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18 Best Product Analytics Tools To Try In 2022

A product analytics tools gives firms information about how their consumers engage with their products. Product analytics tools assist businesses that sell digital products in gathering data and analysing how customers engage with various components of their products. These technologies’ analytics assist product managers in making data-driven decisions for future product development, ultimately improving consumer experiences. See Top 18 Online Auction Software To Try In 2022. 

Product Analytics Tools Comparison Criteria

What factors do I consider while deciding on the finest product analytics platforms? My rating criteria are summarised below.

  1. I search for product analytics Tools that reveal key information to assist product managers in making vital choices.
  2. Usability: I concentrate on features that allow all product team members to browse and use the functionality they require.
  3. I seek strong connections with other technologies that product development teams use on a regular basis.
  4. I’m looking for product analytics tools that are reasonably priced in comparison to other development software.

Key Features of Product Analytics tools:

The finest product analytics tools will often have the following features:

  • Tracking means following users and monitoring their activity on your website or app.
  • Segmentation is the process of determining who users are, where they came from, and what they are interested in.
  • Profiles allow you to create user groupings based on certain characteristics.
  • Notifications are used to notify product teams of significant events or trends.
  • A/B testing: comparing multiple versions of features to determine which works best.
  • Dashboards are tools for visualising data in the most useful and illuminating manner.
  • Tools for measuring how people interact with each feature

Best Product Analytics Tools To Try In 2022

Following are the best product analytics software to try.

#1. Mixpanel

Product Analytics tools

Mixpanel is a fantastic product analytics tools for product managers that wish to do their own data analysis. The tool offers a wide range of customization possibilities to meet the particular segmentation requirements of firms from various sectors. Mixpanel’s customisable interface gives users a long rope to organise and manage their analytics.

#2. Heap

Product Analytics tools

Heap is a well-regarded product analytics tools. It is extremely effective at identifying the point in a multi-step digital journey where consumers become stuck or fail to progress. If you need a product analytics tools that can tell you the tales of each product user, Heap should suffice.

#3. Google Analytics 

Product Analytics tools

Google Analytics was one of the earliest product analytics tools, yet it is far from finished. The development team has been working tirelessly to improve the functionality and user experience. The nice part about Google Analytics is that you can use its free version if you are just getting started and are not yet ready to pay for the tool. You may later upgrade to the premium edition if you want to take your product management to the next level.

#4. Amplitude Analytics

Product Analytics tools

The Amplitude Analytics tool has a devoted following that includes some digital industry titans. It is a potent tool that fits all of the requirements of current digital organisations. It has several amazing features, such as real-time analytics and cross-platform monitoring. This tool’s qualities also include its security system and customer support capabilities.

#5. FullStory

Product Analytics tools

FullStory Analytics features a powerful data analytics solution. It also includes collaborative capabilities that organisations may utilise to analyse challenges and obtain answers to pertinent inquiries. The tool claims to boost conversion rates, organisational efficiency, client retention, and business growth. It offers both historical and real-time user sessions to assist the product management team in tracking actual user behaviour.

#6. Pendo

Product Analytics tools

Pendo is an excellent alternative for product managers seeking proactive consumer involvement to better understand overall product use. The tool gives both quantitative and qualitative insights regarding the product’s user experience. It has an in-app messaging function that allows customers to be led through the product experience. Its online and mobile app availability makes it a viable alternative for organisations with both modest and large product portfolios.

#7. Auryc

Product Analytics tools

Auryc is a popular product analytics tools. It gives you real-time insight into your customers’ digital journey. Auryc assists organisations in quickly identifying and resolving problems in their consumers’ digital journeys through your product. It gives statistics to illustrate why people buy or do not buy your product and assists in tracking users afterwards.

#8. Glassbox

Product Analytics tools

Glassbox, the analytics tool, as the name suggests, delivers a seamless digital trip to its customers. The analytics tool is real-time and works across websites and mobile applications. AI-powered visualisation and analytics assist product managers in visualising user journeys and understanding their challenges. This aids them in problem solving and improves the user experience.

#9. LogRocket

Product Analytics tools

LogRocket is a well-known product analytics tools. It allows product managers to not only view actual user sessions but also track mistakes and performance concerns in their product. The tool identifies user difficulties and does a short scan to determine whether the problem is due to human error or a real defect. LogRocket’s session insights are quite thorough. It is a very user-friendly tool.

#10. Indicative

Product Analytics tools

It is one of the most effective product analytics tools. It investigates user behaviour across the product and gathers data on every touchpoint, allowing product managers to make educated decisions. The Indicative not only displays the issue but also offers you with actionable information to help you swiftly address issues and improve your customers’ user experience.

#11. Quantum Metric

Product Analytics tools

The Quantum Metric, which is powered by big data and machine intelligence, provides organisations with a complete picture of client behaviour. This is accomplished through the use of interactive customer experience journeys. These trips assist product managers in understanding the demands and challenges of their consumers.

Quantum Metric automatically captures user sessions and creates step-by-step logs of user behaviour to be viewed as video replays. Heat maps highlight areas where users struggle and opportunities for improvement.

This tool works with popular systems, including Salesforce, Google Cloud, Slack, and Google Analytics.

#12. UXCam

Product Analytics tools

UXCam is a product analytics tools that provides detailed insights to mobile teams in order to design customer-centric mobile apps. The mobile app analytics platform records and visualises user activity in order to make more informed product decisions. Product managers may connect to their SDK and quickly gather information through heatmaps, funnel analytics, screen recordings, crash recordings, and much more. 17

When looking for a product analytics tools, there are several equally good solutions. Various instruments have different capabilities, and they must be tailored to your individual needs. So, the first step is to properly define your requirements. You may require a combination of tools rather than just one. So, make a list of your unique needs and then look for a tool that can cover the gap. A well-utilized product analytics tool may transform your product and organisation from excellent to outstanding.

#13. Dragonboat

Product Analytics tools

Dragonboat assists team leaders in strategizing, prioritising, delivering, and improving software solutions. It enables product teams to link objectives to activities and create data-driven roadmaps. Previous product iterations can be used to guide future revisions.

This tool is ideal for teams working on a varied and complicated product range. It uses Agile execution to integrate OKRs, KPIs, product goals, and customer demands. The tool’s centralised feedback solution, automatic progress monitoring, and integrated team messaging help product managers.

Dragonboat interacts with several applications, including Asana, Jira, Confluence, and Github.

#14. InnerTrends

Product Analytics tools

InnerTrends is a product analytics and data science tool that provides easy-to-understand reports. Customer engagement scoring, comprehensive lifespan cycle monitoring, and a growth opportunity finder are among the features. Users are monitored from the initial point of contact to sign up and then from onboarding to platform use.

This tool includes a number of pre-built reports that are intended to deliver actionable information rapidly. All reports are written in plain English so that everyone on the product team can comprehend them. You can optimise the whole SaaS client journey as a unified cross-departmental unit using InnerTrends.

InnerTrends works with Mixpanel, Heap,, Google Ads, and any other API-enabled platform.

#15. CleverTap

Product Analytics tools

The two most critical product-led growth KPIs are acquisition and retention. That is exactly what CleverTap allows you to measure. Its in-app analytics and marketing capabilities make it simple to acquire real-time data. This allows you to have a better understanding of how people engage with your products.

CleverTap allows you to manage omnichannel marketing based on user behaviour, lifestyle, stage, and geography. It’s also great for drip and trigger marketing, as well as personalisation projects. Overall, it’s the ideal option for marketers looking to develop distinctive consumer engagement strategies to drive growth.

#16. Zoho Analytics

Product Analytics tools

You can connect, prepare, and analyse your product data on a massive scale using Zoho Analytics. The programme handles data preparation directly. Data preparation and management, visual analysis, collaborative analytics, and data storytelling are among the features.

Data from hundreds of sources, including files, data feeds, online URLs, databases, and business apps, may be integrated. To effectively communicate your product narrative, visual analysis features assist with slicing and dicing data as needed, utilising a number of charts, widgets, pivot tables, and tabular view components.

Zoho Analytics interfaces with a variety of business systems, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and HubSpot.

#17. Totango

Product Analytics tools

The most important KPIs for any customer success manager are churn, customer success, retention, and renewal. This position is expanding as the software industry transitions to SaaS. The most important tool in this case is, of course, a sophisticated customer success analytics platform like Totango. It should undoubtedly be included in a SaaS company’s product analytics tech stack because it is entirely focused on identifying and tracking leading indicators that help in the prediction of at-risk clients. It allows you to be proactive in producing excellent customer experiences.

#18. Gainsight

Product Analytics tools

Box, the premier content management and collaboration platform, employs it as a product analytics tool to boost customer happiness, adoption, and growth. Recognizing satisfied clients is critical for businesses as it demonstrates progressive income prospects. Gainsight provides the visibility and workflow necessary to increase the revenue value of your current users.


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