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Top 17 WordPress Payment Plugins For Your Website (Compared)

WordPress payment plugin

Would you like to incorporate payment options into your website? Do you want to know which WordPress payment plugins is ideal for this?

On the market, there are hundreds of WordPress payment plugins. However, not every plugin will meet your exact requirements. Ideally, you should select a plugin that provides you with access to a large number of safe payment gateways as well as a pleasant user experience.

In this post, we’ll go through some of the top WordPress payment plugins for accepting online payments. See 18 Best IVR Software (Interactive Voice Response) For Business In 2022. 

What Should a WordPress Payment Plugins Include?

Because internet payments are involved, you must exercise caution while selecting payment plugins. Aside from money, you’ll have to deal with sensitive client information and payment data.

As a result, selecting a dependable WordPress payment plugin becomes crucial. Here are some things to keep an eye out for:

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best WordPress payment plugins.

Best Working WordPress Payment Plugins

WordPress payment plugins, both premium and free, are included below. Because each plugin has its own set of capabilities, you may choose the finest payment plugin for your WordPress website.

#1. Easy Digital Downloads Stripe

Simple Digital Downloads Stripe is a premium WordPress eCommerce plugin that allows you to accept online payments. If you wish to offer digital downloads, this is a full package that includes everything you need to set up your store and add ebooks, courses, papers, and so on.

It offers an on-site checkout so consumers may pay for their products without leaving the site. Premium extensions from the Easy Digital Downloads plugin may also be used to enhance your online payment system.

To provide subscriptions, the plugin has a robust recurring payment extension. If you offer software licences, online courses, or other digital items, Easy Digital Downloads Stripe will help you enhance client retention right away.

You’ll also be able to accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay payments. The greatest thing is that these payment methods provide users with a range of checkout options, including Touch ID, Face ID, and digital wallets.

#2. MemberPress

MemberPress is a WordPress membership plugin that does everything. It allows you to build strong membership sites from the ground up without having to hire a professional developer.

You may make money by selling online courses and digital downloads. The nicest thing about MemberPress is that you have total control over your content. That is, you may configure special permissions to automatically unlock a course after taking money from subscribers.

You may also provide and revoke access to your website’s pages, articles, videos, categories, tags, and other custom post types with MemberPress. In your WordPress dashboard, everything is simple to manage and track.

The platform also works effortlessly with all common WordPress themes, allowing you to ensure that your membership options and price plans fit the aesthetic of your website.

#3. WP Simple Pay

WP Simple Pay is a premium Stripe payment plugin for WordPress. It enables you to accept one-time and recurring payments on your website without having to write any code.

In just a few clicks, you can add services, goods, and online contribution options to WordPress. Customers may then sign up for periodic payments, subscriptions, instalments, or choose their own amount. You may also establish trial accounts and charge an initial setup cost using the plugin.

You may begin collecting payments online by incorporating versatile choices such as Stripe, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay. The greatest thing is that you can include these alternatives as distinct buttons in your payment forms, making it simple for customers to finish their orders.

WP Simple Pay also allows you to provide your clients with discounts by utilising promo codes. You may generate discount codes for percentage or dollar amounts off, and this will work with both subscriptions and one-time payments.

#4. WPForms

WPForms is the easiest WordPress contact form plugin to use. It enables you to construct and display many sorts of forms on your website, such as payment, registration, and booking forms.

The plugin includes built-in templates and a drag-and-drop form builder to rapidly set up your payment form. It’s ideal for any WordPress website or small business that wants to create easy and customizable payment forms without having to write any code.

You may also construct a catalogue by listing items or services inside the form. Customers may then choose the things they wish to buy, and WPForms will adjust the total payment based on their choices.

WPForms has a number of payment methods, including PayPal, Authorize.Net, and Stripe. You’ll discover add-ons that you may enable with a single click to activate your preferred payment method.

It also includes quick notifications for receivable payment alerts. As a result, you can keep track of your payments and instantly share the facts with your colleagues.

#5. PayPal Plus

PayPal Plus is a free WooCommerce payment plugin for WordPress. It interacts with your PayPal account and enables you to easily add an online payment system to your e-commerce store. All collected payments will be put into your merchant account.

PayPal Plus accepts a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and pay upon invoice. You can instantly credit the payment to your PayPal account with rapid checkout options.

#6. LearnDash

LearnDash is a popular WordPress payment plugin for learning management systems (LMS). It’s a one-stop shop for creating and selling online courses, delivering certifications, offering badges, and engaging users.

You have complete control over adding course costs, enrolling participants, managing progress, creating user groups, and communicating via email. It also sends out automated alerts to people who buy online courses from your website.

It accepts a variety of payment options, including PayPal, Stripe, and 2Checkout. You may build one-time payment courses, monthly or yearly subscriptions, paid memberships, and discounts using LearnDash. To optimise income, it sends renewal alerts to members.

#7. Stripe Payments

Stripe Payments is an excellent WordPress payment plugin for accepting online payments. It includes a shortcode for adding the Stripe Buy Now button to your website in order to sell items and services.

It’s an excellent option for NGOs looking to securely collect online donations through their Stripe account. You may view the payments in the plugin’s menu from your WordPress admin dashboard.

#8. WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

The WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway WordPress payment plugin is fantastic. It allows you to connect Stripe to your WooCommerce website and accepts payment cards, Alipay, and Apple Pay.

It can accept money from users on any WordPress website. You will receive an easy-to-use summary page where you can manage, accept, and return payments with a few clicks.

#9. Fluent Forms

Fluent Forms is well known for creating robust WordPress forms that help your business grow. People adore its plethora of features and exceptional user experience.

If you use Fluent Forms Pro, you can effortlessly collect payments for your online services with Stripe and PayPal. While additional choices are being introduced, it presently supports Stripe and PayPal Payments Standard. When necessary, you can also use the offline payment option.

#10. WordPress Simple PayPal

Simple Pay for WordPress is a free payment and shopping cart plugin. It enables the addition of an “Add to Cart” button to product pages, posts, and custom post types.

Users will know what they’re buying from your website and how much they’ll have to pay when they complete a purchase with fast shopping cart access. It has a clever PayPal payment button that allows you to receive money directly to your PayPal account.

#11. YITH WooCommerce Stripe

It is based on Stripe, so you can enjoy all of the features that Stripe offers its users. Stripe offers fraud prevention, global payment collection, unrivalled security, and several more advantages. This plugin ensures that everything adheres to Stripe’s guidelines. Another feature not present on all plugins is the ability to save the user’s cards. They do not need to enter their information again after making a payment. Reject any cards that have already been rejected. YITH WooCommerce Stripe is unquestionably a growth tool.

#12. Direct Stripe

Direct Stripe is a free WordPress payment solution with an easy-to-use interface and useful features. Another important feature of this plugin is the ability to configure someone’s role once they subscribe. Direct Stripe offers simple instructions for using the plugin, which is very helpful for non-techies. You may experiment with a variety of complex alternatives, such as charging visitors while they are on your site and sending automatic emails. This payment plugin is also Gutenberg-compatible. Aside from that, you may change the design of the button and include the GDPR checkbox.

#13. Everest Forms 

Everest Forms is a fantastic plugin for creating various forms with a drag and drop form builder. At the same time, it accepts PayPal payments using the PayPal add-on, which allows for the payment or collection of payments via forms. Similarly, it provides a Stripe add-on for configuring Stripe as the payment gateway. As a result, you have the option of using the PayPal or Stripe payment systems.

Simply drag and drop the field into your form for users to submit their credit card information. Other payment fields for the form include checkboxes, single items, multiple-choice, and so on. Furthermore, the Stripe add-on offers recurring payments, allowing you to charge your users on a regular basis.

#14. PayPal Donation

As the name implies, this plugin is ideal for collecting contributions. Set up PayPal Donation on your website if you want your visitors to give money in exchange for your products or services. You may post a lovely PayPal contribution button anywhere on the website so that people can see it and engage with it if they desire. Users can give any amount they choose to you using PayPal or credit cards. This plugin is easy to use and integrates into your website. Allow your fans from all around the world to pay you as a gesture of their love and admiration. You may test anything on the demo before beginning the actual sale.

#15. NMI Payment Gateway  

Network Merchants Inc. (NMI) is an e-commerce payment gateway that allows businesses to accept real-time transactions from anywhere on the globe. It’s a simple WordPress payment plugin that accepts credit card payments while NMI handles the users’ credit card information. Users stay on your site when purchasing since the plugin is seamlessly integrated into the checkout page.

It also offers refunds from the “Edit Order Page” for added convenience. It also allows you to select the card types that your account accepts. You may also simply add custom titles and descriptions to the gateway.

#16. User Registration 

User Registration is a well-known WordPress payment plugin that allows you to design custom registration forms. The plugin enables online payment on the WordPress website via its payments add-on and has extensive customization possibilities for each field and form. It enables you to integrate PayPal and Stripe into various forms, such as registration fee payment forms, contribution forms, and so on, and collect payments through them.

Furthermore, customers can pay directly using their connected email rather than their credit or debit card. The “users” page also allows the admin to simply examine the user’s payment status. In addition, users may see their payment status through their account’s “payment” tab. The currency is set to US dollars by default, but you can change it at any time.

#17. is a popular payment gateway that accepts master cards, visa cards, Discover, and other credit cards to process online payments. Because the plugin makes use of’s hosting solution, the payment is handled securely on’s servers. It does not require SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or PCI compliance (Peripheral Component Interconnect).

It also allows you to configure successful and failed payment notifications. The admin may also configure the currency, authorised nations, and base location from the dashboard. It permits visitor checkout without the necessity for a user account on the website, making payment more flexible.

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