efficient and straightforward

The primary motivation for developing event management software was to streamline and facilitate operations.It cuts down on the number of steps needed to run your events, which makes your administrative processes much more effective. What else? The user interface and user experience of an event management software are carefully chosen with the end-user, i.e., the event planner, in mind. This makes sure that you can use all of the tools’ features to their fullest.

4. Provides backup for built-in resources

You don’t have to worry about building these specific resources from scratch when using an event management software’s library of email, landing page, ticketing system, etc. templates. You’ve already had the difficult part done for you. So just connect, launch, and delight. After talking about the benefits of using event management software, let’s take a look at some of the best products available. View our guide on how to pick the best event management software.

It might take a lot of time to select the ideal event management software

This is why using recommendations like these to make a more informed decision is beneficial. But bear in mind this software purchasing advice when you have to make a final choice: Your best friends during this process will be case studies and peer reviews.

  • Using sources that keep reviewers responsible, such as G2 Crowd, which requires every new review to connect to the reviewer’s LinkedIn page, will help your product gain more credibility.
  • Look for prices that are easy to get or that are plainly indicated. Pricing that is at least in line with market averages and reflects the power of its related features is still one of the top ways to choose software, according to experts. Despite the fact that many SaaS companies are moving away from displaying dollar signs on their websites (as per this pricing transparency study), this method is still used by many customers.
  • Utilizing the tool is simple. User interface design is important because it makes it easier to use the product and move around in it. No matter how fantastic its features are, if the event management software is simple to use, it will have a better chance of being adopted right away by your entire team.

And now, to help you get started with your event planning, here are several online event management software with solid rankings, clear price structures, and user-friendly features.

#1. Scoro


From the first idea to the last payment, a single solution makes it easy to plan and manage life-changing events.


  • Project and task management.
  • scheduling meetings
  • Timekeeping and time billing
  • File sharing budgets and expenses
  • Advanced reporting and group collaboration
  • Invoicing and billing

#2. Function Tracker

Function Tracker

Event management software Streamline your company and location, make reservations simply, keep track of your meals, and schedule your crew. And in general, better organize your events.


  • Event expenses
  • Reservations calendar menu management: Contracts and invoicing
  • Registration & tickets for events

#3. Bizzabo


On the same event platform,Event management software you can design event marketing strategies, and on-brand digital experiences, manage registrations, and make data-driven choices.


  • Branding for native event apps URL, SSL, and email domain.
  • Registration for sessions and management
  • Polls and studies

#4. Planning Pod

Planning Pod

A platform for event planning that has more than 30 integrated tools is designed to make it easier to arrange events.


  • Schedules, budgets, job lists, and floor layouts should be made.
  • Calendars, to-do lists, files and images, notes, and communications that are shared
  • Keep track of attendance and get RSVP information along with paid or free registration.
  • Manage company information such as leads, proposals, invoices, contracts, and e-signatures.
  • Connect with team members, coworkers, clients, and other stakeholders online to collaborate.

#5. eTouches


It provides end-to-end event management software with over 16 event modules and hundreds of features for over 20,000 event professionals.


  • E-mailing and marketing
  • Event website Registration for the event Budgeting for
  • Management of projects

#6. EventCollab


EventCollab is an online-based one-stop shop where you can collaborate, exchange schedules and papers, monitor time, give tasks, communicate, and more. It’s all conveniently contained within one application.


  • Manage every part of your events, such as the schedule, the resources available, and the tasks that need to be done.
  • Create templates for events and to-do lists.
  • Share all kinds of documents, including CAD designs, budgets, and images.
  • Use circles to easily control who sees what and grant permissions.

#7. Eventbrite


Create, publicize, and oversee every aspect of your event.


  • web page that may be modified.
  • Emails and invitations
  • social media tools and promotion.
  • On-line RSVP management
  • Real-time graphs and statistics

#9. Azavista


This all-in-one platform simplifies event planning, improves the event experience, and offers data-driven reporting, making it easy and inexpensive to put on great events.


  • Request for event workflow
  • Project and task management.
  • Management of participant registration
  • Printing of badges on-site Check-in & Session Management Program

#10. Grenadine


Specialized cloud-based software for conferences, seminars, product events, and conventions to plan and run them.


  • Invite and sign up the attendees.
  • Control the speakers and attendees.
  • Pay as tickets are sold.
  • Event financing and budgeting

#11. Social Tables

Social Tables

Develop direct connections with the appropriate leads all the way through the event lifecycle.


  • strong analytics
  • and simple dissemination through marketing channels.
  • floor plans that are dynamic
  • Live interaction

#12. Ems


Utilize a single system to manage spaces, resources, services, people, and anything else in between.


  • Establish reservations
  • Invite visitors.
  • track the use of resources.
  • Produce invoices
  • Publication of utilization reports

#13. Artifax


Made by experts in the field to meet the needs of those who are in charge of running public, private, and cultural venues and events.


  • User-definable templates, built-in booking wizards, and task-driven processes
  • Make up your own departments, cost centers, booking kinds, activities, and statuses.
  • track the use of resources.
  • Produce invoices
  • Publication of utilization reports

#14. Certain


software for event automation designed for modern event professionals.


  • Personalized interactions can help attendees feel engaged.
  • Completely brand your event.
  • Gain ROI by gathering comprehensive attendance information.

#15. Arlo






A comprehensive approach to handling events and training.


  • Online enrollment
  • Course and event management
  • E-learning with website integration
  • Management of customer relationships

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