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20 Employee Management Software To Grow Your Business

Employee management software is an essential component of human resources. This post will discuss the finest tools for managing employee records, job history, and other critical employee data.

If you’re looking into HR technology, you’re most likely doing it for one of two reasons. You need to upgrade your current system and are looking for an employee management software that offers more (or better) capabilities than what you are currently using. You are a growing company that is using employee management software for the first time. We can assist in any case. See 18 Best Product Analytics Tools To Try In 2022.

Whether you’re looking for a new tool or implementing an employee management software for the first time, this article will assist you in swiftly comparing and evaluating the best employee management software as well as other human resources software. So let’s get started!

What Exactly Is Employee Management Software?

Employee management software is the management of subordinates in a company. Typically, a corporation appoints a single department, such as Human Resources, to manage the rest of the staff. However, managing performance and well-being is not limited to HR. This is where employee software comes in.

Employee management software is a set of tools that a company requires to manage all of its employees’ information, engagement, and performance. It assures that employees are giving their all in order to fulfil the goals of their company. It also helps to maximise employee talents and make work procedures more efficient.

What Is the Process of Using employee Management Software?

Staff management software is used to ensure the seamless operation of companies, particularly ones that must grow. In a perfect scenario, an employee management software would have all-in-one features, allowing practically every area of employee management to be managed with ease—from scheduling personnel and recording hours to expediting communication and resolving HR-related concerns.

Employee management software assists human resource managers in keeping track of employee information such as medical information, compensation data, performance milestones, and more. It may be used to handle all employee-based HR operations, including recruiting, onboarding, and compliance, in addition to storing private employee information.

Best Employee Management Software Solution For Your Business

Here we make a list of the best employee management software to grow your business.

#1. Workday

employee management software

Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) Suite is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for medium and large organisations. Do you manage an international company with payrolls in numerous currencies and under different laws? If so, you should look at Workday’s worldwide payroll solution.

It integrates with third-party payroll software to manage payments globally. Although Workday lacks several features and is one of the most costly systems available, it is the only HCM that is completely cloud-based.

#2. PeopleSoft by Oracle

employee management software

Oracle’s PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM) solution is yet another enterprise-grade solution for complicated worldwide enterprises. It is commonly used by government agencies, educational institutions, and other big businesses with hundreds of employees.

The key benefit of this service is Oracle’s lengthy history of supplying clients with dependable business solutions. Unlike other, newer services, you can be confident that this one will be there for a long time.

#3. Connecteam

employee management software

Connecteam was designed specifically for managing your deskless staff on the road! This all-in-one programme, which is used by over 20,000 firms globally (and counting! ), can help you manage your staff as well as expand your business! You can personalise different elements by adding and subtracting what you need based on the stage of your company, just like Lego! This is the pinnacle of employee management software!

Here are a few of the best employee management software features that you and your staff will appreciate:

Cross-organizational Communication Features

Make your corporate communication work for you!

  • Your company’s communication strategy will alter in an instant, from simple 1:1 and group conversations to whole-company updates!
  • Encourage free communication among your staff without requiring them to use WhatsApp or another chat (and get distracted by private messages in the process).
  • Distribute critical corporate updates via a social-style feed. Plus, you can simply track and record who is engaging with your live updates (or not), and send automatic reminders to those who haven’t yet viewed them.
  • Across conversations, share pictures, gifs, voice notes, files, and more!

#4. Gusto

employee management software

Gusto (previously ZenPayroll) is one of the best and most popular cloud-based staff management software and payroll solutions available. Gusto provides affordable, built-in benefits administration for small to medium-sized enterprises.

The Gusto software features an incredibly user-friendly interface and automates many aspects of the payroll process. This software provides an employee onboarding interface that allows new workers to immediately enter all of their information (such as employee bank details) into the system.

#5. Bullhorn

employee management software

Large organisations and staffing agencies would benefit from this complete SaaS (Software as a Service) staff management software for recruiting process management. It’s highly customisable and user-friendly, with time-saving features like drag and drop. Granted, its cost renders it out of reach for many small firms, but if you have the funds, this is one of the best solutions for managing your employee recruiting process.

#6. Kissflow

employee management software

If your workflows are becoming hectic as your organisation expands, Kissflow can give them the kiss of automation. Kissflow’s user-friendly interface allows you to construct your own unique processes. You may also select from 50 pre-built applications that include employee onboarding, purchase orders, vendor payment, and other operations.

#7. 15Five

employee management software

15Five is an employee management software engagement and performance software solution designed to assist organisations in receiving and providing feedback. The application attempts to be an online substitute for group office meetings and integrates well with Slack. The opportunity to high-five coworkers is the most thrilling (and engaging) feature. That’s fantastic.

#8. Litmos

employee management software

Although the majority of personnel management software with an eLearning twist is designed for academic purposes, there is no shortage of it. Litmos is a solution for organisations searching for a one-stop shop for education and training. It has an integrated eCommerce system, and some gamification capabilities, and is reasonably priced for small enterprises.

#9. Employee Navigator

employee management software

This employee management software solution is a web-based complete benefit and compliance administration software that is primarily aimed at medium-sized and larger organisations. The Employee Navigator contains a number of tools ranging from administration to onboarding and PTO & vacation monitoring, but the fee makes this service inaccessible to small enterprises.

#10. Cornerstone

employee management software

Cornerstone is ideal for a variety of industries, including healthcare, retail, technology, and manufacturing. Cornerstone is an employee management software that assists you in creating a culture that brings out the best in your workers.

#11. Weekdone

employee management software

Weekdone is an employee management software with OKR goal tracking and status reporting capabilities that helps you enhance your workers’ attention, efficiency, and productivity at work. Weekdone employs Objectives and Key Results (OKR), a popular, best-practice strategic planning method for enterprises that sets, communicates, and tracks quarterly objectives and results.

#12. Zoho

employee management software

Zoho is a web-based staff management software office suite that provides clients with word processing, spreadsheets, databases, note-taking, web conferencing, project management, invoicing, and other features. You can access data at any time with Zoho; provide employees with their own personalised portal; post changes on the dashboard for all to see; supervisors may approve or reject work concerns with a single touch; and much more.

Zoho is also mobile-friendly, can interface with a variety of software solutions (including Zapier, Mailchimp, and Google Suite), and can be modified to meet your company’s look.

#13. SAP

employee management software

SAP SuccessFactor is an HR technology that focuses on engagement by providing flexible employee surveys, role-based dashboards and reporting, customisable impact reports, event-based triggers, and employee incentive programmes.

SAP SuccessFactor received great marks in the Value for Cost criterion. Not only does it have a low entry price, but it also provides a free trial, guaranteeing that potential consumers are only paying for a product with which they are familiar.

There is some incoherence with the many modules they sell, which were formerly independent “add-on” goods and frequently still seem that way. The transition from one module item to the next is frequently clunky, necessitating further menuing or log-ins.

#14. Eddy

employee management software

Eddy is a one-stop HR solution designed for small, local enterprises. Businesses may use Eddy to hire, onboard, manage, and pay employees all with a single piece of software.

Travis Hansen, a former professional basketball player turned entrepreneur, founded Eddy in 2017. The company has developed fast owing to its simple yet strong product, excellent customer service, and concentration on small businesses with deskless workforces.

Key features include job posting management, incoming candidate tracking, and a full-fledged application tracking system (ATS). HR managers may use the onboarding system to generate bespoke onboarding packages, assign assignments, and simply gather digital signatures.

#15. Zenefits

employee management software

Zenefits has developed an HRIS platform that eliminates typical HR hassles by combining essential HR services like payroll, benefits, and time-off tracking into a single system. Modules for salary management, performance management, and numerous in-depth employee management software are also accessible at their higher service tiers.

Their totally digital and automated onboarding process includes offer letters, background checks, e-signatures, and employee self-onboarding. When new employees submit their personal information, it is seamlessly linked to benefits and payroll, eliminating the need for further HR admin support. The platform is also available via mobile devices, making it simple for new employees to come up to speed even before their first day on the job.

#16. Leapsome

employee management software

Leapsome’s all-in-one platform helps businesses improve employee happiness by providing a full range of tools for employee engagement, performance, and learning and development. To offer employees a voice throughout the feedback process, their performance evaluation system incorporates current aspects such as 360-degree feedback, agile project reviews, and anonymous leadership reviews. Goal setting is also well-integrated into the system, ensuring that staff are always aware of what is expected of them and how their goals contribute to the larger picture.

Their learning and development module may design learning paths utilising personalised curriculum or curated third-party content from their built-in learning library to assist with employee upskilling. Short quizzes with a variety of question styles can also be used to assess knowledge development. Their learning path dashboard also allows you to easily manage internal enrollment numbers, progress status, and completion rates for individuals or the whole organisation.

#17. Employment Hero

employee management software

You can effortlessly manage HR, payroll, efficiency, learning, recognition, and benefits using Employment Hero’s integrated platform. Some of the features include paperless onboarding, online training checklists, automated induction, performance evaluation templates, and cascading targets.

Employment Hero received the greatest value for cost rating based on the above evaluation criteria since it not only has a cheap monthly per-user cost but also offers a freemium membership plan.

Xero, MYOB, KeyPay, JobAdder, QuickBooks Online, and GO1 are among the integrations.

#18. Saba

employee management software

Saba is an HR solution with over 33 million users that focuses on methods to reduce attrition, optimise workforce organisation, prepare succession planning, and establish the employer brand in a way that attracts top-quality people.

Saba performed highly in the usability component of the examination due to the large number of materials they provide for training and learning. eBooks, manuals, templates, checklists, webinars, product tours, How-Tos, and case studies are available.

The software interface is not totally intuitive. For example, user data is divided into numerous backend centres, such as the User Center and the Appraisal Process, which might be confusing.

#19. Factorial

employee management software

Factorial enables you to develop custom reports to track corporate performance, collect feedback through employee portals, and provide real-time updates to participants.

The Factorial performance management system is offered as a web-based solution as well as iOS and Android mobile applications.

Factorial interfaces with a wide range of add-ons and tools to guarantee that the performance management system and day-to-day workflow tools function properly. Zapier’s membership provides access to hundreds of connector apps, earning it excellent marks in the assessment of the integration.

#20. FactoHR

employee management software

If you want to raise employee excitement, engagement, and overall performance, this tool is for you. This platform enables you to define clear targets and important results for your team as well as each individual member. As a result, you may assist your staff in working more productively.

Because of its interactive design, low cost, and various added features, FactoHR is the employee performance management solution of choice for many HR practitioners. For each project, you may establish tasks, review cycles, and measure performance.


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