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17 Best Apps Like Bazoocam For Video Chat – Free Video Chatroom

Bazoocam is a video chat app that lets you start a random video conversation with individuals from all around the world. It is a Chatroulette alternative that provides all of the key services and features, such as meeting mind-liked individuals, filters, sharing photographs, and much more. Bazoocam for free video chat most intriguing aspect of this video chat programme is that no login or personal information is required.

Simply select your gender and begin chatting with folks from all around the world. Bazoocam is a safe and secure service that protects you from all types of attacks and allows you to talk anonymously without restriction. Bazoocam also has the ability to share a location with its pattern with a single click, making it superior to others.

What is BazooCam?

Bazoocam was created in March 2010 with the intention of becoming a strangerchat website, but it has evolved into much more than just a venue for meeting new people. It facilitates international meetings, dates, and hangouts by providing free video chat sessions and texting with random strangers. Despite having started out as a French-speaking website, it currently hosts users from all over the world and supports a wide range of languages, including Hindi, Turk, Afrikaans, and others.

The aspect of Bazoocam that appeals to me the most is the mystery of who the next random stranger may be. Second, I appreciate that I can start conversing right away without having to register in any way. I just need a reliable internet connection, a webcam, a functional computer, and my amazing personality to have a filthy chat. Although many individuals have given several explanations for why they think Bazoocam is better than other websites—hot adolescents being one of them—most people still think it’s better since they don’t have to register in order to initiate a chat.


How to bypass a Bazoocam ban?

By using a VPN, which is available for both PC and mobile users, you may easily get around the Bazoocam prohibition by masking your IP. Users may only be banned for breaking the site’s rules and regulations, which expressly state that you should always wear clothing. Thus, waiting out the sentence is another method to get unbanned. There are a ton of more video chat websites available here. As stated on their website, first-time offenders will receive a 20-day suspension from Bazoochat. Therefore, it would not be a terrible idea to wait if your IP is blocked for the first time. You will get a longer-term suspension from their video chat rooms if you repeatedly break their rules.

Is Bazoocam Safe?

Users may communicate safely using the Bazoocam app apk, which is an application version of the website. Unlike other dating services, the app or website does not request that you divulge any personal information on its platform. As a result, you are exempt from filling out lengthy forms or creating intricate profiles that include pictures and detailed descriptions of your sexual preferences and relationship history.

As a result, it’s a really comfortable area to chat without feeling rushed or hesitant. Having said that, the platform is a dating site and has a reputation for drawing in the wrong crowd, so occasionally you may see some nudity or foul language. Nevertheless, the staff behind the website is in charge of overseeing everything and monitoring fraudulent activity and people who share offensive material. If you are uncomfortable with a user, you may always choose not to speak with them.

Where can I get the Bazoocam APK?

Bazoocam is PC-based and portable. The Android Bazoocam APK is available for download on websites that provide APKs for download. A fast online search will lead to several download sites. It is not currently available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Thus, although the Android app may be downloaded from websites, users of iOS devices are regretfully left out. There is no availability of the Bazoocam APK for users of iPhones. Therefore, using their chat website on your mobile browser to access the chat is the ideal method to utilize BazooCam on a mobile device.

Who is able to use a bazoocam?

It makes sense to limit Bazoocam to a specific age group now that you know it’s for those looking for fun and relationships. That being stated, no user under the age of 18 is allowed access to Bazoocam. For people of any gender, nationality, or ethnicity, the well-liked video chat is obviously free. The fact that the sole restriction is age makes it incredibly simple to use and locate a chat partner.

Can kids use BazooCam safely?

The website had a large blue tab with the word “start” on it. I clicked this to start my chat session, and a man exposing his privates greeted me right away. (However, because I didn’t look, it was OK.) He went pretty soon, so I never had a chance to use the option to report any disrespectful conduct. I saw a yellow tab labeled “Girls” while I was still debating whether or not this website was appropriate for children. When I clicked on it, a page full of girls—from semi-clothed to semi-naked—was displayed. Therefore, I conclude that it is a big no for children.


  • Meet New Strangers
  • Every Day in High-Quality
  • Video Multiple Filters
  • Emojis can be sent

17 Best Apps Like Bazoocam For Video Chat – Free Video Chatroom 2023

Here is the list of best alternatives to bazoocam that let you video chat with other people around the world.

#1. ChatHub


ChatHub is a great Bazoocam alternative that is completely free to use. It allows you to meet random individuals and speak with them at your leisure. You may text or video chat with strangers, meet them online and become friends. When it comes to sites like Bazoocam, the official site is one of the largest, with several features and a strong fan following.

ChatHub features

  • One of its finest features is the filtering process, which allows you to filter strangers based on language and gender and then choose one at random from the filtered list.
  • You do not need to register in order to use its services. You only need to go to its website, enter your gender, and you’re set to talk with a stranger.
  • Even though the site does not have an app, you may access it via your desktop browser or mobile device on the move. The application is mobile-friendly.
  • ChatHub values your privacy. The site’s famed peer-to-peer connection means that all of your material, i.e., all of your texts, audio, and video communications, are sent straight to the partner’s website.
  • Its privacy policies apply to data confidentiality as well. It assures you that none of your data is stored while preserving your privacy and data confidentiality.
  • Its excellent optimization smoothes out the platform for a speedier and more efficient connection.

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#2. iMeetzu


IMeetzu is an app similar to Bazoocam, Chatroulette, and Camzap that allows you to chat with random people in real time. They all have the same characteristics and provide text and video random chatting. In addition, iMeetzu and LiveChat, has a camera option for chat rooms for interactive discussion.

iMeetzu features

  • It is in charge of reporting inappropriate behaviour by users as well as other aggressive behaviours. The standards can even kick them out of the system, resulting in a safe workplace.
  • iMeetzu is more like a social network since it has other functions, such as,
  • It allows you to share documents and materials with others.
  • Display photographs,
  • Include connections
  • It has live broadcasts as well as team conversations.
  • This lets you have more interesting conversations with your favourite random chat people and look at their profiles to learn more about them without having to reveal your real name or other sensitive information like you would on Facebook.

#3. TinyChat


TinyChat is a free video chat room where you can quickly browse through the video chat rooms, meet with friends, or build your own chat rooms. It is one of the free Bazoocam alternatives. TinyChat lets people talk to each other through text, video, and voice chat.

TinyChat’s features

  • The app’s compatibility with HTML5-based browsers. It is also compatible with Android and iOS systems.
  • Up to 12 video and audio streams can be accommodated in the chat rooms.
  • Chat, instant messaging, and meeting new people are other Bazoocam-like functions.
  • TinyChat has 19,248 Google Play ratings and 204 App Store reviews.

#4. Chatroulette


Chatroulette is yet another popular and reliable Bazoocam alternative that connects random strangers via its virtual platform and includes an interactive camera. You may use the webcam filter to find a good match.

Chatroulette features

  • You may filter strangers by nationality and gender to maximise your chances of being matched with a suitable match based on your preferences. These filters are presented on the interface as radio buttons.
  • It employs a peer-to-peer connection, similar to ChatHub, which protects your privacy.
  • Chatroulette has a smart algorithm that is meant to match an ideal pairing of two random strangers.
  • The camera function allows you to communicate with others in real-time.
  • You may enjoy unlimited chat rooms without enrolling, with global foreigners, or with anybody you want to be based on the filters, and talk on any size gadget.

#5. Monkey


Monkey is a tik-toking Bazoocam chat alternative that promises to form communities across borders. You can converse with any random stranger while remaining true to yourself in this manner. People are seeking opportunities to communicate with strangers using apps, such as instant messaging, live video chats, and random texting. The crowd is significantly younger, and when combined with the TikTok vibes, the Bazoocam rival is cooler and more appealing, especially to adolescents all over the world. Your satisfaction is our top concern. You may begin your discussion right now with the touch of a button.

Monkey features

  • Because it fosters uniqueness and self-discovery, the platform makes it simpler to meet new people and establish new friendships online.
  • It is the simplest, quickest, and most interactive way to meet new people virtually from all over the world, plus you can accumulate bananas and redeem special products that do not provide.
  • Unlike Bazoocam, Monkey allows you a 10-second live video-calling window after connecting on Snapchat to catch up with the stranger.
  • You can also personalise your profile by adding music or moods that will play automatically when others see your profile pop-up when swiping random individuals.
  • You can talk or facetime with your favourite celebrities, communicate with others, share with friends, express yourself, and be heard using short videos.
  • It has a 4.5-star rating on the App Store with 30,662 reviews and a 4.6-star rating on Google Play with 48,438 votes.

#6. CamSurf


CamSurf is a free random video chat tool that may be used as a Bazoocam chat alternative, allowing users to connect from anywhere on the globe. It’s more than just a live chat. You may use all of the free services to boost your chances of meeting the right person.

CamSurf features

  • It’s a free video chat messaging programme for finding new friends, dating new people, or simply keeping up with random strangers in real-time.
  • Camsurf is a popular alternative to Bazoocam because you can narrow the list by location, language, and a lot of other things.
  • Because it is a web-based platform, the programme may be run on Android and iOS mobile phones, as well as PCs and laptops.
  • It has a 4.6 rating on the App Store based on 4K reviews and a 3.9 rating on Google Play based on 29,752 views.

#7. ChatRandom


ChatRandom is a terrific alternative to Bazoocam for meeting random individuals and speaking with them in order to create social ties. It was first introduced in 2011. Every month, millions of people use it to meet new people, communicate quickly, date, or meet people they would never have met otherwise.

ChatRandom features

  • To use the services, you must first complete and submit a registration form.
  • Furthermore, you can exit a chat at any time with a single click.
  • ChatRandom is popularly known for how safe it is.
  • Users that treat you aggressively or violate the site’s rules can be removed.
  • In addition, reporting improper behaviour is rather simple.
  • You may set preferences depending on gender and recognised languages, or even utilise an extra webcam for a more immersive experience.
  • Face filters can help you break the ice and talk to random people in a more creative and quick way.

#8. MeetMe


MeetMe, a popular Bazoocam competitor, is a platform for chatting and meeting new people. It is not a dating app per se, but it might appear to have secret fans. MeetMe is renowned for unlimited chat and streaming.

MeetMe features

  • You may connect with people from all around the world who share your interests and have similar likes and dislikes.
  • MeetMe has a global user base of over 100 million people. It allows you to message, video chat, and live stream.
  • MeetMe is an open network that is similar to Bazoocam. You may look for people and talk to them online.
  • In contrast to Bazoocam, MeetMe asks you to give your credentials and register in order to use its services. You must enter your first and last name or use your Facebook credentials to sign in.
  • The software also asks for permission to access your location so that it can find other people in your area who are also looking for a match.
  • The app has received 3.4 stars on Google Play from over 1.5 million users and 4.3 stars on the App Store from 247.9K ratings.

#9. Emerald


Emerald is a fantastic free Bazoocam alternative that provides a talking platform as well as a clear and straightforward UI. You will find the online chatting platform simple to use and will be able to continue building relationships without difficulty.

Emerald features:

  • To make it work, you must provide accurate information about yourself, such as your likes and dislikes. The algorithm will then match your interests and let you connect with individuals all across the world.
  • Emerald is the most popular on the web, where you can meet new people with the touch of a mouse.
  • Emerald has no bots! Anti-bot procedures are in place on the platform.
  • Emerald, among other things, has a one-on-one video and text chat mode as well as a group chat mode.
  • Like the other alternatives we’ve talked about, Emerald has filters based on gender, karma rating, and a lot of other things.

#10. Fruzo


Fruzo is an online dating and social networking platform that allows you to communicate with people face-to-face using webcams or your smartphone’s camera. Users may use the app to locate a match, connect with new people, video chat, and make phone calls. Make new acquaintances, expand your network, and make new friends within the same service.

Fruzo Features

  • You may enhance your social network through video chatting, making friends, or dating.
  • You may start speaking at any time by using filters based on gender, age, location, and many other criteria.
  • This programme connects to our Facebook user profile and allows us to engage with other people at random. As an alternative to Bazoo cam, you may use your existing profile on the social network with which you are registered or establish a new one.
  • Fruzo has pioneered a new approach to online dating by establishing a dating network.
  • You can use a web browser on a PC or install the new Fruzo app on your phone to get to Fruzo.

#11. YouNow


It is a broadcasting service that allows you to stream your own videos or communicate with other users by live-streaming videos in real-time.

YouNow features

  • YouNow provides video streaming, live streaming, and live TV services.
  • You may communicate immediately and gain a large number of followers and watchers, as well as the ability to expand your fan base.
  • In addition, YouNow users must register in order to communicate with anyone. You may register using your Facebook or Twitter credentials.
  • As an alternative to Bazoo cam, YouNow has tight standards to guard against bullies and explicit material. You may also block or report certain viewers.
  • YouNow allows you to add broadcasters to your list and receive notifications when they go live.
  • You may present other broadcasters by purchasing gold and increasing your views if you so choose.

#12. FaceFlow


FaceFlow is an online chat platform that qualifies as an Bazoocam alternative since it is a web-based video programme that is accessible via mobile phones. You may meet new people without even downloading the app. You can also share your guest chat link with folks who aren’t on FaceFlow and connect with them online for a conversation or a video call.

FaceFlow Features

  • Video calls may be made one-on-one or in groups.
  • FaceFlow’s technology is cutting-edge web-based video chat technology with a strong back-end architecture. It employs WebRTC, which enables free, high-quality, robust international live video calling.
  • It provides free chat rooms that are monitored by moderators 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • FaceFlow is entirely web-based, so it can be used on laptops, mobile phones, and desktop computers; video calls may be made using Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers.
  • You may make friends with strangers who share your interests and dislikes.
  • To make your profile more engaging and eye-catching, make it more informational. To assist you in breaking the ice and starting conversations, emphasise your areas of interest.
  • It also features one of the most recently multiplayer games, Flappy.

#13. Paltalk



Paltalk is a free audio and video chat service that allows users to communicate in real time with one another. It has several functions, such as instant messaging, group chat, screen sharing, and file sharing. It enables users to communicate with people from all around the world.

More significantly, Paltalk is accessible via desktop and mobile devices (even Kindle), allowing users to stay connected no matter where they are. It is a well-known way to communicate that can be used for both personal and business purposes.

Paltalk allows you to search among 5000+ public chat rooms, upload your YouTube or SoundCloud videos in chat rooms, and send gifts or stickers to friends and strangers to double the fun. So, whether you want to reconnect with old acquaintances or meet new people from all over the world, Paltalk is the ideal answer.

#14. Camloo


Camloo connects users with strangers from all over the world and includes several useful features, such as Free Webcam Chat, Find a Great Match, Show Yourself, Chat Safety, and so on. It is entirely free to use and requires no registration. It also has no demographic restrictions, so anyone may use it. Furthermore, Camloo has a number of features that distinguish it from other Bazoocam competitors.

For example, Camloo, for example, features a “Hobbies” function that connects users with people who share their interests. This video chatting platform also has a “location” function, which allows users to interact with strangers from their own nation or city. Camloo is a great alternative to Bazoo cam if you want more features or a more customised experience.

#15. Shagle


Shagle, with over 3,000,000 active monthly users, is one of the most popular Bazoocam alternatives. The website provides an easy method to connect with random people for webcam chats. It features a straightforward design and is simple to use. You can start a conversation with a stranger by clicking the “Start Chatting” button.Shagle also offers a free mobile app that you may download. The app is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.

Shagle also has various features, such as the option to filter your matches by country, language, and gender. You may also specify that you only want to be paired with those who have a webcam. It also allows you to send virtual presents to strangers with whom you are conversing.

The Shagle team has established community norms, security measures, and virtual masks to ensure user safety. They also allow you to report unacceptable user conduct and have complete control over your hardware from the Chat Options section. Given all of this, we can conclude that Shagle is an excellent method to meet new people and create new friends from all over the world.

#16. Whisper


Whisper is a new anonymous chat software for Android and iOS that claims to keep your chats secret and your identity concealed. It protects your communications using end-to-end encryption and has a number of other features that make it an interesting choice for anyone seeking Bazoocam alternatives.

The Whisper app’s user interface is one of its primary selling features since it is meant to be both straightforward and user-friendly. The app also has hashtags, channels, and search filters to help you identify and connect with individuals who share your interests.

Whisper also has text and audio chat capabilities, making it a flexible communication tool. The Whisper app is absolutely worth investigating in 2022, whether you’re searching for a safe way to speak with strangers or an alternative to Bazoocam.

#17. StrangerCam


StrangerCam is an increasingly popular random chat application. It is viewed as a competitor, with a few important distinctions. For starters, StrangerCam enables users to communicate with people from all over the world rather than just those in their immediate vicinity.

Second, it has more features, such as group chat, video chat, and the ability to exchange photographs and videos. StrangerCam also offers a smaller user population than Bazoocam, which some users see favourably or negatively depending on their preferences.


There are several social networks where you can greet and meet new people and increase your chances of meeting new acquaintances. Furthermore, untrustworthy and unsafe websites may jeopardise your identification and other elements. You must exercise both caution and wisdom.

The first and primary necessity while using apps like Bazoocam is safety. The next consideration may be how simple the platform is to use and whether it has features such as video calling or reporting procedures to protect users from inappropriate remarks and predators.


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