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What is Moxtra? Best Alternatives To Moxtra (Updated 2022)


Moxtra Alternatives: Moxtra is a user-friendly and effective mobile collaboration software. It can execute processes that a desktop or laptop would typically accomplish, but solely through mobile devices, making life easier for you and your team, especially while you’re on the road. It serves as a central location for information to be kept, exchanged, and grouped into projects. This reduces the time teams often spend switching apps and devices. Everyone will be kept up to date with Moxtra.

There are several cooperative features available. You may have either voice or text conversations. You may also use the UI to exchange films, images, and other things. You may also add voice and visual annotations to files to make comments and notes more understandable. Moxtra conversations are coordinated. All discussion boxes for all team members will be updated. In addition, files related to projects and teams will be arranged in a binder. For future reference, you will have a complete history of chats, tasks, materials, and even annotations. See 12 Best Company Formation Services For Your Business.

Another unique feature of Moxtra is the ability to record video screen clips using your voice. This hands-free mode facilitates editing and commenting. These movies may be promptly shared with team members, and actions can be taken.

Moxtra may be linked to a wide range of third-party services. This implies it will work with programmes like PayPal, Hubspot, Salesforce, JIRA, and Dropbox, among many others.

Benefits Of Moxtra

Moxtra is a mobile-focused collaboration and communication platform (SDKs and APIs). It offers teams an app that allows them to communicate in real-time via network stuff. As a result, teams may interact on the road via an easy-to-navigate and simple user experience. Meetings, debates, and media exchanges are all possible on the site. Moxtra provides a simple interface for productivity. It is a scalable application since you may tailor its features to your time constraints, project size, and project duration. Furthermore, because Moxtra’s functionalities can be embedded into any software, cooperation is made much easier and simpler. Moxtra provides a free trial version so you can determine if it is the ideal software for your team.

Best Alternatives to Moxtra

Here are some of the best Moxtra Alternatives for you to try in 2022.

#1. Trello

Trello is a productivity tool with a strong visual focus. You may manage your business or personal life on a colourful, customised digital bulletin board with this software. Trello is accessible on the Apple App Store and Google Play, and it can be used through any online browser. It’s a great alternative to Moxtra.

#2. Slack

Slack is a business chat platform that links individuals to the information they require. Slack changes how corporations interact by bringing individuals together to work as one united team. Slack makes it possible to operate in a more connected, flexible, and inclusive manner. Slack makes it simple to communicate with your coworkers—chat with anybody inside or outside your business and collaborate as if you were in person. People can collaborate in channels that bring together the relevant people and information. It’s also a finest Moxtra alternative.

#3. Skype

Another Moxtra alternative. Skype is a one-stop shop for all communication needs, and it offers all of these features in a clean, user-friendly design. The programme supports rich text messaging, group or one-on-one video calling, and calling out to normal phone lines using Skype credit. If you just communicate with other Skype users via WiFi, the software is free to use, and you may use it to get your own public phone number.

#4. Telegram

Telegram Messenger is an instant messaging tool that keeps users concealed in a world where free information is under attack and the eye of surveillance is everywhere. People who are social and tech-savvy will appreciate its level of security and quickness. Since 2013, Telegram has ensured that its proprietary messenger is risk-free and costs nothing. It’s also a great site like Moxtra.

#5. Wrike

Wrike is an online project management tool that provides you with complete visibility and control over your assignments. Project management gets easier with the aid of our solution. For teams of any size, our project management tools include time tracking, project planning and organisation, an interactive timeline, communication, and online collaboration capabilities.

#6. Asana

Asana is an incredibly simple tool for any company team to analyse their performance levels while enhancing procedures where they can. The programme empowers your team to take charge of projects, tasks, and discussions in order to maximise their value. It enables you to push through your tasks in ways that would be impossible without such software help. Asana works well with processes that revolve around the G Suite tool suite. It’s also one of the only free software suites in this category, and it’s undoubtedly the most feature-rich.

#7. HipChat

Atlassian’s most well-known product is undoubtedly their JIRA, which helps development teams coordinate their work while tracking the life-cycles of software issues and new features. The firm, however, offers a broader array of applications, including HipChat. HipChat is a secure communication platform that may be used as an internal chat system for small teams or huge corporations. Users may build an endless number of chat rooms, each one dedicated to a different project, team, or other purposes. HipChat also has a direct messaging option, which allows you to keep track of individual discussions between yourself and other members of the group.

#8. Mattermost

Mattermost, an alternative to proprietary SaaS messaging, centralises all team communication, making it searchable and available from anywhere. It’s developed in Golang and React, and it’s available as a production-ready Linux binary under an MIT licence, with either MySQL or Postgres.

#9. Samepage

Collaboration software that facilitates online project management and team communication from any device. Team chat, video conferencing, file sharing, task management, and real-time document collaboration are all award-winning features.

#10. Quip

A Quip is a piece of software that allows organisations to produce “quip” documents that serve as spreadsheets or centralised data hubs. Quip papers are extremely adaptable and can disseminate a great amount of information to large numbers of people at once. They are extremely collaborative and ideal for use with big staff teams. Text, charts, graphs, spreadsheets, and other media can be added to Quips. A Quip document’s objective is to provide a central location where people of a firm may come together to exchange and collaborate on data and its analysis. According to their website, Quips may reduce meeting hours by up to 38%.

#11. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a customer relationship management tool that may assist your company in improving its outreach to and communication with its customers.

#12. Flock

Flock, the greatest team communication tool and online collaboration platform, includes team chat, project management, and other useful features that promote productivity and execution speed.

#13. Smartsheet

Smartsheet provides spreadsheets for businesses in the twenty-first century. The product’s various characteristics make it a flexible tool that lends itself well to project management requirements. Businesses can buy per-user licences, and the software’s creators provide a custom-priced corporate configuration that can be tailored to a client’s exact requirements.

#14. Confluence

Confluence is a project collaboration application that makes it easier for businesses and organisations to generate project ideas, collaborate on projects, and execute them. The software’s editor area enables team members to generate and share documents such as meeting notes, project requirements, and research reports. The programme also features a knowledge base that stores and searches everything for each project. Employers can restrict access to this knowledge base so that only members working on certain projects have access to the material for that project. Employers may also utilise the software’s task management component to allocate jobs and track which activities are completed or in progress.

#15. Flowdock

CA Flowdock is an open-platform online service programme that allows team members to collaborate on projects collaboratively. Through “threading,” the open platform enables teams of individuals to collaborate within the system. This is comparable to Facebook feeds or group text messaging, but it allows users to do much more than just talk, text, and chat. Team members in the open office environment online can video chat as a group or instantly with other team members. This service is supplied by CA Technologies, which has already distinguished itself in the online workflow software technology field.

#16. Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper is a new form of document created specifically for creative work. Real-time collaboration, task assignment, to-do list creation, and more. Begin right now!

#17. Hightail

Hightail enables professionals to effortlessly exchange huge files and more efficiently enhance project collaboration.

#18. Gettick

Select2 is a jQuery-based alternative to select boxes. It allows searching, remote data sets, and result pagination (infinite scrolling).

#19. Zoho Connect

Zoho Connect is team collaboration software that enables teams to brainstorm, discuss, and collaborate from any location and on any device.

#20. Listium

Find or make the ideal list for every project. We provide you with all the tools you need to build the right list for every project, from a basic to-do list to a detailed record of your valuable collection. Make private lists, share them with friends, or post them and share them with the entire world. Everything in one location.

#21. Bloomfire

A better knowledge-sharing platform for converting tribal wisdom into operational corporate data. To reduce information silos and boost productivity,

#22. Higher Logic

Simply enter a few figures to assess your company’s potential cost savings through ticket deflection due to your industry-leading online community platform.

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