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15 Best Financial Analysis Software For Business in 2022

Companies that adhere to FRS and GAAP standards utilize financial analysis software free to assist them in understanding their financial situation. It enables the accounting division to review accounting entries and monitor different financial activities. In the end, this helps the business understand its key performance indicators (KPIs) and, as a result, plan financially for the future. Financial analysis software for small businesses is mostly used by accountants, although other departments also use it to monitor their financial situation.

15 Best Financial Analysis Software For Business in 2022

The difference between development and stagnation for your business may depend on the financial decisions you make. Financial analysis software free download is a big part of analyzing budgets, making predictions, and keeping an eye on current KPIs and indicators. With a strong finance staff, you can do all of this, but with the correct FP & A software, your business can advance in financial analysis software for investors.

#1. Casual


Financial analysis software for accountants For small businesses searching for an all-in-one financial planning tool, this software provides a perfect beginning point, just like its name suggests. Casual provides a wide variety of accounting and ERP connectors while being a free piece of software to utilize.

#2. Fathom


This software has a great user interface and can sync in real-time. It can also do detailed reporting, analysis, and forecasting. You may use their numerous layouts and features to track and display business performance. Fathom can also merge companies, make custom reports, and figure out how your business compares to others in the same industry. Fathom offers flexible software that may change as your company grows.

#3. Acterys


Pronunciation-A-Care-Res. The Acterys application is already set up to work with SaaS, cloud-based ERP, and accounting systems. Acterys is a great tool for people who use PowerBI. It was started in 2015 by a group of FP&A experts. Their senior management team has more than 20 years of experience in the FP & A sector.

#4. Pry


Pry can help you build models, make custom reports, plan for new hires, and automate your accounting. The software is not only helpful for all facets of business administration, but it is also excellent for new business owners who wish to learn FP & A. It’s easy to set up and doesn’t cost anything. It’s great for small businesses and works well with Excel.

#5. IndustriusCFO


It includes a business scorecard that gives you an overview of the financial health of your business. IndustriusCFO keeps a database of more than 1 million private businesses that lets you compare their liquidity, profitability, asset efficiency, and growth.

#6. Jedox


Jedox is the best financial analysis software for finance professionals. It is used by more than 2,500 businesses, such as Mercedes-Benz, Canon, and McDonald’s. Jedox, a leader in the FP&A market, is used by businesses in 140 countries and in 28 languages. Their software offers a financial summary that even a non-technical user might grasp because of their streamlined approach to data analytics.

#7. Prophix


Automate the gathering, combining, planning, forecasting, and reporting of data. With more than 3,000 clients in more than 100 nations, Prophix has been around for more than 30 years. If you have several locations throughout the globe, Prophix is an excellent solution to consolidate all of your data on one platform.

#8. budgyt


Budgyt, ranked eighth, is the best Financial Analysis Software for P&L Analysis. A multi-department, fully cloud-based budgeting application that is ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises. The emphasis of Budgyt is on the suffering and annoyance of having to use Excel spreadsheets. Xero, ConnectWise, and QuickBooks Online are all integrated. The use of Budget is widespread among non-profit organizations, government agencies, churches, community organizations, and healthcare and medical groups.

#9. Jirav


Jirav is financial modeling software that combines operational and financial data for almost every key performance indicator (KPI). You can easily import data from Excel and Google Sheets to quickly evaluate your data in real-time. It is excellent for large and medium-sized businesses.

#10. DataRails


You can still use Excel while using the software, and you’ll still be able to do complex financial analyses. You can put all the data in from an Excel spreadsheet, but the app uses DataRails to make reports and dashboards. DataRails offers the best of both worlds for those who are still using Excel.

#11. Vena


A popular choice in the financial sector because it can grow with your business, no matter how big it is. With this software, many departments can finish their budgets on time because they can use an integrated Excel sheet that sends data back to the finance department.

#12. Cube Software

Cube Software

Cube Software expands with your organization, from small financial teams to startups. This allows you to evaluate any KPI and offers versatile reporting. They provide real-time planning and forecasting through their cloud platform with a single source of truth.

#13. SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud

You may build your own searches and visualizations in the form of “stories” with this highly customizable tool. This software lets you scale as your business grows since it is built on the SAP cloud platform. Oracle Analytics Cloud is the best financial analysis software for IT professionals.

#14. Oracle Analytics Cloud

Oracle Analytics Cloud

Because Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) is a PaaS, it gives you access to the real database server, providing you with more control over your environment. You may pick and select apps from this range of cloud goods based on the requirements of your business.

#15. Limelight


Utilize Limelight’s fully integrated cloud solution to consolidate your data and improve business efficiency. Limelight’s ERP connections support all of Sage, Sage Intacct, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor, and other popular accounting programs.

Questions and Answers

Does using FP & A software need an existing ERP or accounting system?

No, not always. FP & A software providers will cooperate with you regardless of the method you employ to collect your company’s data (Excel, a spreadsheet, pen, and paper, etc.). Although it is not necessary to begin using FP & A software, using accounting software might make it simpler to design APIs to sync with your data.

Does using FP & A software require a sophisticated financial degree?

No. Utilizing FP & A software is intended to make financial analysis simple to use and comprehend. The majority of FP&A software is designed to present data in a way that makes sense of what would otherwise be a collection of complex figures. Financial analysis tools excel accessible to everyone with a basic understanding of finance.

What should you keep in mind when looking for financial analysis software skills?

Establish the prerequisites for the perfect software with the stakeholders in your firm. Create a wish list and a list of non-starters. The system’s interface with your present one, the number of business organizations it will serve, the number of people it will serve, and your budget are some of the important elements to take into account.

There is FP & A software available to suit your company’s demands, depending on the type of data you will be evaluating. To choose the kind of reports and visualizations that will be most useful to you, take some time to read reviews and look at corporate screenshots.

On my financial analysis software, what precise analyses should I be running?

The fundamental financial analysis essential metrics and ratios, such as RoR, RoE, EBITDA profit margin, etc., will all be included in a top-notch financial reporting software package, but you may also perform your own calculations with it. Software for financial analysis will provide you with a solid basis and direction as well. Look for software that enables budgeting and administration options, as well as scenario planning. The ideal templates you’ll need for in-depth analysis may vary depending on the sector you work in.

When is an excellent moment to begin utilizing financial analysis software?

From the very beginning of your business! Even though you might not have any useful data when you first start, making it a habit to analyze data is a fantastic way to start treating financial decisions seriously. You may boost your total return on investment and make better judgments by using data collection with precise numbers.


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