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10 Best Employee Attendance Tracker Software To Try In 2022

employee Attendance Tracker

Keeping track of your staff is a full-time job that is sometimes overlooked. With an online employee attendance tracker, you can simply prevent time theft and buddy punching. Its automation keeps you up to date on attendance in real time, removing the stress and trouble from management.

If you aren’t employing an employee attendance tracker, your company is going to lose a lot of money very soon.

That’s because, in the absence of a really accurate payroll and the capacity to correctly measure the actual hours your workers have worked, you’re most certainly paying them for the extra time they haven’t worked (and you’d never know it).

Everything is automated with an employee attendance tracker software. Time is measured to the second, while payroll is calculated to the penny. This level of assurance will take the sting out of what has so far felt uncertain.

With so many alternatives available, these are the finest employee attendance trackers that have proved to get the job done correctly, as well as some added perks!

Are you in a hurry? Our Top 3 Employee Attendance Trackers

  1. Connecteam is the market’s leading employee attendance tracker solution, as well as an all-in-one company and employee management software.
  2. TimeCamp tracks employee attendance in the background to eliminate distractions and improve future time management.
  3. Clockify assists in distinguishing billable from non-billable hours through time tracking, which each employee is responsible for digitally recording.

A Few Words about Free Employee Attendance Tracker Software

We have both good and bad news for you if you’re seeking the best free employee attendance tracker on the market.

While some of the solutions listed below offer free versions, it is always best to spend rather than take shortcuts with your cash when it comes to your business.

That’s because “free” is never actually free; you always have to pay in some manner.

You could ‘pay’ by using free employee attendance trackers.

Remember that “free” and employee attendance tracker app free trials are not the same thing. With free trials, you’ll have unlimited access to everything you’d receive with a free subscription, but only for a limited time.

We’ve listed both free employee attendance tracker alternatives and free trial choices below.

In 2022, the top 10 employee attendance tracking software will be available

#1. Clockify

Clockify may be viewed via the app as well as the online browser. Clockify’s consistent availability of its services indicates that it never fails to deliver employee attendance tracking. Most apps measure time from the minute movement is detected on the computer, but Clockify distinguishes itself by calculating the hours and seconds only once an employee has initiated the timer.

At first sight, Clockify appears to be unfamiliar with the do’s and don’ts of timekeeping, but this is for good reason. This gives a clear separation between billable and non-billable hours with the touch of a button. Clockify even accounts for idle time to guarantee that staff are not taking advantage of the system. If you’re worried about staff forgetting to start and stop the timer while they’re working, don’t be; notification reminders keep this to a minimal minimum. Keeping track of attendance is about more than simply who turns up to work; it’s also about the validity of the effort and work put into the job, which Clockify recognises. Clockify may help freelancers, project-based businesses, and other SMBs gain a better understanding of project trajectory, momentum, and completion.


#2. Timely

time tracking the hours employees spend working on the computer, whether full-time or part-time, for employee attendance monitoring purposes. To go even farther in providing more important data, Timely also provides a look into employee productivity. It accomplishes this by displaying which individual programmes or apps employees devote their time to during the day.

Breaking down time based on time utilisation can help you understand how to better manage your personnel as well as budget more effectively. With its clear visualisations and calendar integration, timelines, and dashboard overviews, every minute is utilised to the most.

Although Timely can accommodate all business sizes, it cannot accommodate all business types. Accounting, consultancy, and creative project-based businesses that use computers can benefit greatly from this. Timely is inapplicable to deskless and mobile-first frontline workers in industries such as restaurants, retail, and construction.


#3. Connecteam

Connecteam is a one-stop shop for all of your employee attendance tracking requirements. Although it is designed for mobile devices, it is also accessible on desktop computers. Connecteam allows you to manage your employees regardless of where they are or when they are! This software, with its automated and feature-rich capabilities, keeps you informed and your staff in check.


With the press of a mouse, Connecteam’s employee attendance tracker addresses a million issues.


#4. TimeCamp

Employees are kept focused through TimeCamp. It may be just as distracting to have to continually remember to log time as it is to be concerned about forgetting to log time. As a result, TimeCamp enables employee attendance tracking in the background.

It collects and analyses the applications and groups that your employees often use and divides them into their own divisions. Once this is completed, you may review the timesheets to determine how you can better teach your staff. You should consider this if the outcomes of your employees are lucrative and productive. You should also consider whether you have capacity for a higher budget and where it would be best spent.


#5. Harvest

Harvest’s employee attendance tracker is focused on providing you with information in a quick and straightforward way. Ease is impossible to achieve without flexibility, which Harvest gives with its optional start and stop timer or digital timesheet write-in option.

As simple as all of this is, an employee may easily forget to record his or her time. Harvest, as a result, features alert reminders to be the capturing net of any human error. Harvest aggregates job performance into a report that allows you to see how each employee may be used more efficiently to reduce expenses. Harvest connects with a variety of additional platforms for online payments and accounting to keep the operation running smoothly. So, if you’re looking for a straightforward employee attendance tracker, go no further. And if you’re currently using Quickbooks, PayPal, Stripe, or Xero connectors, this is the one for you, regardless of company size.


#6. ClickUp

The ClickUpapp offers several features and perks that assist users in keeping track of not only time, but also where time was spent. The option to put projects, notes, and their dates on top of the time adds information that assists in building a wider picture. Because tracking time may sometimes lead to better decisions in the future, ClickUp not only measures and reports employee time but also proposes better methods to manage it.

When it comes to time, it may be split down into day, week, and month chunks, or you can tailor the time ranges to your satisfaction. You may produce an estimate that can be compared and contrasted with live and actual recorded outcomes to predict the amount of money and time similar projects will take in the future.


#7. Jibble

Jibble is one of the first employee attendance monitoring programmes to use artificial intelligence for time clocking. Nothing is more genuine than face recognition, which entirely eliminates the chance of employees attempting to avoid their presence. Jibble also collects location in addition to this component. This is something that works to keep you informed of employee locations, whether in the workplace or offline in a faraway area. This gives you a head count and lets you know when anything is going on.

Jibble is unusual in that it targets organisations that work off-site by going remote and tracking locations, but it also offers a tracker system for online forms of project management. Jibble records client actions and lets you know what each employee is in charge of and how they are doing.


#8. When I Work

When I Work handles employee attendance monitoring from all angles, accounting for every second of it. Instead of merely knowing when employees began and concluded their days, When I Work also highlights the in-betweens. This includes lunch breaks and vacation time. Having a real-time understanding of employee attendance makes scheduling and last-minute modifications less of a gamble. And don’t forget about overtime rules and labour scheduling charges, which When I Work has taken care of with their break time management, budgeting, labour reports, and alert service. Employee attendance tracking is available on any device for the convenience of both you and your staff. When I Work is designed for companies that manage personnel in shifts. It is intended for small-to-large businesses as well as people who need to keep an additional eye out for labour rules.


#9. Quickbooks Time

Quickbooks Time allows employees to sign in and out during the day using a mobile app, a tablet as a kiosk app, or a PC. This ensures that timesheets are right, and that when directly linked to payroll, they are also correct. Quickbooks Time integrates employee attendance, scheduling, time tracking, team and individual notifications, and GPS capabilities. With all of this, Quickbooks Time enables you to easily keep track of employees who do not show up, have time off, are absent, or just do not appear. Staffing is challenging even when everything goes as planned, so when that changes, Quickbooks Time picks up the pieces by providing insight into what the next actions should be.


#10. Hubstaff

Hubstaff not only assesses an employee’s work ethic by just showing up and putting in time. To understand how employees are functioning, the employee attendance tracker focuses on project completion, work tasks, and subtasks. Hubstaff is a tool that may be used at home, on the road, or even offline. It essentially allows you to be everywhere and everywhere at the same time. With GPS capabilities, you have clear images and an overview to ensure that all of your moving components are where they should be and doing what they should be doing. This allows you to be present and handle the ups and downs of employee attendance, such as schedule modifications due to late arrivals.


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