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Top 15 Construction Management Software Manage Your Work

The interests of the project owner must be given priority by Construction Management Software. This entails managing the entire process, from the planning stage through the close-out. The best construction management software might be useful in this situation. It would be an understatement to say that the market for mobile construction management software has lately grown. The quantity and diversity of construction Management Software created for mobile devices have significantly increased in recent years. All of this was made possible by one specific benefit that mobile devices may provide: mobility. And one of the greatest benefits that any Construction Management Software can now provide is mobility. The whole scope of Construction Management Software requires both theoretical and practical work, which means that a significant amount of work would need to be done on-site. Construction Management Software comes in handy because you often can’t just carry your functional PC to the site and work there all the time.

Although the field of Construction Management Software deals with much more than that, they try to bring at least some of the standalone software functionality in the form of an application that can be installed on a mobile device. That is not to say that the flashlight app and the regular calculator are no longer useful; they both still have their use cases. This method is more difficult than it initially appears. One of the main issues in this situation is the difference in how you interact with mobile devices. For this reason, not all manufacturers of Construction Management Software free just convert their standard desktop interface into an app and scarcely make any adjustments later.

Top 15 Construction Management Software Manage Your Work

This is the point at which everyone’s definition of Construction Management Software starts to somewhat alter. To do all of this, managers require a variety of Construction Management Software lists. The good news is that there are several software programs for construction management that offer the features you want. Finding the ideal one for your company is a challenge. Discover the top software enhancements for your construction company by reading on.

What is Construction Management Software?

Construction project management software is a way to handle complicated projects in both residential and commercial construction.

Construction managers are responsible for a variety of tasks, such as:

  • Cost and project management.
  • management of time.
  • quality assurance.
  • contract management.
  • management of safety.

The finest cheapest construction management software assist construction organizations by making these duties easier to do. Examples include:

  • automating operations.
  • enhance productivity with group tools.
  • examining important indicators that might help guide future choices.

A number of features in road construction management software make it possible to do each of these things. Let’s look at them now.

What common characteristics can you find in construction management software?

Because no two Construction Management Software systems are identical, you must first identify your company’s requirements before looking for the best option. Whatever option you select, there are a few key characteristics to watch out for. These qualities consist of:

  • a centralized platform for handling consumer data.
  • a centralized dashboard for project management and employee scheduling
  • Tools for estimation and bidding
  • integration of accounting software.
  • Mobile timesheet submission by field employees using employee time monitoring software.

Your construction company will benefit from these qualities in a number of ways. We’ll look at what they are now.

Which advantages of adopting construction management software stand out the most?

Among the worst dangers that might significantly affect a residential Construction Management Software are

  • Inadequate methods for project management
  • coordination issue
  • incorrect cost projections.

By selecting the best construction management software option for your company, you can eliminate these dangers. Here are a few of the best reasons why your construction company might want to use construction project management software.

Enhancing document management

Construction managers may keep all pertinent papers in one location with the use of cloud-based construction management software. The majority of document management technologies also allow for simpler sharing and real-time changes, making sure that everyone working on the project is always on track.

Control expenses

Many financial management features, including forecasting tools and real-time syncing with accounting software, are included with the top construction management software. You can make sure the project stays on schedule and on budget by using these financial tools.

Stop using manual processes

The construction sector is still taking its time adjusting to the world’s continued shift to digital. Pen and paper jobs take longer to complete and put businesses at a higher risk of making mistakes. With construction project management software, construction managers can use technology to keep better records.

Increase effectiveness

About 40% of employees’ time is spent on administrative chores. Construction managers can free up that time with a competent project management solution and put it to use on more profitable tasks like landing additional projects. Because time is money, the more time you have to maximize revenues, the more processes you can automate. Let’s look at how to select the finest construction management software for the growth of your company.

#1. Autodesk BIM 360 Field

Autodesk BIM 360 Field

Each of the Construction Management Software that make up Autodesk BIM 360 only has a small number of functions available. The core functions of BIM 360 Field are report creation and issue marking, which encourage precise and prompt problem reporting and their transmission between on-site employees and their remote colleagues. The purpose of the BIM 360 Plan, which is more heavily weighted toward resource planning and production, is to save time and money by accurately estimating costs and through other methods. As the name implies, BIM 360 Glue is a multifunctional mobile application for viewing BIM models both online and off-line. Glue may also communicate with intelligent objects in a variety of ways.

#2. Revizto


Revizto for iPad successfully condenses nearly all of the functionality that the standard desktop Revizto software can offer into a single application, making a variety of BIM tasks simpler than they were previously. Using the same user interface as your desktop Revizto software, Revizto’s mobile app can work with both 2D and 3D plans and models, allows custom attributes for objects, supports point clouds, and uses project status interactions in the form of images.

#3. Clockshark


Clockshark is one of those programmes that, while focusing solely on time monitoring, is theoretically connected to construction project management. Tracking different time-related metrics for your construction team is simple with Clockshark, and there are other features that make the process more user-friendly. These capabilities include automated time monitoring; time tracking in the cloud; a simple interface with several other construction programs; and others.

#4. iNeo Pro Field Daily Reports

iNeo Pro Field Daily Reports

The key element of iNeo Pro Field Daily Reports—an application concerning professional reports—again appears in the name. Both daily reports and less frequent but more thorough reports can be used with it. Email or a cloud storage service like Google Drive, Dropbox, or others makes it simple to share any report prepared with iNeo Pro Field. Because it takes less time to prepare reports, you have more time to devote to other crucial construction-related duties. You may quickly attach numerous notes and photographs to each of your reports.

#5. Co-construct


Co-construct is a complete construction project management software with a focus on different design-build firms, bespoke builders, and remodelers. It is more aimed at smaller or medium-sized construction enterprises. The program itself offers a fairly long list of capabilities and is available in standalone and web-based versions. It can be used with both Android and iOS smartphones.

Among these characteristics are:

  • Task management, financial planning
  • material and/or design selection
  • scheduling
  • different client communications (including status reports) and more.

#6. Punch List & Site Audit Report

Punch List & Site Audit Report

The Punch List & Site Audit Report is an app that is just concerned with punch lists, which is another illustration of technical placement on the list. The outcome of a project as a whole can be significantly influenced by the availability of a simple list of all potential difficulties for a certain project or problems at the present level of the on-site work. This software is easy to use, and the fact that it can work with notes and photos attached to your lists and reports makes people more likely to use it.

#7. Fieldwire


Accessing and sharing models is one of the main aspects of the software, which Fieldwire bills as a “fully complete blueprint management solution.” Users of Fieldwire’s construction project app may access the most current project model from any location, and both iOS and Android users can download the software. When it comes to Fieldwire and its features, you can also see models offline. You can also link sheets, add notes and markups, attach images, easily import drawings and blueprints, and do other things.

#8. GoCanvas


GoCanvas is a different kind of reporting tool that is primarily focused on contractors and use cases unique to contractors. The two major functions that GoCanvas offers are generating forms and filling out various reports. When it comes to filling out inspection forms, audits, work orders, estimates, etc., the first function is really helpful. The second feature is employed more frequently for obscure activities and tasks and is more case-specific. GoCanvas is one of the best construction management programmes because it lets you share files and export forms and papers in PDF format.

#9. FingerCad


FingerCad is a feature-rich mobile application that enables true modelling operations with nothing but your mobile device, moving away from reporting programmes. It is compatible with many different file formats, including the It may be used for both simple sketching tasks and complex modelling procedures. All of this is made possible by FingerCad’s interface, which, despite its appearance, provides many of the features found in desktop modeling software that can be used on a mobile device.

#10. Oracle Aconex Mail and Docs

Oracle Aconex Mail and Docs

Oracle just purchased Aconex, a platform for information management that is very well known. One of the outcomes of this transaction is Oracle Aconex Main and Docs, a construction project software with many valuable features for both engineering and construction projects. Various drawings and design documents, for instance, may be seen and interacted with using Oracle Aconex. You can also use project mail, get to your tasks for the project, annotate with images or videos, and do other things.

#11. BuilderStorm


BuilderStorm is as unique as they come when it comes to the greatest construction management apps. Although BuilderSoft does not technically have a separate app, most current smartphones may use its cloud-based construction management software thanks to adaptable web design. This list is kind of a jack-of-all-trades because it includes PC, Android, and iOS devices. BuilderStorm’s platform has many features for the construction industry, such as reporting, cloud file access, procurement management, schedule management, project tracking, and so on.

#12. BuilderTREND


The BuilderTREND mobile app shines in four areas: project management, client account management, finance management, and presale management. Regarding the distinctive characteristics, there are plan markups, scheduling, bid requests, purchase orders, CRM features, etc.

#13. PlanGrid Build Field

PlanGrid Build Field

A construction tool called PlanGrid Build Field is focused on drawing and document management as well as team collaboration within the same project. Below is a list of some of this app’s features.

  • automatic linkages for quicker navigation
  • rolling log dissemination of issue reports
  • RFI lifecycle management
  • a quick and simple drawing viewer; versioning
  • synchronization, and more.

#14. Procore



Procore’s construction project management tool is more suitable for businesses that specialise in bulk construction with less variability, whereas some of the examples above were more appropriate for specialised building procedures and renovation operations. For instance, Procore, for instance, allows you to see timetables, track drawing set versions, annotate drawings and RFIs, interact with project data in a variety of ways (both locally and remotely), and document different daily events on the job site (from labor to weather). Procore may also use the capabilities of the mobile device to add some extra features. For example, you may be able to add pictures taken with your camera directly to your punch lists or drawings, or you may be able to scan QR codes to find different Procore building project submittals.

#15. Solocator


Another situation-specific tool is called Solocator, and it focuses on giving on-site photographs additional context. Solicitor allows you to add different data to your images, such as date, height, direction, and GPS coordinates. This is quite useful for a variety of situations, including progress reports, issue reports, repairs, snags, and so on. In this approach, since each of your images will have both latitude and longitude added to it, you won’t need to manually explain the context for each one.

Final Words

It’s reasonable to assume that there is a sizable market for construction project management apps, and it might be challenging to compare most of them because many of them are used for very specialised use cases or sorts of work. Having said that, the market’s variety makes it possible for each user to obtain the precise construction app they need.


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