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20 Best Nexthink Alternatives & Competitor Websites To Try In 2022

Nexthink is a high-quality, feature-rich Digital Experience Management Solution that allows you to understand your employees’ needs and discover what they like the most. Many businesses have commended the programme for its excellent efficiency. Nexthink is cloud-based, and you and your workers may use it from your account at any time and from any location.

Nexthink employs Artificial Intelligence to assist in making better decisions and optimising and automating the experience. Workplace Analytics is one of its modules, and Nexthink allows you to gain a comprehensive view of employee activity across locations, devices, networks, and operating systems. Advanced built-in automation, AI, and machine learning capabilities enable IT, professionals, to discover, prioritise, and eradicate problems before they negatively impact employee productivity.

You may determine staff preferences and incorporate them into the workflow for better results. The management may compare employee emotions to technological findings for ongoing improvement.

20 Best Nexthink Alternatives & Competitor Websites To Try In 2022

Here are some of the best competitors to Nexthink for digital experience management solutions.

#1. SysKit Monitor

SysKit Monitor

SysKit Monitor like Nexthink is a highly effective administration and enterprise server monitoring tool that offers server performance, application usage, and user activity to IT organisations globally. The greatest advantage is that it is easy to install and has built-in requirements. You can manage all of your servers from one location, and it is also accessible as a web and desktop interface. The remote user session reports allow the firm to monitor user behaviour.

You may track distant connections, user logins, and logoffs to servers to learn about the users’ present activity and locations. It also allows everyone to identify the number of users in a certain timeframe and whether they are idle or active. The platform provides real-time server performance statistics to help you keep a watch on important metrics such as disc, CPU, and memory utilisation, as well as various additional indications such as current IIS anonymous users, SQL transactions, and current IIS connections. Stopping performance difficulties becomes a piece of cake with these techniques. Server Inventory, Server Auditing Reports, Server Inventory, and PowerShell Administration are further significant features.


Another alternative to Nexthink. is a powerful, cutting-edge SaaS-based server monitoring solution with a smart and dynamic user interface designed for cloud use and a culture of team-based system operation and monitoring. It is used by numerous enterprises and is regarded as the industry leader in cloud operations. The server monitoring service comes with all of the tools needed to run a service and keep an eye on the cloud.

The greatest advantage is that the installation is really straightforward and only takes a few minutes to finish. Second, you will not be required to have technical expertise because there is no such need. The firm may harness the full potential of advanced functions by combining numerous measurements, measuring and forecasting values, and employing machine learning to identify problems that diverge from previous patterns. Automation and customization, containers, and multi-cloud are other important characteristics.

#3. ControlUp Real-time

ControlUp Real-time

ControlUp Real-time is a strong solution that delivers smooth, informative dashboards for identifying and resolving issues in users’ virtual desktops and apps. Most IT management products promote themselves as an all-in-one IT solution. However, this is insufficient since businesses demand high-quality glasses or lenses. The solution makes full use of the correlation and association logic of the real-time engine to create aggregated views of data from different sources.

You may sort, categorise, filter, or search these powerful grids by utilising a plethora of real-time metrics that are updated on a regular basis. When working with a monitoring system, alert fatigue and alert floods are critical. Configuring the appropriate triggers and thresholds is critical for assuring users’ complete focus on those metrics and resources that require their attention while not being overwhelmed with information. The service analyses anonymised metadata for hundreds of data centres and clients before applying machine learning skills to refine and optimise triggers and thresholds for you. It a great Competitor to Nexthink.

You may sort, categorise, filter, or search these powerful grids by utilising a plethora of real-time metrics that are updated on a regular basis. When working with a monitoring system, alert fatigue and alert floods are critical. Configuring the appropriate triggers and thresholds is critical for assuring users’ complete focus on those metrics and resources that require their attention while not being overwhelmed with information. The service analyses anonymised metadata for hundreds of data centres and clients before applying machine learning skills to refine and optimise triggers and thresholds for you.

#4. Goliath Performance Monitor

goliath performance monitor

Goliath Performance Monitor is a solution designed for troubleshooting and monitoring. It leverages the full power of the newest technologies to make it easier for IT workers to discover, debug, and document issues faced by end users, regardless of user or workload location. The main focus is on three important things that could cause a rise in support tickets: performance during a session, starting a login, and the process of logging in.

The platform is designed from the ground up to notify you before any problems arise. The solution is compatible with Amazon EC2, Citrix, Google Chromebook, Microsoft, and on-premises and cloud infrastructure. The technology offers deep and comprehensive insight to help IT teams solve VDI settings with enormous amounts of data. This allows administrators and support teams to quickly identify the problematic location in the delivery infrastructure and the specific reasons that are causing the problem to worsen.

#5. Splunk Insights for Infrastructure

Splunk Insights for Infrastructure

Splunk Insights for Infrastructure is a cutting-edge analytics solution for IT monitoring. It was built from the ground up to make the jobs of Site Reliability Engineers and System Administrators easier by giving them quick insight into the availability and performance of their bi-modal IT infrastructure in a single place.

You may keep a careful check on all metrics and take appropriate action when a problem arises. Its goal is to provide everyone with a risk-free, simple-to-install and set-up experience when they first start using it. Splunk Insights are a set of solutions that reduce Splunk platform issues and provide turn-key security and IT products.The app can be downloaded from Splunkbase, and Splunk customers with an Enterprise licence and deployment are the only ones who can use it.

#6. Server Density

Server Density

Server Density is a complete SaaS monitoring solution that serves as a good infrastructure monitoring tool for websites, the cloud, containers, and servers. It offers monitoring dashboards with detailed troubleshooting and visualisation. You can discover and fix problems before they negatively impact your productivity. The best feature is the wide range of integration choices that you may use to improve quality and do high-quality work.

#7. Observium


Observium is a platform that provides network monitoring services to assist customers in discovering networks on various devices. The programme gives users visibility into every area and function of their stores and displays all service information on the dashboard.

It helps customers streamline their capacity and plan for disaster recovery. The software assists managers in enhancing network dependability by providing correct information and enabling users to respond to a variety of possible situations proactively.

#8. LogicMonitor


LogicMonitor is an automated, cloud-based monitoring technology that provides visibility into an organization’s network. The platform provides lightweight agentless technology that meets third-party security standards, allowing users to scale with confidence. It lets people keep an eye on things like cloud services, network traffic, and digital processes, among other things.

When the infrastructure surpasses the functioning threshold, the platform provides notifications to users, and it makes use of AI-powered early warning capabilities. Additionally, this platform may be used for intelligent data forecasting, flexible reporting, and bespoke dashboards to deliver insights that automate reactions.

#9. LibreNMS


LibreNMS is a network monitoring system that provides customers with capabilities that allow them to keep track of their network across all of their configurations. The platform has an automated discovery capability that aids in the discovery of the complete network using ARP, SNMP, CDP, and other protocols. The programme allows users to add a configurable warning mechanism that notifies them when the network stress hits a certain level.

The software enables customers to generate network bandwidth invoices based on the quantity of consumption or transfer. It allows users to remain up-to-date on any network issues and repair defects in a timely manner to minimise downtime.

#10. Spiceworks Help Desk

Spiceworks Help Desk

Spiceworks Help Desk is a platform that allows users to quickly set up a help desk to manage jobs. The platform requires no software or server purchases because everything is already present and running in the cloud configuration. It enables users to manage all jobs via monitors, alarms, and configurable ticket features.

The technology enables in-office personnel to assist remote employees via secure remote support sessions from the help desk. It lets employees take care of all help desk tasks from their cell phones if they can’t get to the computer.

#11. Netreo


Netreo is a piece of IT infrastructure management software that allows users to control and automate anything in the business system. When the programme identifies an application failure, it sends users intelligent notifications and automatically re-tests failed services. The solution allows users to integrate multiple tools into a single platform and manage everything from a single dashboard.

The platform has an automatic topology recognition capability that allows users to see their network’s present configuration without the use of maps. It has a function for handling errors and supports protocols, so users can test applications in depth.

#12. Icinga


Icinga is a platform that allows customers to monitor and track the performance of their whole infrastructure. The platform allows users to see all the important data about any programme and raises alarms to keep them informed. The solution’s monitoring platform can keep a watch on the whole data centre and clouds.

After gathering all the data, the platform processes the results and efficiently stores them. It has an easy-to-use online interface that lets users change the whole layout and filter certain dashboard elements.

#13. TrueSight Operations Management

TrueSight Operations Management

TrueSight Operations Management by BMC is a powerful solution that excels at monitoring and event management. Users benefit from the IT team’s streamlined work by assessing and prioritising data. It makes it easier for users to find, evaluate, and fix infrastructure problems than before.

TrueSight Smart Reporting allows users to produce amazing drag-and-drop reports in a matter of seconds. It also provides customers with extensive monitoring capabilities via hundreds of connectors. This programme regulates and administers the system’s functionality. Furthermore, it may be used to create dynamic baselines and reduce event noise by 90%.

#14. Naverisk RMM & PSA

Naverisk RMM & PSA

Naverisk RMM & PSA is a remote monitoring and management platform that enables users to discover and handle problems before they have an impact on other users. With sophisticated and simple-to-use automation capabilities, the platform enables customers to alter the efficiency of their IT services. It gives customers a one-stop shop for monitoring, alerting, patching, reporting, and other tasks related to devices and networks.

The solution provides customers with remote control and remote access options, as well as simple remote control tools. It also gives customers a remote console and a task manager so they can keep an eye on their Windows and other operating systems and keep them running smoothly.

#15. Centrify Privileged Access Service

Centrify Privileged Access Service

Centrify Privileged Access Service is a security services provider that assists organisations in mitigating cyberattacks on their on-premise, mobile and cloud IT environments. It protects the enterprise’s internal and external users and privileged accounts from data breaches caused by stolen credentials.

Its Privileged Access Service is extremely outstanding, and it is meant to handle the most basic use case of privileged access management, which is allowing access to a privileged user account via a share account, password, or application password, and safeguarding remote access. There is also a feature that helps organisations secure and manage user and application accounts on server and network devices, which saves a lot of time and work.

#16. Uila


Uila is a secure and intelligent app-centric infrastructure monitoring and analytics platform developed for private and hybrid cloud settings. With a better workflow and many automations in place, the platform is very important for your IT business. After 3 to 6 months, you will see that your ROI keeps going up.

With Uila, you get higher satisfaction ratings, spend less time on cloud migration, spend less time troubleshooting, and have fewer unexpected downtimes. Performance monitoring, application dependence, and cyber threat monitoring for co-related apps, automated functions, and security monitoring are all available through Uila. There’s also automatic root cause analysis, repaid deployment, unified full-stack monitoring, workload rightsizing, product migration evaluation, and more.

#17. Solarwinds NAM

Solarwinds NAM

Solarwinds offers NAM (Network Automation Manager) software to help enterprises decrease network downtime. It has a monitoring module that allows engineers to watch the performance of their networks and quickly locate, diagnose, and rectify problems to reduce the likelihood of failures. They may also get statistics and traffic information from any device and at any time.

Solarwinds NAM features a Traffic and Bandwidth Analysis tool that gives alerts when traffic patterns change. Engineers can get, track, and look at data from J-Flow, NetFlow, NetStream, and sFlow to find out how much traffic is on a network.

#18. NetBrain


NetBrain is a network automation technology that gives network engineers a graphical representation of their mixed settings. Control-Plane Modelling, Dynamic Map, and Executable Runbook are among its key characteristics. Control Plane modelling is the process of determining the control logic of a network by employing a neighbor-walking algorithm that uses CLI to interpret hundreds of data variables for each device.

A Dynamic Map is a graphical diagram that can manage a limitless amount of data and is built based on requirements. It is used by technical teams to investigate and debug their network architectures. Executable Runbooks are documents that may be shared and run by all members of the network operations team. It has various stages that may be modified without the use of scripts and run throughout the whole network.

#19. Netmiko


Netmiko is a piece of software designed to improve the secure shell protocol (SSH) for network devices that use network vendors including Arista, Jupiter Networks, and Cisco. It not only improves, but it also aids in the management of SSH.

This programme gives stability choices based on the user’s device and network capabilities. Some of the key capabilities of this programme are platform parsing, automation, debugging, device configuration, and scheduled configuration backups.

#20. AlibabaMQ

AlibabaMQ Messaging queue

AlibabaMQ is a customizable messaging queue service created for Apache RocketMQ that allows safe and secure asynchronous data transfer between applications and microservices with low latency and fast speed. It enables developers to create scalable, distributed systems with advanced features.

Users benefit from the numerous features provided by AlibabaMQ. It can handle 10 million queries per second with no problems or disruptions. It employs industry-standard features to increase data dependability to 100%. To ensure message security, the service can forward and receive messages based on the topic and customer ID. Finally, it can handle ten thousand messages at once.


What is the purpose of Nexthink?

What exactly is Nexthink? The Nexthink platform captures extensive data from end users. It collects events, such as when the CPU is used too much, an application crashes, or the network responds, that can help you figure out what might be wrong with a device.

What exactly is the Nexthink product?

Nexthink is the market leader in software for managing Digital Employee Experience (DEX). The company gives IT professionals unmatched visibility into how workers use technology every day at the device level. This lets IT move from solving problems after they happen to proactively improving things.

Nexthink has how many employees?

Nexthink now has 700 employees, with ambitions to add 200 more throughout Europe, the United States, and India by the end of 2021. In addition to the capital round, Permira senior adviser Bruce Chizen, Adobe’s former CEO for 13 years, has joined Nexthink’s board of directors.

Nexthink has how many customers?

Nexthink is trusted by over 1,000 customers with over 10 million workers. Nexthink is the undisputed global leader in digital employee experience management.

What exactly is the Nexthink platform?

Nexthink Infinity is the first automation and remediation platform on the market. It gives IT teams unmatched insight into all environments so they can keep improving the digital workplace to increase productivity and save money.


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