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18 Best Cymath Alternatives Apps – Math Problem Solver

Cymath Alternatives: If you’re tackling calculus, algebra, or scientific equations, Cymath is a top-notch program for solving math problems. You can get a step-by-step solution to your issue once you enter it into this online system. The fact that they have a lot simpler method than ever before means that students won’t worry about their questions.

Students occasionally run into difficulties when doing their assignments, but thanks to Cymath, they no longer do so because they have access to all of the solutions. You can select from a variety of algebra and calculus topics while working on your assignment. As an illustration, Cymath is fairly convenient to use because of its simple interface, quick reaction, and efficient formula development.

What is Cymath?


A math problem solver app called Cymath offers detailed solutions for a wide range of algebraic, calculus, and graphing problems. Users can submit their math problems or capture them using the camera to avoid typing. The app can be used to solve equations, factoring, working with complex numbers, quadratic equations, trigonometry, polynomial division, the product rule, the ratio rule, the chain rule, u-substitution, integration by parts, integration by partial percentage, trigonometric substitution, making sense of other uses, graph generation, intercepts, asymptotes, domains, ranges, and more.

18 Best Cymath Alternatives Apps – Math Problem Solver

Here is the list of best apps like Cymath which helps us to solve math problems.

#1. WolframAlpha

Wolfram Alpha

WolframAlpha is a computational knowledge engine or answer engine developed by Wolfram Alpha LLC and is referred to as WolframAlpha (also known as Wolfram Alpha). It’s a great online service that gives immediate answers to factual questions instead of giving a list of documents or web pages that might have the answer like a search engine would. It does this by figuring out the answer based on carefully chosen information from outside sources.

The platform, which was based on Wolfram’s previous flagship product Wolfram Mathematics, was made available on May 18, 200. additional information was obtained from scholarly and commercial websites, like the CIA’s The World Factbook and the United States Geological Survey, etc. Wolfram is a great app like Cymath that enables us to solve a math problems.

#2. Mathpix


Mathpix is a tool for quickly and easily resolving various mathematical equations. This application contains everything you need, whether you require a solution for a word document or coding needs instead of other LaTex editors. Equations taken from a clipboard or written on paper may be easily solved by it.

The biggest feature of this program is its ability to translate equations over any medium and support many languages, which makes it simpler for you to quickly answer any mathematical equation. Also, this tool’s system can handle not only simple equations and graphs, but also more complicated ones.

#3. fxSolver


Another app like Cymath. Equations in science and engineering may be easily solved using the cutting-edge online tool fxSolver. There is a simple method to get started; all you have to do is create formulae, enter the values of the variables, and then hit the solution button. Your interface is simple to use, and you base your solutions on the pertinent fields.

With the help of this online tool, you can also create graphs based on several variables by designating the appropriate axis for each one. Numerous features are available, including ones that provide effective aesthetics, customisation, typical problem-solving skills, simple formula construction, re-editing options, and more. A nice solution that doesn’t require you to know any programming languages and gives you a simple method for creating a sizable formula database is fxSolver.

#4. Microsoft Math Solver

Microsoft Math Solver

The Microsoft Arithmetic Solver is an easy-to-use calculator and math problem-solving tool that gives pupils an extra edge to ensure their results are correct. This online tool appears to be a fantastic resource for students of all ages; regardless of whether they are working on a simple or difficult problem, all they need to do is enter their circumstances, and the system will take care of the rest.

You may easily plot your graphs by entering the axis values. If you want to solve a problem, you must enter the formula and provide the value of each variable. The programme will then produce an exact solution that you can compare to your work. It is also possible to get a step-by-step answer by just asking a query. Many features are available, including scanning, plotting tables for linear and non-linear equations, support for multiple languages, importing images, scanning and solving worksheets with multiple problems, trying word problems, word problem solving, web search options, a wide range of pertinent topics, and more.

#5. Brainly


Another best alternative to Cymath to solve math problems. As it offers a wide range of classes, Brainly—World’s Largest Learning, created by Brainly Inc., is an excellent tool for learning any topic from any subject. It’s a great tool that enables you to post a question and quickly get concise responses from other students. There are millions of students and parents in our community that can assist you with topics like math, social studies, foreign languages, etc.

You may ask questions, look for answers, get ready for tests, and do research on all the hot topics with the aid of this programme. All of the content on Brainly is organised into a number of categories, each with its own options and answers that are frequently updated with fresh information. The layout is straightforward and user-friendly.

#6. PhotoMath


You may use the math equation-solving tool Photomatch to help you with basic to complex mathematical equations. This software will provide you with a full explanation for your understanding in addition to just defining the solution. Whether you are an expert mathematician or a complete beginner, the explanation approach for this programme is very clear and easy to comprehend for everyone.

Similar to this, if there is a written equation that has to be answered, all you have to do is open this app’s camera, aim it at the problem, and an explanation and answer will appear right away on the screen. Due to all the animated explanations that have kept the children engaged in learning more, this is also incredibly beneficial for children.

#7. SpeedCrunch


SpeedCrunch app like Cymath, is a highly accurate scientific digital calculator with an intuitive user interface that makes it simple to answer mathematical problems. The best thing about this programme is that because it is open-source, you can use all of its features and services for free.

Additionally, it shows the outcome as you type it out and allows you to view your whole calculation history to make sure all the calculations were carefully added. You may also utilise the keyboard on this tool to enjoy the feel of an old-fashioned calculator if you choose not to do equations on your keyboard.

#8. Mathway


Mathway alternative to Cymath is an extremely helpful tool for resolving mathematical issues. This tool offers a variety of alternatives, such as algebra, trigonometry, statistics, or chemistry, each of which has its own subcategories. This software has a table where you must enter values into certain slots and wait a small amount of time for the answer to show.

With the aid of this application, you can also create charts that will make it easier for you to grasp difficulties. The long-term goal of Mathway is to provide organised solutions for all math problems using the simplest interface possible throughout the most popular available stages.

#9. Wolfram Mathematica

Wolfram Mathematica

A programme called Wolfram Mathematica has built-in libraries for changing different matrices, solving symbolic representations, accessing various functions and other associated data, implementing algorithms, and developing user interfaces. Without a doubt, this is a fantastic tool for development. The best thing about this tool is that it has more than 5,000 different features that all work together perfectly.

Although the title would suggest that it just deals with mathematical problems and their answers, it also discusses image processing, visualisation, data processing, geometry, etc. Additionally, it is a very useful instrument that has already precisely automated its activities.

#10. QuickMath


With QuickMath’s all-in-one platform, you may ask a question and eventually receive an answer from a volunteer from one of several websites. Only those who can comprehend the complexity of scientific equations will find this tool useful. On the website QuickMath, you may quickly and instinctively sort a difficult problem to get the solution. It will answer the most common questions about polynomials, conditions, and analytics that are asked in high schools.

You can assist in the solution of mathematical equations in the polynomial math section. The biggest feature of this programme is that it offers you assistance with a variety of math problems from hundreds of expert mathematicians. Additionally, it is a free website that many students may use to seek assistance without any issues. It is also a best Cymath alternative.

#11. WebMath


An online math resource called WebMath generates solutions to specific arithmetic problems and enquiries that users provide. This website contains a variety of math “fill-in-structures” that you can use to organise the arithmetic problems you’re having problems with. You don’t have to wait for someone to respond to your inquiries via email or another user while using this service.

Instead, you will receive prompt feedback along with a thorough explanation. This programme will provide you more than just solutions; it will also walk you through every step of improving your calculations for future challenges.

#12. is a website with the sole purpose of teaching math to anybody who is interested. Utilizing both technology and instruction, this is the ideal approach. The finest feature of this system is its unique approach to user education. It has high-quality courses, an online support system that works around the clock, and live Q&A sessions with math experts.

Everyone can study arithmetic in a fun and educational setting thanks to our platform. While offering clear, concise descriptions and answers to various equations and words, this platform is continuously updated. This platform has been used by millions of students to study various arithmetic problems in the most effective way.

#13. FreeMathHelp


FreeMathHelp is a good resource for professionals and students to use while dealing with various arithmetic issues. This platform is certainly the one you should seek out if you’re interested in learning a little bit about various arithmetic difficulties. You can find parts of math equations and their answers, from simple to the complicated.

This website even has a pleasing user interface. First, although it looks like a local menu, the left sidebar is really connected to other issue solvers and can offer intuitive answers. Additionally, you may discover a variety of games that are based on math issues, which is another fun way for your kids to study new issues with intense enthusiasm.

#14. Wolfram Alpha Integrals

Wolfram Alpha Integrals

Computing ant derivatives, positive integrals, double and triple integrals, and basic integrals is made incredibly simple with Wolfram Alpha. This tool does extensive general computations, frequently involving extremely difficult arithmetic. This tool applies two or three different approaches. The first step is to figure out the overall framework that is needed. Next, this form is broken up, and constraints are set to coordinate common unknown parameters.

This technology was assigned the task of managing a large amount of data at once together with challenging equations. Naturally, it was also put to the test against top mathematicians in order to gauge its performance. This programme is useful not just for academic purposes but also for professional ones.

#15. GrabCAD 


GrabCAD is one of the top online communities for finding, uploading, saving, and sharing CAD files for designers, engineers, manufacturers, and students. It has millions of users that exchange and download millions of files every day from all around the world. It is a complete solution for CAD designers who wish to share knowledge, discover new things, and be inspired. You can learn everything there is to know about CAD design through the program’s many lessons.

You may connect with other engineers and specialists interested in related subjects using this service. The fact that this programme comes with a sizable CAD library that you can quickly explore to store and download fresh ideas is one of the most intriguing aspects of it. Each of its four templates may be readily modified without any restrictions.

#16. Tiger Algebra

Tiger Algebra

A good website that covers all areas of variable-based arithmetic is Tiger Algebra. You need to understand variable-based arithmetic if you want to play poker. You need to be familiar with variable-based arithmetic if you want to bet on horses. Polynomial mathematics is utilised by everyone, from venture traders to oil drillers to GPS in vehicles. However, you may deeply understand its relevance to your day-to-day existence by using logarithmic concepts.

Conditions, divisions, direct variable-based mathematics, and non-straight polynomial mathematics may all be learned via this. The questions must be filled in the designated fields, and you may acquire a formal response with just one check. In addition to the questions you post, you may also view the responses to some of the more recent concerns on the website.

#17. MalMath 


MalMath is a fantastic tool for systematically resolving mathematical problems. This programme is capable of offering clear, understandable answers to a variety of challenging math problems. This programme is free and functional even without an Internet connection.

You may use this tool to tackle a variety of mathematical issues, including those involving integrals, subordinates, limits, fundamental conditions, and linked trigonometry. When you enter the problem you need to solve and click the “solve” button, the solution will be presented briefly along with the solution. For people who are very interested in learning more about science, this application is excellent.

#18. PTC Mathcad

PTC Mathcad

Engineers and designers can use PTC Mathcad’s software to perform any type of calculation. The programme satisfies all of the teams’ needs for traceability, intellectual property protection, and precise data calculation. It makes it easier for engineers to document their important technical calculations.

Users of the platform may do extensive formatting by combining plots, words, and photos into one action. This programme can be used by users for the majority of important computations, including analysis, solutions, documentation, and sharing. It enables managers and engineers to regulate the level of access to content visibility.


Is Cymath able to solve word puzzles?

Yes, Cymath can solve all word problems in mathematics. It has a wide collection of math problem solutions and is quick and intuitive.

Is the Cymath app free?

Step-by-step answers to your issues are offered entirely free of charge by Cymath. You may sign up for Cymath Plus for $4.99 USD per month if you need more assistance. With Cymath Plus, you may view the steps followed and their justification for the majority of problems across a wide range of subjects. Cymath is also accessible without ads.

What is the URL of the website that can fix any math issue?

When it comes to arithmetic, Wolfram|Alpha has extensive knowledge and strong computational capabilities. Wolfram|Alpha can solve any problem, whether it has to do with math, algebra, calculus, differential equations, or anything else.


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