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Top 22 DealHub Alternatives For Sales Engagement In 2022


DealHub provides a centralized platform for businesses to produce estimates and contracts, communicate with prospects, and gain buyer insights. The platform was created with a revenue amplification strategy in mind, which aids in closing the gap between corporate CPQ and other revenue processes. DealHub is good for businesses in many different fields, such as software and IT, manufacturing, banking, telecommunications, food and drink, and more.

The software contains contract management tools to assist sales teams in closing transactions efficiently. Teams may use a guided pathway to develop correct contracts that fulfill regulatory criteria. NDAs, agreements, quotations, and other documents may be created in Word, PDF, or web-based forms using DealHub. To assist teams in minimizing mistakes, the platform contains pre-approved templates. Dealhub also lets you sign documents electronically, manage subscriptions, make digital sales proposals, and do other things.

DealHub provides pricing information. Online videos, manuals, and other resources are available for assistance.

DealHub’s award-winning Revenue Platform provides your company with the most comprehensive and integrated revenue workflow. By moving leads down the funnel, the zero-code technology makes it possible for sales teams to close new and subscription businesses from anywhere.

DealHub provides your business with the most comprehensive and linked revenue workflow. Our zero-code, purpose-built platform enables innovative leaders to link their teams and processes, execute transactions quicker, and generate a more predictable pipeline than ever before.

Your team can produce accurate price quotes on the fly, expedite contract discussions, distribute relevant information, and close larger sales using CPQ, CLM, and Subscription Management software supported by an easy Sales Playbook. In a digital DealRoom, you can also consolidate buyer and seller communications and supply everything needed to finalize deals.

DealHub is used by industry leaders like WalkMe, Gong, Drift, Hopin, Yotpo, Sendoso, and Braze to get to sales faster and give their sales teams and customers a single, smooth sales process.

Top 22 DealHub Alternatives For Sales Engagement In 2022

Find the best DealHub competitors and alternatives. Look closely at 22 popular CPQ platforms to figure out which one will work best for you. Find out how these CPQ software products compare to DealHub in terms of features, how easy they are to use, customer service, and reviews from real users.

#1. Keap

Keap (previously Infusionsoft) is a cloud-based sales and marketing system that combines customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, and e-commerce.

Users can also manage e-commerce tasks like inventory, payments, and order fulfillment. They can also make online shopping carts, keep an eye on what’s going on in their digital storefronts, and send out quotes, invoices, and receipts.

Users may execute analysis on criteria such as emails, campaign performance, and ROI statistics using the system’s reporting and analytics capabilities. Keap may be accessed remotely via Android and iOS smartphones. It integrates with QuickBooks, SalesForce, Outlook, Gmail, and other programs.

#2. EASA

Pricing is based on a monthly subscription and includes phone, email, and FAQ assistance.
EASA is the best alternative to Dealhub for businesses that use highly developed and complex Excel spreadsheets. It  gets rid of these problems and also lets you make advanced changes to your spreadsheet program, such as:

#3. MhelpDesk

mHelpDesk is a field service solution that assists customers in automating everything from initial customer interaction to payment. Customer management, quoting, dispatching, invoicing, billing, and reporting are all part of the package.

mHelpDesk is available on any mobile device with internet connectivity because it iy cloud-based. This enables field technicians to obtain all job-related information directly from their mobile devices. mHelpDesk also lets you see the schedules of your employees, which makes it easier to send out field workers and let them know about problems.

Estimates and invoices are configurable, allowing businesses to develop templates that are appropriate for their operations and clients. The system also works with any unique business website by providing widgets, forms, and login boxes that work.

#4. Expedite Commerce

Expedite Commerce is a cloud-based platform for revenue operations and management that helps large businesses in SaaS, manufacturing, XaaS (anything-as-a-service), IoT, communications, and B2B subscriptions.

We provide a product suite that assists you in managing youbuyinger experience from start to finish. E-commerce software, digital sales room software, CPQ (configure-price-quote) software, Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software, Recurring Billing software, Revenue Cycle Management software, and Subscription Management software are examples of products.

These solutions provide leaders in Sales Operations, Marketing Operations, Subscription Finance, and Revenue with a bird’s-eye perspective of key KPIs and actionable insights on a single dashboard.

#5. IQX

iQuoteXpress (IQX) yet another alternative to Dealhub is a sales proposal automation technology that cuts the time and expense of creating sales quotations in half. IQX helps every firm with a sales staff that develops, transmits, and manages sales quotations. It is used across practically every vertical—tech, real estate, manufacturing, education, and more.

It lets salespeople with little or no proposal experience make professional, accurate, and interesting sales quotes in just a few minutes. This is made possible by a dynamic product and pricing configuration engine and professionally designed templates.

IQX works well with Zoho CRM and Books, Dynamics CE and F&O, Salesforce, Oracle, and other platforms.

It’s also a cloud-based solution that comes with full support. IQX developers can set up products and prices, upload templates, and help you before, during, and after deployment.

#6. Jobboss2

ECI Shoptech created JobBOSS2, the next generation in job shop business management, by combining industry-leading technologies E2 SHOP and JobBOSS.JobBOSS2 is a trusted, cloud-based solution designed exclusively for job shops and make-to-order manufacturers. It gives manufacturers the flexibility they need to improve productivity and profitability while growing successfully. JobBOSS2 provides you with unprecedented insight and visibility into your shop floor. It lets you make estimates and bids quickly and accurately, collect and display data in real-time, set up youn schedules, and do a lot more!

Users may plan activities for multiple teams, detect bottlenecks, predict difficulties using what-if scenarios, monitor quality control, managto shipng, and track shipments online after orders have been produced. JobBOSS2 can automate shop floor tasks like managing materials, sending RQFs to suppliers, managing inventory, making packing slips and shipping labels, setting up backorders, making sales reports, and more.

#7. Odoo

Odoo’s POS module similar to Dealhub is one of several open-source business modules available, including accounting, marketing, warehouse management, and project management.

The email marketing function enables companies to send personalized emails to clients, notifying them of special offers and discount campaigns. Retailers may also set up rewards and loyalty programs to provide discounts and other promotional perks to their loyal consumers. Users can contact Odoo’s support staff.

#8. JobNimbus

JobNimbus combines CRM and project management tools into a single application. It is the place to update and keep track of all company information, from customer contacts to scheduling, job boards to lead acquisition, and jobs to payments. The ease of use of tracking boards allows you to rapidly identify bottlenecks.

You can fully personalize your workflow on both the web and mobile app using the JobNimbus platform, allowing you to focus on all of your business activities. Contractors may use the mobile app to update the progress of projects while on the road, using their iOS or Android-powered smartphones. Users can get to all of their company’s needs quickly because they have more options and can change things more than anyone else.

#9. Jobber

Jobber is a cloud-based field service management software system that enables small and medium-sized service firms to manage field workers, offer customer assistance, and extend business operations via a mobile app or a desktop dashboard.

Management teams can build up individual tasks or recurring contracts for assignments and assign many field techs to a single project. Jobber allows users to produce professional invoices using customizable templates and send invoices through email automatically. Jobber works with many online payment systems, like Stripe and Paypal, to make electronic billing easier.

#10. ServiceM8

ServiceM8 is a work, staff, and client management system that includes everything you need to operate your business in one place: digital job cards, scheduling, quotations, employee locations, client emails and texts, job notes and images, online bookings, forms, asset management, invoicing, and payments.

You’ll reduce paperwork, complete more assignments, give excellent service, and get paid sooner. Field personneutilizesze the iPhone and iPad app ServiceM8 just like Dealhub. This ServiceM8 for Desktop program is used by office personnel.

#11. Proposify

Proposify is an online proposal software for small and medium-sized businesses that offers you control and insight into the most essential step of the sales process: the close. Get the confidence and freedom to dominate transactions from deal design to sign-off.

-Gain insights to expand your process, make timely engagements, and forecast accurately.

-Provide your clients and prospects with a flawless sign-off experience.

-Manage and organize all of your sales papers, including contracts, quotations, proposals, and presentations.

#12. RFP360

It is difficult to find the proper product, technology, or service—and selecting the incorrect vendor or provider may be costly. Traditional RFPs and other forms of RFx (RFI, RFQ, and others) complicate the process rather than simplify it.

The good news is that there is a more efficient approach to issuing and handling RFPs and other information requests. This full-circle RFP development—a real digital revolution—is being led by RFP360.

Your team is in charge of the process, which includes issuing an RFx, inviting suppliers, gathering offers, and analyzing answers – all inside RFP360. The vendors can then respond on our platform by quickly writing answers, sending you emails with questions, sending proposals, and more.

In our one-of-a-kind, cloud-based system, creation, collaboration, and communication are all simple.

#13. Qwlir

Qwilr is a sales documentation and request for proposal (RFP) solution that is hosted in the cloud. It has an audit trail, a place to store documents for sales and marketing, a content repository, and analytics tools.

Qwilr is a template collection where users may search for RFP templates for sales, business, and product proposals. Users may also generate data on content performance across sales and marketing departments using the system. It is compatible with a wide range of devices, including tablets and desktop computers.

#14. Invoice2go

Invoice2go is accounting management software that enables freelancers and small businesses to create invoices and estimates, accept payments from clients, and generate performance reports. Users can add logos, layouts, or badges of accreditation to invoices and send them to customers via text, email, or other messaging apps.

Technicians can keep track of how long tasks take and get paid through credit/debit cards or third-party apps like Paypal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. It also lets users make, send, and track purchase orders as well organize expenses in a way that fits their needs.

#15. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a place for small, medium, and large businesses to work together online. It has more than 35 tools that work together, such as CRM, tasks, Kanban board, Gantt chart, messenger, video calls, file storage, workflow automation, and more.

If you switch to Bitrix24, you won’t have to sign up for a lot of different SaaS solutions. You get everything you need in one package and pay a flat rate for it.

Bitrix24 is one of the most used business software programs in the world. Users can make customized invoices for clients by putting the client’s information in automatically and sending them to the client’s email address.

#16. Chargebee

Chargebee is a tool that helps SaaS businesses streamline their revenue operations. It is used to manage subscriptions and recurring billing.

Chargebee alternative to Dealhub lets people all over the world automate recurring payments, billing, taxes, and email notifications. It handles all of your important workflows, from the lead to the ledger. It does this with powerful integrations like Salesforce, Quickbooks, Avalara, and Slack.

#17. Recurly 

Recurly is the best way to grow your subscription business. This was made specifically for subscriptions, so it makes it easy to handle the complicated parts of recurring payments and billing at every stage of your subscriber’s journey.

With plans, promotions, and tests, launch, change, and iterate quickly. reduces churn and boosts revenue with a unique revenue recovery engine that has the best recovery rate in the industry. Global support with gateways, payment methods, currency support, and other features to make going global and growing subscriptions easy.

#18. Cloudmore

Cloud similar to dealhub haseveralof solutions for businesses that are having trouble buying recurring services, for vendors who want to switch to recurring revenue, and for service providers who want to move to the cloud.

Cloud more is a single place where you can manage, bill, and sell to your subscription customers and channel partners. Get rid of the problems that come up when trying to get recurring and metered services. Cut down on the time it takes to process bills and get rid of costly billing mistakes Users can look for the services they need and buy them on their own.

#19. Pelcro

The best all-in-one platform for managing subscriptions and memberships, with identity, a dynamic paywall, CRM, authorization, and billing. A complete, self-service solution that doesn’t require any code but has all the tools for developers to give you the most freedom.

Since Pelcro works with most of your tools, it will be your single source of truth. The best things about Pelcro are: * increasing your sales with a smooth user experience; and * creating a dynamic paywall. Same-page user journey; don’t make your customers leave your site.

#20. Chargezoom

Unlock the power of your payments to help your business grow faster. Payments that work well together and are as easy as 1-2-3 Most accounting software can be linked to your existing payment gateway with just one click.

Payouts will be reconciled automatically in less than 5 minutes, saving you hours of work every day. More than 20 payment gateways can be used with Chargezoom’s integrated payments solution. There’s nothing to change, no fees to pay, and all you have to do is the point.

#21. PanaDoc

PandaDoc is the best document automation system that our company has used for configuring and making applications. So PandaDoc helped our staff speed up deals so we could close more in less time.

It also made complicated workflows much better and helped us make more money. It also offers a mastermind solution that has helped our sales teams automate and speed up the process of making complicated flexible quotes and orders.

#22. Salesforce

Salesforce yet another alternativtoof Dealhub simplifies and automates most of the steps from Quote to Contract, giving the end user more control. This lets the user configure, price, quote, negotiate, communicate, and close the deal in the most straightforward way possible, and the user can change the information at any time.

The sales team’s job habeen s made easier when clients talk to them and let them know when they accept a quote. It makes customer connections and relationships better and is very easy to scale up.


What does DealHub do? 

DealHub’s collaborative sales-engagement platform makes it easier and faster to give quotes and gives you real-time information about how engaged and interested your prospects are. DealHub is easy to set up and use compared to other CPQ solutions. All you have to do is plug in your product data, set up your business rules, and start quoting.

Does Salesforce work with DealHub?

DealHub CPQ has guided selling and the ability to make customized quotes that are free of mistakes. The sales process is streamlining by approval workflows, and the solution works well with Salesforce CRM.

Where can you find DealHub? 

Austin, TX

What’s Dealhub?

It began in 2014, and its main office is in Austin, Texas.

Who runs DealHub?

Eyal Elbahary is the CEO and co-founder of the website

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