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15 Best Bedpage Alternatives Website For You To Try In 2022

When a user’s favourite website is down or stops operating, they begin looking for the best Bedpage replacements online in 2022.

Despite the fact that there are several websites claiming to be the best Bedpage alternatives online, However, determining which is authentic and which is a scam can be tricky. However, we have compiled a list of the top 15 best bedpage alternative websites for 2022.

What exactly is Bedpage, and when did it come into being?

Bedpage is a website that allows you to publish classified advertising and also offers casual dating services. Its primary goal is to replace Backpage and give similar services to its users. The website lets its users trade online and use its services from anywhere on the globe for free.

Following the prohibition on the Backpage, the Bedpage website arose, and with the passage of time, the website developed tremendously and quickly reached enormous success and popularity.However, the user interface and structure taken from the back page, as well as a slew of bogus profiles under various divisions, do not bode well for the website’s long-term efficiency. Users have begun to hunt for the bedpage alternatives website as they have become aware of this information. See 15 Best Workato Competitors & Alternatives Software For Business.

15 Best Bedpage Alternatives Website For You To Try In 2022

If you’re seeking bedpage alternatives, you’ve come to the correct site! In this post, we will present you with the best 15 bedpage alternatives based on user evaluations. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the greatest bedpage alternatives.

#1. Yesbackpage 


The closure of Backpage gave an opportunity for various websites that provide comparable services, one of which is Yesbackpage. Because the Yesbackpage has the same kind of classifieds that the backpage used to have, traffic to the site has increased by a lot since the backpage was banned.

Yesbackpage is being considered as a new backpage alternative and a site comparable to Bedpage. However, the Yesbackpage website seems more like the backpage website than the bedpage. The website employs the same brilliant blue and white colour scheme that made the backpage famous.

#2. Ebackpage


Bedpage’s sibling site is Ebackpage. As a result, the majority of the functionalities on this website are identical to those on Bedpage. The website claims to offer its visitors convenient and valuable services. To attract the user’s attention, the website employs the same hue as the former homepage. If your favourite bedpage site is down, Ebackpage is the best site for bedpage users to use instead.

The majority of visitors to the website are from the United States. This website, like Bedpage, is well-known for its personal ad area.

#3. Craigslist 


Craigslist began as a San Francisco-based electronic magazine that allowed you to submit free classified advertising! Craiglist is the finest bedpage replacement since it has classified advertisements for every imaginable area, like paint jobs, housing, sales, services, personals, and so on. The website also has a forum where people can post articles and discuss them in the comments.

Craiglist’s developers and owners created it to give people a non-commercial platform where they could offer and buy products and services. A non-commercial platform is one where you may publish and view classified ads for free, as well as answer them for free.

#4. Doublelist 


Doublelist is a classified, personal, and dating website that allows its users to publish classified advertising for free. The company mostly serves the United States. The website is one of the best alternatives to bedpage because it offers the same services that people look for on bedpage.

It gets around 15 million visits every month from all across the world. Doublelist was founded with the intention of creating a safe space where anyone could post advertisements and communicate.Users began to regard it as a relevant page and a Craigslist alternative within a few years of its existence. One of the best things about Doublist is that users can post ads for free, without having to pay anything.

#5. Kijiji 


Kijiji is an amazing service for anybody wishing to post local ads. eBay owns the whole website, which was launched in February 2005.

The website provides a platform for people to interact and buy or sell items and services in their neighborhood. However, if you are searching for a worldwide classified site, Kijiji is not the best option because it concentrates on local ads in Canada.

#6. Oodle 


The Oodle website was launched in 2004 and has since grown to become one of the most popular classified websites in the world. The website was first started as a classified listing website, but it is now well known for its ad section.

Before Craigslist shut down its ad area, Oodle’s ad section faced stiff competition. Following the closure of the Craigslist ad section, Oodle became the new Craigslist ad section replacement for Craigslist users, who switched to Oodle to take advantage of the dating services provided by the Oodle website. A bedpage website is more popular than Oodle. As a result, you may use it as a good bedpage alternative.

#7. Gumtree 


Gumtree was one of the original classifieds websites in the United Kingdom. The website is a strong competitor to Bedpage in the United Kingdom and Australia. After the closure of Backpage, most people favour Gumtree as one of the greatest Backpage substitutes.

Even the majority of UK and Australian users thought this website was superior to Bedpage. The website provides its consumers with freemium services. The website’s owner is Michael Pennington.

#8. Olx


Olx is one of the top online classified websites on the globe. The website is based in Amsterdam. Olx is one of the most legal and secure Bedpage Alternative websites, with users from all over the world. According to Wikipedia, the website has around 200 million monthly active users.

#9. Yazak


Yazak is an Arab online classified service comparable to Bedpage, OLX, and Craigslist. Users publish classified advertising for vehicles, real estate, employment, and other items. Other users can then immediately buy and sell items or services from one another. It is one of the biggest websites in the Arab world because about 10 million people use it every month on different domains.

Yazak is an online classified service that has a large user base from all over the world. Yazak’s webpage is routinely updated.

#10. eBay Classifieds

eBay classifieds

EBay is a paid classified website; it is not free like any other Bedpage Alternative website. You must pay a nominal charge to sell your goods or services on the website. However, the charge is fairly reasonable, so anyone may use their website services. The internet advertisements are only available for 24 hours.

#11. Geebo 


Geebo is a 2000-founded online classified service situated in the United States. Users may choose from a wide variety of categories on the website. Geebo delivers the most secure environment for its users. The onlyne service is available globally, but the website’s primary region is the United States.

#12. Hoobly 


Hoobly is an online classifieds service. Hoobly lets you list your goods and services in many different categories, like art, electronics, books, business, real estate, clothing, and so on.

It simply takes a few minutes to sign up for Hoobly classified sites. Anyone with an email address can register for free on the website.

#13. Peerhub 


Peerhub is a website similar to Bedpage that allows you to sell items and services in a variety of areas. The website gives its users an easy-to-use interface. You may sign up for an account right now with your email address.

#14. Locanto 


Locanto is one of Germany’s most popular classified ad websites. In July 2006, the website was launched as a local classified site for New York City. However, in just one month, they had spread their services throughout the United States. The website has more than 1.5 million registered members from more than 60 countries.

This service allows you to submit free classified advertising from anywhere in the globe. The website provides listings in a variety of categories, such as employment, for lease, for sale, services, actual property, community, automobiles, pets, and so on.

#15. Roomster 


The Roomster website launched in New York in September 2000. You may use the website to look for a roommate or a place for yourself. For Android and iOS users, the website includes a fully working app. To use the roomster service, simply download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. This website also allows you to list your space.

Final Thoughts:

The 15 bedpage replacement websites 2022 that I have given above are one of the best options for bedpage consumers when their favourite bedpage is down or not operating. This 15 alternative to Bedpage is a well-known website for selling products and services.


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